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    AllInIRC v3.0.0 Progress
    In case not everyone knows AllInIRC is the old chat Stephen Mudra of MunjMedia Inc. used to make for IRC integration with IP.Board well after our Development team talked we changed the name for v3 & beyond the main reason is we are developing this IRC chat for ALL Bulletin Boards but lets talk about whats new in v3.0.0.

    New Features : entire recoding of the code from top to bottom to use IP.Board v3 style coding usage of IP.Installer framework to ensure less bugs on installation process usage of IPS style SQL cache for caching of SQL queries online list to see who is active in chat totally re-coded AdminCP pages with new features cache tools, rebuilding of server names and so on better integration of IP.Board usernames with IRC usernames encoding will now use UTF-8 as default code this will make it easier for special characters in usernames on IRC main public side of the chat will be 100% xHTML 1.0 Strict like all IP.Board templates same goes for cSS MORE Features to come soon

    We will be looking for some BETA Testers for v3.0.0 and v3.1.0 if you are interested please email beta@bbresources.net

    here is what v3.0 will be like when you are using FURLs


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