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  1. sg2013 added a post in a topic: Front page intergration   

    I'm looking to use IPB as my forum, but would also like to integrate it with my home page. I've got IPBWI on an other site, but it seems limited in functionality.

    What I'm ideally after is something like wordpress for the front page, that automatically creates a topic in the forum, with exactly the same info as the front page post. I can then draw all comments from the forum through to the front page.

    With IPBWI, I struggle to get it looking good on the front page.

    Is there a application like this about?

    ETA: Using 3.1.2
  2. sg2013 added a post in a topic: Problems with google spider   

    All of the topics indexed by google on my forum dont show the content, but rather the "nav bar" and login bar.

    So google shows this: