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  1. ehren. added a post in a topic: 4.0 question for designers   

    I plan on making all of mine responsive. 
  2. ehren. added a post in a topic: Chamelon //   

    There's a tutorial in the customer area on
    The code for the logo text is inside the defaultHeader template file.
  3. ehren. added a post in a topic: Header help   

    #logostrip is referred to as #branding in 3.4.x.
    The logo is wrapped in #logo (which is floated to the left), so you may need to adjust that too if you want to center the logo. All css is inside ipb_styles.css
    The HTML for the main wrapper is in globalTemplate (which is where you'll be able to edit the header code and add your own copyright text). The code for the logo is inside defaultHeader . You'll also need to use {style_images_url}/ instead of style_images/<#IMG_DIR#>/
  4. ehren. added a post in a topic: IP Board forum header padding ajustement issue   

    Technically it's not the best coding on behalf of IPS (only because the float wasn't cleared in the first place), but this issue isn't noticeable on the default theme which is why it slipped through I imagine.
    Increase the height of the button so you can see the entire image (maybe 19px or 20px), then add a negative margin to the bottom:

    margin-bottom: -5px; A negative top margin should also work, but it'll pull the icon up.
  5. ehren. added a post in a topic: IP Board forum header padding ajustement issue   

    Did you clear your cache? Post a URL if possible so I can check it myself.
  6. ehren. added a post in a topic: IP Board forum header padding ajustement issue   

    It's likely caused by the floated collapse button which isn't cleared correctly.
    In ipb_styles.css, find:

    ⁣⁣⁣⁣.clearfix:after Change to:

    .maintitle:after, .clearfix:after
  7. ehren. added a post in a topic: How do I change the layout view on forums landing page   

    ​The HTML for the category/forum list is at Board Index > boardIndexTemplate . The css is inside ipb_styles.css
  8. ehren. added a post in a topic: Xenofocus skin apeture Help   

    ​Not entirely sure what you're asking, but I have 3 skinning sites: IPSfocus , skinbox and xenfocus ​.  
  9. ehren. added a post in a topic: Xenofocus skin apeture Help   

  10. ehren. added a post in a topic: Xenofocus skin apeture Help   

    Xenfocus provides themes for xenforo, not IP.Board. You won't be able to use that theme with your forum.
  11. ehren. added a post in a topic: Board Index - Two Column Layout   

    To organise your forums into two columns, go to ipb_styles.css and find:
    table.ipb_table .subforums li{
    Change it's code so it looks like this:
    ⁣⁣⁣table.ipb_table .subforums li{     background: url('{style_images_url}/subforum_nonew.png') no-repeat 0 50%;     padding: 3px 0 3px 15px;     margin: 0;     float: left;     width: 42%; } That should achieve something pretty close to what you're after.
  12. ehren. added a post in a topic: Help   

    The server migration has finished and Animate can now be purchased :)
  13. ehren. added a post in a topic: Help   

    I'd suggest downloading the latest version of that theme. The one installed on your site is over a year old.
    If you haven't purchased the theme already, you'll need to do so from my site. I'm currently migrating servers, but it should be completed shortly. If you do not wish to purchase it, you'll need to remove it from your site.
    Thank you.
  14. ehren. added a post in a topic: Quick question - how do I change the colour of this font ?   

    Add this to ipb_styles.css and modify the hex code

    .col_c_stats{ color: #ff0000; }
  15. ehren. added a post in a topic: How do i fix the white line   

    Remove the bottom margin and border on .navbar
    I'm not sure what file since I didn't code the theme. Seems like the entire bootstrap file is being loaded which probably isn't the best idea since it's a lot of unnecessary code, but each to their own!

Status Feed

  1. We7dy » ehren.

    Hi, sir. :)

  2. SPORTS-LITE.COM◄ » ehren.

    Can you please update the Uniform skin for 3.3.4

  3. Weatherz » ehren.

    I sent you the domain info for

  4. XenRival » ehren.

    Could you read the PM please?

  5. AndyF » ehren.

    Welcome :)

  6. Weatherz » ehren.

    Hey you need to check the permissions on IPBFS, I get a 403 forbidden.

  7. Guest » ehren.

    Hi Ehren =)

  8. ehren.

    Wrote: skin_cache/cacheid_151/...

    1. Connor T

      151 holy cow.

  9. ehren.

    All premade skins upgraded to IP.Board 3.1.4, Downloads 2.3.0 and Nexus 1.0.3 :)

    1. emm1

      You rock!

    2. AlexJ

      Thats fast!

    3. teraßyte

      blog 2.3.0 too?

    4. nodle

      Yes he has also done the blogs.

    5. ehren.

      Blogs aswell, yes. :)

  10. ehren.

    New skin: "Infinite". Customizable color scheme skin with 16,777,216 possible variations:

    1. TheRevTastic


    2. Shadow82x

      This is by far one of your best themes. Very nice.

    3. .Peter

      Is there anyway to set a default scheme?

    4. ehren.

      Of course - it's all very customizable. :)

  11. ehren.

    All premade skins upgraded for 3.1.3 :)

    1. emm1

      Good job ehren.

    2. skinbydragonfly

      urgh... wish mine was so simple >_<

    3. ehren.

      Yeah - took a good few hours to get through. Not the funnest thing to do haha.

      Ready to do it all over again next Wednesday.

    4. emm1

      Why? Don't tell me this is going to be a weekly thing?

    5. ørret

      You don't need to update it each week unless the update break the skins.

    6. ehren.

      Well some changes will be required. For example, when Nexus and the new gallery are released, I'll need to modify the css and HTML so it integrates into the skin. And when updates are released for the components (blogs, downloads manager, etc), I'll need to apply any template changes which are released.

      Chances are, it'll be a weekly/fortnightly thing.

    7. TheRevTastic

      I agree, how they are releasing the apps etc, will make it hard on us skinners.

    8. ørret

      I told them (IPS) as well in the blog post that this was BAD, not only for skinners, but for us buying skins as well.

  12. ehren.

    Dark mobile skin released. :)

    1. ehren.

    2. ørret

      It's EPIC.

    3. Shadow82x

      Looks very nice :D

  13. ehren.

    iPhone skin released :)

    1. TheRevTastic

      now thats a sexy iphone skin.

    2. Black-Elmo

      Looks really good.

    3. ehren.

      Thanks :)

    4. Black-Elmo

      Just purchased it.

    5. Fishfish0001

      Sexy skin

  14. ehren.

    Anyone with an iPhone 4 who can test something for me? Send a PM :)

  15. ehren.

    All premade skins updated to 3.1.x :)

    1. Joshua T.

      nice :)

  16. ehren.

    A template-change report will be released for 3.1.0 to 3.1.1, correct?

    1. Collin1000

      Status updates are often overlooked by staff and are not the place for questions. Use the peer to peer forums or the feedback area for this.

  17. ehren.

    1 premade skin upgraded. 12 left, then 20 customs to code. Busy!

    1. TheRevTastic

      luckily i only have 2-3 to do xD.

    2. Steve H

      2 down by the looks of it :)

    3. ehren.

      Almost 3 :)

  18. ehren.

    Downloaded :)

  19. ehren.

    Just updated with a new design. :)

    1. abney317


    2. Invisiοnist

      Im loving it.

    3. boboss78

      You are the best designer for ipboard ;-)

  20. Shadow82x » ehren.

    You have some theme talent my friend.

  21. ehren.

    Cleancut has been updated and has been sent to IPS. Should be available shortly. :)

  22. » ehren.

    what happened to iSkin?
    im still waiting ...
    how much remains?