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  1. stoo2000+ added a post in a topic: htaccess admin protection asks twice?   

    Sounds like you have SSL enabled, so you'll get asked for http:// and then again for https://
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    Internet Explorer 11 - Cannot upload attachments
    Upload Skipped (No file was selected for upload)
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  3. stoo2000+ added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    v2 is based on Bing Maps, the version on the demo site is for testing with live data.
    You can set the map to default to Hybrid mode by adding
    map.setMapType(G_HYBRID_MAP); to template mapGoogleJavascript, after
    var map = new GMap2(document.getElementById("memberMapCanvas"));  
    It sounds like this particular bug: as you can see though, this was fixed 3 years ago with this code..
        /**      * Locale friendly floatval() ready for MySQL      *      * @param   string  float value      * @return  integer floated integer      */     public function floatVal($floatString)     {         $floatString = floatval($floatString);         if($floatString)         {             $localeInfo    = localeconv();             $floatString    = str_replace($localeInfo["thousands_sep"], "", $floatString);             $floatString    = str_replace($localeInfo["decimal_point"], ".", $floatString);         }         return $floatString;     } The problem was that certain locales use different values for the thousands seperator and decimal point, it would be interesting to see a screenshot of your languages page to see your locale settings.

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