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  1. Leone Club

    Trying the IPB app. Why is "update Statu" is not in landscape?

  2. Leone Club

    Some relief after finals yesterday. DeVry Uni.

  3. Leone Club

    @Derek M
    Am not using any right now. I have disabled the previous one.

  4. Leone Club

    Am always in Perth Amboy. My daughter attend their CDI head start program.

  5. .Brian » Leone Club

    so you live in Sayreville huh? I got family in Perth Amboy.

  6. Leone Club

    Law, Business & Society...have to read 2 chps.

  7. AlexJ » Leone Club

    what you use now? as joomla and IPB integration?

  8. Leone Club » AlexJ

    We had a plugin that worked before for Joomla ...JIB user ...stopped working for me.

  9. Derek M. » Leone Club

    Thank you :)

  10. IBSkin » Leone Club

    Hey! Thanks for adding me as a friend! :) I added you too. >>hugs<<

  11. Leone Club

    The Sierra Leone Online Club welcomes new membership to it ever growing membership. It is free to join and membership is priceless. To join visit our community site and forums at www.leoneclub.org

  12. Leone Club » Zef Hemel

    Testing the new "Friend" thing, so you might see some "hamjat" requiring approval and if you're the friendly type just approve!! lol

  13. Leone Club » B-Host

    r u blue host?