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  1. Will L. added a record in IP.Gallery   

    minor cleanup SQL installer
    in applications_addon/ips/gallery/setup/versions/install/sql/gallery_mysql_inserts.php:

    [code]$INSERT[] = <<<EOF
    INSERT INTO rc_classes (onoff, class_title, class_desc, author, author_url, pversion, my_class, group_can_report, mod_group_perm, extra_data, lockd) VALUES(1, 'Gallery Plugin', 'This is the plugin for making reports for the <a href=''http://www.invisiongallery.com/'' target=''_blank''>IP.Gallery</a>.', 'Invision Power Services, Inc', 'http://invisionpower.com', 'v1.0', 'gallery', ',1,2,3,4,6,', ',4,6,', 'a:2:{s:15:"report_supermod";s:1:"1";s:13:"report_bypass";s:1:"1";}', 0);

    that should reflect new website URL and should reflect new version where is says v1.0 should be 3.0 or 3.1

    Brandon also all other IPS apps have old URL
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  2. Will L. added a comment on a blog entry: Developer Tools: Documentation Generator available   

    Very very nice work alex I think we will use this for our AllInIRC as we right now make xhtml raw version from scratch

    this might now get me to purchase IP.Content as well for our new website coming in March 2010
  3. Will L. added a comment on a blog entry: AllInIRC v3.0.0 Progress   

    I wanted to update but not big enough for full new entry

    the one major hurdle right now is Installer Framework which Dan Cecil our Installer/upgrade guru is in charge of for ALL our custom made scripts is having issues where it may come down to waiting til v3.1.0 for upgrader from the old Stephen Mudra of MunjMedia Inc. IRC chat or my old one for IP.Board v2.x style in which do not worry if we wait til v3.1.0 we will write up documentation on how to manually remove the 2 old ones safely

    as far as Beta Testers we will have 2 types of groups for people interested

    [*] private testing on a private forum we own(for those that might wait til after GOLD/FINAL to install on own forums)[*] or you install it yourselves on your forums

    hint for major v3.1.0 feature I am working on with Alyssa Sparks our user interface/designer is FLOATING chat similar to windows live or yahoo IM windows for private messaging inside IRC :P
  4. Will L. added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    AllInIRC v3.0.0 Progress
    In case not everyone knows AllInIRC is the old chat Stephen Mudra of MunjMedia Inc. used to make for IRC integration with IP.Board well after our Development team talked we changed the name for v3 & beyond the main reason is we are developing this IRC chat for ALL Bulletin Boards but lets talk about whats new in v3.0.0.

    New Features : entire recoding of the code from top to bottom to use IP.Board v3 style coding usage of IP.Installer framework to ensure less bugs on installation process usage of IPS style SQL cache for caching of SQL queries online list to see who is active in chat totally re-coded AdminCP pages with new features cache tools, rebuilding of server names and so on better integration of IP.Board usernames with IRC usernames encoding will now use UTF-8 as default code this will make it easier for special characters in usernames on IRC main public side of the chat will be 100% xHTML 1.0 Strict like all IP.Board templates same goes for cSS MORE Features to come soon

    We will be looking for some BETA Testers for v3.0.0 and v3.1.0 if you are interested please email beta@bbresources.net

    here is what v3.0 will be like when you are using FURLs

  5. Will L. added a comment: demo and support links not clickable   

    well Brandon I am deeply sorry but you must of changed ways to parse thigns as on my site right now ALL BBCode is not parsing and URLs in download file descriptions

    I can let you have access to them if you like but they all are not parsing smiles, URLs and BBCode

    I re-cached skins and caches 50 times
  6. Will L. added a comment: SQL on main forum index from IDM   

    i got this to work it was on of Michael's mods called [b](IM) Queued Items

  7. Will L. added a record in IP.Downloads   

    SQL on main forum index from IDM
    [code] ===================================================
    Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 02:15:37 +0000
    Error Number: 1054
    Error: Unknown column 'file_placeholder' in 'where clause'
    IP Address: xxx
    Page: /index
    Debug: array (
    1 =>
    array (
    'file' => '/home/xxx/public_html/community/ips_kernel/classDb.php',
    'line' => 1019,
    'function' => 'query',
    'class' => 'db_driver_mysql',
    3 =>
    array (
    'file' => '/home/xxx/public_html/community/hooks/boardIndexQueuedItems_afb019a9af719eaa8590c4110928eee0.php',
    'line' => 98,
    'function' => 'fetchOutput',
    'class' => 'downloadsQueuedItems',
    4 =>
    array (
    'file' => '/home/xxx/public_html/community/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php',
    'line' => 2990,
    'function' => 'getOutput',
    'class' => 'boardIndexQueuedItems',
    5 =>
    array (
    'file' => '/home/xxx/public_html/community/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php',
    'line' => 2315,
    'function' => 'templateHooks',
    'class' => 'output',
    6 =>
    array (
    'file' => '/home/xxx/public_html/community/admin/applications/forums/modules_public/forums/boards.php',
    'line' => 120,
    'function' => 'sendOutput',
    'class' => 'output',
    7 =>
    array (
    'file' => '/home/xxx/public_html/community/admin/sources/base/ipsController.php',
    'line' => 291,
    'function' => 'doExecute',
    'class' => 'public_forums_forums_boards',
    mySQL query error: SELECT file_id FROM ibf_downloads_files WHERE file_broken=1 AND file_placeholder=0 AND file_cat IN (7,8,25,24,1,6,9,35,10,28,11,2,3,4,5,31,32,12,13,14,15,33,34,16,17,18,22,26,29,19,20,21,23,27,30)

    right now I can not use my forums what so ever so I need this fixed as I can not get rid of this error no matter what I do
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  8. Will L. added a record in IP.Downloads   

    demo and support links not clickable

    as you can see you can not click any link discussion as well as support and demo
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  9. Will L. added a record in IP.Blog   

    error on your blog and others with rss feed

    yes you might say HTML posting is truened off then why have the feed to post in blog if we need html turned on maybe an override or parse HTML from the feed as BBCode like a converter
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  10. Will L. added a comment: Googlebot Deletes blogs   

    Oh Matt!! I just reproduced this on v2.0.4 by way of looking in my error logs and logs of moderation of blog this is a loophole should be closed
  11. Will L. added a comment: <script>-tags removed in "full size" template editor   

    I can confirm this Brandon and its not ACP Skin but templateEngine coding
    what he is trying to say is go in acp then to template editor click full size (but make sure the template bit has <script> tags in it) then look in full size and all tags are missing
  12. Will L. added a comment: unable to add blocks   

    just a side note might be related on this forum Matt I have alot of issues moving blocks around I enabled alot and only way I got it to stop was removed a few blocks

    mainly I like wanted to move active users to left from right side and it kept moving back to right

    [quote]Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv: Gecko/20091102 Firefox/3.5.5 GTB6 (.NET CLR 3.5.30729)[/quote]
  13. Will L. added a comment: skin issue with avatar in main blog page   

    NOTE: this happens on main page when there is a QUOTE Box in the comment or blog post avatar overlaps
  14. Will L. added a record in IP.Blog   

    skin issue with avatar in main blog page
    [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/blogs/"]http://community.inv...ower.com/blogs/[/url] <-- on this page now look at screenshot

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  15. Will L. added a comment: Fatal Error   

    [quote name='SeanQ' date='08 December 2009 - 12:38 AM']
    I thought I should update this since I see it as a very serious issue, for some reason it doesnt work for other people but it is definately working for me

    That gives me a fatal php error, reveals the path location and admin directory for your forum, that to me is a big deal, especially if on a shared server.

    what is the error though copy and paste it here so they can help track the cause down

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