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  1. Elad Nava added a comment: [Enter] key does not work when posting in IE10   

    There is a bug report on CK Editor's dev community describing this issue:
    The issue has been patched in CK Editor 3.6.5. 
    IP.Board 3.4.4 is running CK Editor 3.6.6, so the problem should be fixed by upgrading your forum to the newest IP.Board.
  2. Elad Nava added a comment: 'Entry Actions' button empty / no response   

    Thanks bro. Works like a charm. :)
  3. Elad Nava added a comment on a file: [EN34] Ajax Thanks   

    Also, it works with 3.4. :)
  4. Elad Nava added a comment: All custom bbcode broken.   

    Great, thanks Brandon! :smile:
  5. Elad Nava added a comment: Creating a custom BBCode which expects a URL in its content or option causes it to be parsed and converted into [URL]   

    I was able to workaround the bug when posting by manually stripping out the [ URL ] BBCode from the post text in the custom BBCode PHP file, but unfortunately it comes back to haunt me when editing the post later on.

    It appears that preEditParse() cannot be overriden anymore in custom BBCodes so there is nothing I can do.
  6. Elad Nava added a record in IP.Board   

    Creating a custom BBCode which expects a URL in its content or option causes it to be parsed and converted into [URL]
    Hi guys,

    I am needing to create a custom BBCode which expects a URL in its content.

    Unfortunately IP.Board's parser automatically creates a URL out of my link inside the custom BBCode:
    I have already checked "Prevent other BBCodes from executing inside my BBCode" and it doesn't have any effect (Because it is a regex that turns the plain text URL into the [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/URL"] bbcode)

    How can I prevent this behavior or workaround it?[/url]
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  7. Elad Nava added a comment: All custom bbcode broken.   

    You are right, but the following article that explains how to use custom BBCodes with PHP states that it is updated for IPB 3.4 and it is not:


    It still implements bbcodePlugin and the constructor has not been updated.
  8. Elad Nava added a comment: All custom bbcode broken.   

    Reproduced, in IPB 3.4 there are some changes which are not completely covered in the documentation:
    1) Remove implementation of  bbcodePlugin
    2) Change classname to bbcode_plugin_{tag}
    3) Change extending classname to bbcode_parent_main_class
    4) Move custom BBCode PHP files to  sources/classes/text/parser/bbcode/
    5) Change require_once at the top of the file to new path:
    [php]if( !class_exists('bbcode_parent_main_class') )
    require_once( IPS_ROOT_PATH . 'sources/classes/text/parser/bbcode/defaults.php' );/*noLibHook*/
    6) Change constructor to add another parameter and pass it on to parent:
    public function __construct( ipsRegistry $registry, $_parent=null )
    $this->currentBbcode = 'app';
    parent::__construct( $registry, $_parent );

    That should be it.
    Not all of these things are stated in http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/guides.html/_/advanced-and-developers/miscellaneous/34-custom-bbcode-php-changes-r181 .
  9. Elad Nava added a comment on a file: [EN34] Ajax Thanks   

    As bobpeters verified, it works with 3.3! :)
    Let me know if you encounter any bugs.
  10. Elad Nava added a file in Promotion   

    [EN32] Traffic Generator v1.0.0
    This hook generates fake visitor and member sessions to recreate the environment of an active community.
    Note: This item cannot be used on IPS Hosting .

    Advanced functionality includes: [*] Random board locations (board index, forum view, topic view, profile view, reply view, search, and login for visitor sessions) [*] Generated sessions can only access forums that they could normally access under their permission groups. This means that a visitor won't appear to be browsing a topic in the administrator forum and a member wouldn't appear to be browsing the staff hangout. [*] Generated sessions appear to be created at different times within the cut-off limit so they won't seem to be created at once in the online list. [*] Generated sessions are assigned a random User-Agent string, a browser key, and its latest version, according to a popularity percentage for each browser and a latest version record in the Admin CP settings. Admin CP settings allow for the following configurations: [*] Enable/disable the traffic generator. [*] Specify the number of members/visitors to be generated at any time. [*] Exclude member groups from being generated. [*] Modify the list of User-Agent strings for generated sessions and the browser keys to their popularity percentage and latest version.

  11. Elad Nava added a comment on a file: [EN34] Ajax Thanks   

    @stimo, you can achieve that by searching the language strings in ACP for 'thanks' and replacing the appropriate language value with:

    <span style="color: blue">Thanks</span>

    @Dreamlander, a lot of people prefer the thanks functionality over the likes, the listing of every one who thanked the author below each post, and the number of times a person has been thanked. Plus, everyone loves Ajax. :) Anyway, this hook was developed before IPS implemented the like feature, and many people already got accustomed to pressing the thanks button. The like feature is only since IPB 3.2.

    @Freeborne, it does not add to a person's reputation. It is standalone. Also, I will keep supporting the mod as long as new IPB versions are released. :) I always support my mods, as fast as I can. And yes, very easy to change the wording to RSVP, via the ACP language tools. :)

    You really shouldnt worry about the support, Im not going anywhere :)

  12. Elad Nava added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    [EN34] Ajax Thanks v1.0.8

    This modification adds the ability for members to thank posters via Ajax. In addition, it keeps track of the number of times each member has been thanked and displays it in each post. It is very light-weight and adds no additional queries to the Topic View. It can automatically collapse the thankers if the list is too long. It can also integrate with (T30) Hide Content to show hidden content in posts simply by clicking the Thanks Button. Upon clicking the Thanks Button, the thanks will be added via Ajax and the thanks box below the post will flash three times to indicate that the post has been thanked. Finally, users can later choose to Remove Thanks if they regret clicking the button.

    If you bought this modification on Invisionize and need the new version for IPB 3.4.x, please PM me your transaction ID and PayPal e-mail that you used when you purchased the mod.

    The price of the mod is $12 because IPS comission is 10% + $0.50, meaning I would only get around $10 from the money, which is the original price of this modification on Invisionize.
  13. Elad Nava added a record in IP.Board   

    Confusing wording when configuring a task's running schedule
    In Admin CP -> System Scheduler, when configuring a task's running schedule, the minutes setting says:

    [attachment=35451:Screen shot 2011-11-19 at 1.24.11 AM.png]

    And after choosing 5, for example, the "Therefore this task will run at" line says:

    [attachment=35452:Screen shot 2011-11-19 at 1.24.27 AM.png]

    Well, is the task going to be running at specific minute of an hour, e.g. xx:05, or every 5 minutes, e.g. xx:5,xx:10,...?
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  14. Elad Nava added a comment: Importing hooks with template bits bug - templates are created blank   

    Thanks Brandon!
  15. Elad Nava added a comment: Importing hooks with template bits bug - templates are created blank   

    Can this be fixed for IPB 3.2.1? It's actually pretty urgent, as no hooks can be properly installed on IPB 3.2 yet, except the ones with the hotfix above.