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  1. hurricaine added a comment on a file: Topic Under Special Surveillance   

    This seems like a great mod but it's too broad. You should  be able to mark individiaul topics, not complete forums. You need a knife but you're handed people a broad edged sword.
  2. hurricaine added a comment on a file: (ZoZ) My Topics in user info panel   

    looks at the date and file version number.
  3. hurricaine added a comment on a file: Content Layouts   

    Thanks for sharing. But, this looks eerily similar to the default layout that already comes with IP.Content 2. lols
  4. hurricaine added a comment on a file: Embed Tweet   

    Doesn't work. Cannot recommend this one. I tried installing it (with the stated edits) and using it via ip.content and it doesn't work. Just displays the html link.
  5. hurricaine added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    I simply can't recommend this addon. While this application works fine if you want to keep your customized blocks grouped together. However, if you export the individual blocks that you have created and import them into hook management, that's where this add-on throws a temper tantrum. While it will onyl display one block, if you have exported more than one hook from this app, they simply won't display.
  6. hurricaine added a comment on a file: IBTune   

    Demo site is expired.
  7. hurricaine added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    Hulu Media Tag v
    This media tag integrates Hulu video content through the IPB media tag. Follow the included installation instructions.
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  8. hurricaine added a comment on a file: ShoutBox Bot!   

    It's just an automated message bot ... lols
  9. hurricaine added a file in Other style options   

    (Wolf) Global Menu Logo Banner vVersion 1.0
    For those of you who are using the (Wolf) Global Menu hook, I have created a blank logo banner which has already been tested. Be aware that you need to have the hook installed and enabled before applying this banner.

    Simply upload it to your server or to an online image hosting service and then log into your Admin Control Panel. Follow these instructions:

    1. System Settings > Hooks
    2. Click on (Wolf) Global Menu
    3. Scroll down to the bottom and find "Logo image URL" and enter the URL to the image

    UPDATE: I've included a blank PNG banner image as well as the PSD banner image (that also includes a logo which can be edited).

    An example of the logo banner (with a custom logo) can be seen in the upper left hand corner of the "demo-link".
  10. hurricaine added a file in Other style options   

    Forum Banner for IPB3 Default Skin v
    This is the forum banner for the original default skin and it's available here. This banner is in the PNG format and can be edited with graphics or your own logo to fit your forums.

    Special thanks to IPS Staff for providing the banner during the Beta Testing.

    This graphic is free. No screenshot needed. Please say thanks.