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  1. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: IPS logo on Facebook   

    I think I found part of the issue being https... drop the s and limited image options will appear.
  2. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: IPS logo on Facebook   

    I have tried looking for a similar topic but couldn't find one so apologise in advance if such a topic already exists and ask that you please direct me to it.
    My issue is that whenever I share a link from our community shop on facebook it puts a IPS logo in the post next to the product description instead of a thumbnail of the product and neither does it provide any image choices as it does from other parts of the community or the option to upload an image, it just displays it after the post has gone public and I'm unable to edit it either to switch or remove it.
    Where is this logo coming from and how do I have it removed or even better pull up the product image instead?
  3. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: IPS Quality of service gone downhill   

    Being a long time user of IPS software over the past couple of years I have become increasingly dissapointed with it and the service from some IPS staff. Not much point trying to give constructive feedback anymore or mentioning bugs and/or overlooked features as the topics are simply closed or removed when it all gets too much I guess for some of the IPS staff on board now days.
    Imo IPS has gone too big and forgotten its original motto of loyal customers over numbers. Also where is the IP.Chat on the 4.0 preview site??
    I Apologise for my frustration but it is just coming down the line as our community members are increasingly dissapointed with IPS software and IP.Chat in particular with its failure to support SSL, which is just absurd in this day and age but apparently cannot be fixed with any patch update and going on over a year later now we SSL folk are still waiting for a truely secure chat service.
  4. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    An insecure connection for a chat service between servers is a security flaw.
  5. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    Not soon enough IMO we need a patch now. This is ridiculous I watch dozens of potentially new chatters try to access the chat everyday without any luck, due to the latest browser upgrades and IP.Chats insecurity and the patience with some of our members is wearing thin which is perfectly understandable. There isn't even a release date for 4.0.
    You provide patches for other security issues why is this one being ignored and put off till whenever... ?
  6. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: RSS Import Add Link To Post Setting   

    Hi Andy, Thanks but I do have that set to open in new window just the RSS import isn't honouring it. It's not a local RSS either is ouside our forum domain so I don't understand why it is ingoring it.
  7. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: RSS Import Add Link To Post Setting   

    I'm not sure exactly when it changed but previously when importing any RSS feeds to a forum the setting for "Import Add Link To Post Setting" used to automatically open in a new page as per our link settings for outside links, however since an upgrade or few ago it no longer does this and opens the link on the same page taking peope away from our site.
    Was this changed or am I missing something and need to submit a ticket?
    If it was changed it really needs an option like a check box so we can set if we would like to open it in a new page or the current one.
  8. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: Support Ticket Uploads/Attachments   

    Yes that's exactly what I'm saying
  9. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    This topic may well be less than a year old bfarber but there have been plenty of other topics regarding the same issue... We live in hope i guess that one day IP.Chat will actually be a useful decent chat rather than nothing much more than a shoutbox as it currently is...
  10. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    I can read perfectly well ADK. Most of us asking here aren't using the free chat service and have been asking for more than a year. I'm sure anyone else suffering it will agree their chat room is being damaged because of it and the recent upgrades to browsers regarding insecure content.
    If you don't care for your members privacy and aren't running your forums through SSL or using the chat room paid licenses you shouldn't even be a part of the topic, and I'm all ears for any alternative chat that's properly compatible with the current version of IPB I have been looking for the past several years and even tried several but all had compatibility issues.
    Fact is IP.Chat hasn't had much done to it since it was first created a decade ago and needs some more love (it looks exactly the same as it did back then and has exactly the same settings available for it, it doesn't even have a liquid layout for the full screen option.) I don't care if it means the free license is scrapped altogether after all there isn't many of us I'm sure who hasn't passed that 5 person chat room limit a long time ago and have been paying ever since. I mean lets be realistic the 5 room chat limit is only there to entice people to set up the chat room and begin using it with the expectation that they will soon be paying for it as the limit of 5 is quickly reached. You currently can't even create more than one room in IP.Chat...
  11. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: SSL option for Chat essential   

    When is this happening??? Meanwhile any of us who care about our members privacy and use SSL continue to lose chat members... Surely you could fix this with a simple update. Its gone beyond unacceptable the time we've all had to wait for this to be rectified. :mad:
  12. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: Random Gallery Image Block Help   

    No helpers?
  13. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: comments not added on the forums   

    I was able to solve this by creating a hidden forum which I set articles to. Once the topic is created automatically or updated to that forum you can move it anywhere you like and the comments will work from ip.content to forums or visa versa.
  14. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: Payment Methods Backward   

    Currently you can restrict payment methods when adding or editing any products and/or subscriptions etc. However we have a lot more products than we do payment gateways and the current system seems a little backward as you have to go through every product in your shop when adding a payment gateway or wanting to restrict any to certain products.
    It would be a lot more logical to have the payment methods on the payment gateway settings instead imo, allowing one to easily add or remove items to gateways without the need to go through and edit every item in their shop.
  15. Ozpicious added a post in a topic: "ignore" forums option (View new content)   

    I Liked this without thinking this option already exists... If you look at the bottom of your VNC options on the left of your VNC page you will see an option to Filter by forum.