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  1. signd3 added a comment: Posts moved to an archive topic are now gone, archived topic stuck   

    done, thank you. 
    Request ID
  2. signd3 added a comment: Posts moved to an archive topic are now gone, archived topic stuck   

    Well, I tried to do that just now. From the client area, I went to support, then New Request. I choose General Support, but under Package, I have no options and I can't submit a request without a value in that field.
    I assume I need an active support license to submit a support request which I do not have. 
    What else can I do here?
    I assure you, something is wrong and you should really look further into this. Deleted posts are about as critical of a flaw as a message board could have apart from security vulnerabilities.
  3. signd3 added a record in IP.Board   

    Posts moved to an archive topic are now gone, archived topic stuck
    I have archive set to archive any posts older than 1 year. My archiving is setup to use the same host and database. 
    I have a thread with ~1800 posts from 5 years ago to present. We'll refer to this at the original thread. 
    I then split that thread into two threads by taking the first (oldest) 20 or so posts I wanted to move to make a new thread which will call the split thread. This succeeded.
    I then proceeded to move more posts from the original thread to the split thread in batches of around 30 to 100. All of these succeeded with no error messages and the number of posts in the original thread steadily decreasing.
    As best I can tell, at some point after I created the the split thread, the new split thread was archived. This is somewhat logical because initially the split thread only had posts in it older than 1 year. 
    Now here is the bad part - All of the posts I moved after the first wave are now gone. I received no error messages after each wave of moving posts and the post count in the original thread decreased with each move. I've searched the posts table and the archive posts table and cannot find the 500 or so posts I moved with a topic id belonging to the original thread or the split thread.
    Even worse, I tried to unarchive the topic after I realized all this but it will not move out of archive. I flagged the topic to be unarchived. It showed up in the archive overview section of the ACP to be unarchived. I ran the archive task. It was no longer in the archive overview section of the ACP but now the split topic shows "This topic will be unarchived shortly." but hasn't moved out of  archive status since yesterday.
    I checked the acp error logs and found nothing related to this split/move. The moderator logs show a clear record of the thread split and the 10 or so waves of moving posts I initiated. 
    Let me know what other information is needed to investigate. Seeing as how this involved deleted posts, I woud consider this a very serious bug. 
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  4. signd3 added a comment: Issue When Replying to Large Topics   

    I too, am experiencing this exact issue quite frequently, and it appears to only be a problem on topics with a large number of posts.

    I have a perpetual license, so unfortunately my support license expired 4 years ago, so I don't think I can submit a ticket?

    Regardless, it is definitely a bug.

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