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  1. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    New theme settings from default theme not added to other themes on upgrade
    If theme settings are added (by IPS) to the default IPS theme (such as the Use Ajax Pagination? and Default Store Layout settings which were added in a recent version), those settings are absent from themes which have already been created.
    It's not overly difficult to manually add these myself to my custom themes, but I figured it's still a bug!
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  2. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Child-child themes inherit from main parent
    I've just started playing around with child-child themes and have noticed an issue right off the bat.
    I have a Parent theme, and I've added code to custom.css.
    I have a Parent > Child theme which inherited this code, however I added extra code to custom.css (so the file was different to the Parent theme).
    I have a Parent > Child > Child theme which is unmodified, so it should inherit the custom.css code from Parent > Child, however it inherits the code from Parent even though this third theme is a child of Parent > Child.
    May sound confusing when first reading it, but it's a fairly simple bug to reproduce..
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  3. ehren. added a comment: Resources broken on front-end   

    I cleared my cache (using the Support feature in the ACP) and it seemed to solve the front-end issue. I guess this is fixed, but I'll reopen if it happens again.
    The second half of this bug is still occurring though (the broken ACP resource link).
  4. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Child themes: "inherited" template files become "modified" after DM is disabled
    Just a heads up that this is a duplicate of a bug I have posted already, however my old bug report wasn't up-to-date with the latest information. Feel free to close the old one, and use this one instead for managing the issue.
    To put very simply: child themes should always inherit from their parent theme unless the child theme is intentionally modified. Child themes are currently severely broken in 4.0.x
    I have a parent theme (Parent). I have modified the logo and navBar template files.

    This parent theme has a child theme (called Child). I have not edited any template files in this theme. When viewing Child, it's template files look like this:

    So far so good.
    Enable Designers Mode and disable it. No code changes are required, as long as the "sync changes" option is checked when disabling.
    If you view the Child template files, they are now marked as "Modified" which is incorrect. They should still inherit changes from the Parent theme unless I specifically edit the Child files. My child theme now looks like this:

    This means every time I disable Designers Mode, I must go through every template file in all of my Child themes (I have multiple), and Revert them so they inherit from the Parent theme. If I don't do this, and if I modify the parent theme, the changes will not be inherited by the child theme.
    Additionally, all modified css files in both the parent and child themes are now "unique to this set" (yellow 'c' icon) instead of being "modified" (for the Parent theme), or "inherited" (for the Child theme). Since they are "unique", they also now incorrectly have a Delete button instead of a Revert button, which means if I wanted to Revert buttons.css (so it matched the default theme), I can't because it'll be deleted.

    To further add to this bug:
    The Parent theme had a custom HTML template file (marked with a yellow 'c' icon), which is correct. The Child theme correctly inherited this file. Once DM was disabled, the Child theme incorrectly referred to the "Inherited" file as "Modified". So I opened it, pressed the Revert button (expecting it to change to "Inherited"), and the template file was deleted from both the child theme AND the parent theme (causing my frontend to break completely). Luckily I had a backup of the template file, but Revert buttons should not delete custom template files from both child and parent themes. It should simply revert the child template file so it matches the parent.
    This entire bug occurs every time Designers Mode is disabled AND when the forum is upgraded.
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  5. ehren. added a comment: Resources broken on front-end   

    My bug report above is also formatted incorrectly due to my code tags. Everything was hand typed except for the resource URL's, so I'm not sure how that happened.. There were no closing tags missing or anything. I tried manually fixing and reformatting it, but it hasn't worked.
  6. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker Resources broken on front-end
    I've added a background image to one of my themes. The image is working in the ACP "Manage Resources" area, however the URL on the front-end is not working.
    The image is named 2.jpg, located in the backgrounds/ folder and the css is:
    background-image: url({resource="backgrounds/2.jpg" app="core" location="front"});All of this worked fine in the past. It has recently occurred either by disabling Designers Mode, or by upgrading from 4.0.2 to In the ACP "Manage Resources" area, the image "Preview" works and the URL is: /uploads/set_resources_6/65440ee5df4105e2b6648efa3c3815d0_2.jpg.b2e7299336ce140a17a0d8f37044063a.jpgThe URL for the same resource on the front-end (which returns a 404 error), is: /uploads/set_resources_6/65440ee5df4105e2b6648efa3c3815d0_2.jpg.687b20b4899ade762377477df703617b.jpgFirst half of the string is correct, the second half is different. Additionally, if you click the 2.jpg link in the ACP (shown in screenshot below), it takes you to: /admin/set_resources_6/65440ee5df4105e2b6648efa3c3815d0_2.jpg.b2e7299336ce140a17a0d8f37044063a.jpg...which also breaks due to the /admin/ at the start.

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  7. ehren. added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    "Revert" button is disabled for modified theme files
    I've recently upgraded from 4.0.2 > and haven't used the theme system for a while due to numerous bugs, so I'm not sure when this bug was introduced.
    I have a Parent theme and a Child theme. The child theme inherits all HTML files from the parent theme. Due to an existing bug, whenever DM is enabled and disabled, all of the child template files become "modified" instead of "inherited". This means I need to revert every template file in the child theme every time DM is disabled. However the "Revert" button in is now disabled for "modified" template files in child themes, preventing me from reverting these files.

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  8. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​I'll need to wait until the fix is released, hopefully in the next update.
  9. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​Thanks Matt. Issues 1, 2 and 3 are the ones which are preventing themes from being released - not only from myself, but other designers. If they're fixed first, smaller issues such as the language strings are welcome to be delayed until a later date, since those smaller bugs don't actually impact the development and import/export of themes.  
    Edit: Just saw your ticket reply saying 1 and 2 have been fixed. Stoked to hear!
  10. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    On the contrary, a staff member could have just replied weeks ago and told us this was possible.  ​The lack of documentation or replies has left many designers like myself in the dark. This feature was in 3.x and was vital after every upgrade, so it makes complete sense to include it by default in 4.x - honestly, I'm surprised it was neglected for such an extended period.
    Not all designers use DM (I've been avoiding it due to the bugs which plague it), so accessing those files and doing it ourselves - assuming our editors support change logs, which mine doesn't - isn't efficient, nor ideal.
    With that said, I'm grateful for the solution which has been provided, and I'm sure my customers will be too.
  11. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    Perfect, that's all we needed! A few theme bugs left to fix, and we'll all be happy designers!
  12. ehren. added a comment: Theme settings not working on frontend after DM disable.   

    ​The issue hasn't been fixed on my development board so I'm not sure what the status of this bug is (or even if a solution exists yet)
  13. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    ​Many of the "pro" designers have been unable to release themes due to the bugs with the theme system - detailed themes will come soon once the bugs have been fixed. Any 3.x theme can easily be ported to 4.x, regardless of the images or complexity.. Themes still use HTML/css, there's no limitation on what can or can't be done.
  14. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    @Rikki has contacted a couple of us via PM regarding difference reports, so that seems to be a positive sign.
  15. ehren. added a post in a topic: Theme updates (code changes)   

    4.0.3 and 4.0.4 have been released, both without theme documentation. I'm not normally one who keeps bumping topics, but since we're still no closer to receiving a response from staff, I almost have no choice at the moment. We're now 5 versions into a supported release, and while I'm sure this topic has been seen by the developers, a lack of a reply is becoming quite disappointing to be honest.