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  1. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Allow dofollow signature links for certain member groups?   


    I have the global 'nofollow' applied to links within my forum, I'd like to reward certain member groups with the ability to have 'Dofollow' in their signatures, I'd love to see a mod for this or if you know a conditional to make it happen that would be great and would pay
  2. WebbyB added a post in a topic: [HQ] Raffle System   

    Is the raffle system capable of the following?

    Users can only enter a raffle or enter for free if they had x posts or x topics the previous day, week, or month (definiable in adminCP) ??

    Thought it would be  anice way to incentivise community participation, and active members would be rewarded with free entries.
  3. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Links Directory   


    Will you be updating your links directory to work with IPB v4.0 that's coming out soon?

  4. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Cancel bulk mail sending?   

    Any ideas please, i'm getting complaints?
  5. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Cancel bulk mail sending?   


    How can you cancel bulk mail from sending? I've got currently an email being sent out to members of forum, but want to cancel it...

    I've physically deleted the email from the bulk mail list, but it's still sending and has been for 2 hours and there's no stopping it... any ideas?
  6. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Global conditional to show not on forum index?   


    Can you tell me if there is a conditional to wrap my code in to enable seomthing (e.g. an image) - to show globally in the forum header - but not on the index?

    IF forum is not the homepage THEN "Show this code" ELSE - show nothing.
  7. WebbyB added a post in a topic: 2 x Payment Options (Normal & Extended Licenses)   


    At the moment, paid downloads have just have 1 payment option, which is fine.

    But for those whose files come with licenses, it would be great to give file creators a secondary payment option for extended licenses for example.
    Buy now - 1 off use > $2.99
    Buy now - unlimited uses > $300
    That sort of thing.
  8. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Automatically Shorten URLS for members?   


    I'm looking if someone would be able to create a hook or module that automatically shrinks URLS using my easy-to-use API from my url shortening service? http://wdf.co/api.html

    For example in IPB Admin i'd like the following options for this hook :
    - enable/disable mod
    - Groups this applies for  [multi select box: e.g. Members, Guests, Moderators etc etc]
    - Set post limit this applies to [text input field] < e.g. Enter 25 - the link shortening applies to all members in the above groups who have under 25 posts.
    What would be the estimated costs for this straight forward hook/module?
  9. WebbyB added a record in IP.Board   

    Bulk Mail: Mandrill not tracking the "unsubscribe" clicks...
    IPB automatically adds an "Unsubscribe" link to bulk mail emails...    I'm utilising Mandrill to send my bulk mails and when I logged in to check stats, unsubscribes are listed as 0 > I test a few different accounts and clicked unsubscribe around 5 times for each account... and none of them registered....

    Which is quite the flaw, if you're really looking to track/analyse data...
    Seems a bug to me that this isn't tracked/associated as an official mandrill unsubscribe trigger.
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  10. WebbyB added a record in IP.Downloads   

    Changing a paid for download to FREE still shows it top paid for downloads
    Changing a paid for download to FREE still shows it top paid for downloads...

    This doesn't seem right, I've made file which was was paid for and had a couple of purchases to now be free, it still shows in the "Top paid for downloads" side bar within downloads.... Doesn't seem right, this section should only apply to those who are actually still paid for files...

    Would be nice if this was fixed as have had a few confused members flag this up.
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  11. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Ajax error posting status update   


    All my members, are posting reporting erros when updating their statuses, the status does update - but the Ajax loader doesn't disapeer/the status doesn't update on the fly - is anyone else getting this error.

    I have no custom code or anythign like that.... So wondered if it was a default issue.
    The response from the AJAX call is:{"error": "An error occurred with this status"}  

  12. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Members can't set the price?   

    Yeah, I found it.

    It's in member_group permissions under the "Downloads" tab.
  13. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Members can't set the price?   


    My members can't seem to set the price of their items... Admins can, why is that?
  14. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Changing Download to Marketplace using FURL ?   

    Ah-ha! Done, thank you. :)
  15. WebbyB added a post in a topic: Changing Download to Marketplace using FURL ?   


    I've changed url's using furl for other applications, but this time, downloads isn't taking the changes... e.g. i'm trying to change the link to /marketplace/ - but it still keeps it as /files/....

    I've changed the furl template in: /applications_addon/ips/downloads/extensions/furlTemplates.php
    and changed the instances of "files" > marketplace - but it still renders is at "files" on the front end...

    Any ideas please?

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