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  1. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    Are you planning on releasing reports which outline what code has been changed in themes when new versions are released? It's understandable that they weren't released for beta's and RC's, however they're pretty vital now that we've reached final, and there has never been a proper answer despite being asked a few times.
    There were code changes between 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 which weren't announced and had to be found manually.. I'm sure a "difference report" like those available in 3.x would be greatly appreciated by many theme designers like myself..
  2. ehren. added a comment: Theme Settings: Tab name and lang.php   

    This is still happening in 4.0.1.
  3. ehren. added a comment: Designers Mode: 500 Error on front-end   

    Ignore the above comment, the error is still happening this morning.
  4. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.0] Theme settings: Text Area truncating text
    Text Area's in theme settings truncate text after the setting is saved.
    Eg. This text area controls a guest message in a theme of mine. I filled it with a small paragraph, like so:

    I save the setting, and the paragraph works correctly on the front-end. However, if I return to the settings page, some of the text is removed:

    If I resave, the text is obviously also removed from the front-end.
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  5. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Theme settings not working on frontend after DM disable.
    This is fairly tricky to describe but I'll do my best.
    I'm creating a theme, and I've used theme settings to create a guest message which can be configured.
    The "guest message" text is customized using a Text Area (ipsf_guestText) in the theme settings.
    The box also uses settings to assign a class (ipsf_guestStyle). One class is a yellow box, the other is a darker design. The classes are selected using a "Select box" in the theme settings.
    A simplified version of the HTML is:
    <div class='ipsfocus_{theme="ipsf_guestStyle"}'> <div class='header'>Welcome to IPSFocus</div> <div class='ipsfocus_guestText'>{theme="ipsf_guestText"}</div> </div>
    With DM enabled, it works as intended. The guess message appears, and the box has the "yellow" class assigned to it:

    The source code looks something like this:
    <div class="ipsfocus_guestAlert"> <div class='header'>Welcome to IPSFocus</div> <div class="ipsfocus_guestText">Register now to gain access to all of our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage you</div> </div> 
    Up until now, everything is working correctly - however, if I disable Designers Mode and return to the front end, the setting values are removed and the box looks like this:

    The source code becomes:
    <div class="ipsfocus_"> <div class='header'>Welcome to IPSFocus</div> <div class="ipsfocus_guestText"></div> </div>
    To fix this, I need to load up any template file and simply press the Save button. No code changes are necessary, but once that is done, the box loads correctly like in the first screenshot.
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  6. ehren. added a comment: Designers Mode: 500 Error on front-end   

    Not sure if you've fixed this, but the error is no longer happening.
  7. ehren. added a comment: Child themes: Custom theme settings   

    ​They are different bugs.
    The other bug is referring to changing theme settings. If you edit a background colour in the theme settings, it should also modify the child themes unless they have been previously modified.
    This bug is referring to creating new theme settings.
  8. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Child themes: Custom theme settings
    I have a parent theme, which has one child theme. When I create theme settings for the parent theme, the child theme should also have these same settings created automatically. Child themes are meant to be an exact replica of parent themes after all, until they are specifically edited.
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  9. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Theme Settings: Tab name and lang.php
    When creating theme settings, the tab names don't use the values provided in lang.php
    Snippet of lang.php

    <?php $lang = array(     'theme_custom_tab_ipsf_inputTab' => 'Inputs',     'theme_custom_tab_ipsf_ficonTab' => 'Forum Icons' );The names of theme settings work, just not the tabs.

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  10. ehren. added a comment: Designers Mode: 500 Error on front-end   

    Thanks! #912238
  11. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Designers Mode: 500 Error on front-end
    Using 4.0.0, I've enabled Designers Mode and have a 500 Error on my front-end.

    Not really sure what else to report since that's all I've done. DM has worked in past RC versions. If I disable DM, the frontend loads correctly.
    I can't find any records of it in the error log either. Quite unfortunate since it's halting the development of any themes for my clients..
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  12. ehren. added a post in a topic: Template merge center?   

    Now that 4.0.0 has been released, are you (IPS staff) planning on releasing change logs for themes? There were numerous changes between the RC's and final, and I imagine more will come in the future. Designers need to be kept updated with these changes, and I'd be disappointed if we needed to devise our own solutions.
  13. ehren. added a comment: [4.0.0] Child themes and parent resources   

    After browsing my forums for 5 minutes (with the Parent theme and the mixed-avatar images in screenshot 3), all images have automatically returned back to the "light grey" version (like screenshot 1). Not sure if this could be caused by any sidebar cached content since the error only happens with hooks?
    I repeated step 2 and 3: Swapped back to the child theme (with the "black" image), and all images were black. I then changed to the parent theme (with the "light grey" image), and it used mixed images again (as shown in the 3rd screenshot) - until a further 5 minutes had passed when all images correctly, and automatically, swapped back to the "light grey" image.
  14. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [4.0.0] Child themes and parent resources
    Not entirely sure how to describe this one briefly, quite odd.
    1. I created a new theme and replaced default_photo.png with my own "light grey" image instead of the default "black" image. I used the "Manage resources" page in the ACP.
    This worked as intended, and the "light grey" image was used as the default avatar, as shown. The image is being loaded from /set_resources_2/

    2. I created a child theme, and it's parent is the one shown above. So technically, the child theme should also use the same "light grey" default photo. When I switched to the child theme on the front-end, it showed that the resources from the parent theme weren't inherited when creating the child theme which isn't correct - a child theme should look identical and have the same resources as a parent theme until it is edited itself.

    3. Furthermore, when switching back to the parent theme on the front-end (which was meant to have light avatars), it now has a mixture of both.

    The light image is being loaded from /set_resources_2/ (which is correct), but the dark image is being loaded from /set_resources_5/ which is the child theme (even though this is the parent theme which is being viewed).
    There seem to be quite a few issues with child themes in 4.0.0, so hopefully these can be fixed as they are halting the development of any "framework/child" based themes (which all of mine are).
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  15. ehren. added a comment: Child themes don't inherit settings   

    This bug is still occurring, just a slight variation of it.
    If you create a child theme, the settings page will show that it's using the same values as the parent theme (which is correct). However, if you view the child theme on the frontend, it still uses the default values. You need to press the "Save" button under the child theme settings for them to take effect.
    Additionally, any resources which are included as part of the parent theme are not included with the child theme. Before creating the child theme, the parent theme had a few custom images which were uploaded via the admin cpanel. The child theme should inherit these images too.
    This is happening in the 4.0.0 release.

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