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  1. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a file in Promotion   

    SV Auto Meta Description v1.0
    Avoid identical meta descriptions on all of your topics and forums!
    This hook supports you in SEO by replacing default meta description with automaticly retrieved description snippet from topic's post, forum's description and member's profile.
    Benefits: [*]More unique Meta Descriptions [*]Reduces Duplicate Content [*]Respects Permissions [*]Shows global Description when user/guest has no access to topic or forum
    [*]Fallback Routine [*]Apps or Areas currently not supported (e.g. Gallery) will show global Meta Description
    [*]No Settings, plugin follows latest SEO recommendations and decides for best way for optimization.

    Installation: [*]Download File and unzip XML file [*]Go to Admin CP -> Manage Hooks -> Install Hook. [*]Upload downloaded XML File Deinstallation: [*]Go to Admin CP -> Manage Hooks [*]Click on Arrow Menu for Hook and select "Uninstall Hook"

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  2. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a file in Maintenance   

    [SV] Redirect Script for vBulletin Album images to IP.gallery images v1.0
    Redirect Script for vBulletin Album images to IP.gallery images is a script which redirects from old vBulletin Album images to new IP.gallery images.  This script will save you hundreds of hours for converting these links manually.  It's made for redirecting image-links or image-source-tags, as IP.board converter does not take care for these URLs.
    In Short, your benefits: [*]Redirect Script saving you up to hundreds of hours of manual work! [*]2 hours individual support included! [*]No renewal fee! [*]Free full functional DEMO! [*]Open Source Code after purchase! [*]No changes on your Database (read only queries)!
    Requirements: [*] Currently, vBulletin 4.x is supported only. If there is a demand for such a script for vBulletin 5.x, please contact me. [*]modrewrite is required for .htaccess redirects.   Installation: [*]Copy directory "sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects" into your board's root directory. [*]Open the directory within your browser via http:// YOUR_BOARD_URL /sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects/ [*]Add the shown .htaccess code at the top of your .htaccess file in your board's root directory   Uninstallation: [*]Revert Changes to .htaccess file [*]Delete directory http:// YOUR_BOARD_URL /sv_vb2ipb_images_redirects/   How does it work: [*]The script looks for the old image ID saved by IPB converter script. ID was found? great, redirect to new image URL. [*]If the ID wasn't found (or saved under "you'll never find it"), the script will perform a search based on old filename. If lucky, the first entry found will be used.   Known Issues: [*]The script cannot find images which cannot be found even by ID or a search query. Please be aware that there could be a small amount of images which cannot be retrieved. Unfortunately, these cannot be fixed by this script, as this is an issue of improperly converted images from vb albums. [*]Sometimes, other filetypes than images are placed within image tags, this is an issue by the IPB conversion script. If you see broken images, please check first wether e.g. a PDF file is embed within image tags. Just change BBcode in post for that file to solve that issue. At least you don't have to manually search for the new file link.

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  3. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a record in IP.Board   

    function rebuildTopic( $tid ) issue (reply becomes topic's first post)
    Dear Support,
    I've found an issue in admin\applications\forums\sources\classes\topics.php
        public function rebuildTopic( $tid )
    When a topic rebuild is triggered, the topic's first post will be retrieved by:
                $_post = $this->getPosts( array( 'onlyVisible'     => true,
    [b]                                             'sortField'       => 'post_date',[/b]
    [b]                                             'sortOrder'       => 'asc',[/b]
                                                 'topicId'           => array( $tid ),
                                                 'limit'           => 1 ) );
                $first_post = array_pop( $_post );
    This normally works, but fails when a topic reply post has the same post-time as the original topic's first post. This sometimes results in IPB choosing the wrong post for the first post of the topic.
    This issue regulary will occur when topics will be created automaticly with first reply, e.g. through tools and addons.
    I'd recommend retrieving the first post by ID and not by date or at least first by date and second by ID.
    Kind Regards,
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  4. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a record in Converters   

    topic_hasattach and attach_parent_id not set
    When importing attachments from phpBB 3, they will not shown on topic view / post list page. When editing the post, they'll be listed below edit form in attachment management list. Recaching/Rebuilding doesn't fix that issue.
    This can be fixed by performing the following query (table-prefix may need to be added):[code=sql:0] UPDATE topics SET topic_hasattach = ( SELECT DISTINCT attachments.attach_rel_id > 0 FROM attachments, posts WHERE posts.topic_id = topics.tid AND attachments.attach_rel_id = posts.pid AND attachments.attach_rel_module = "post" ); UPDATE attachments SET attach_parent_id = ( SELECT DISTINCT topics.tid FROM topics, posts WHERE posts.pid = attachments.attach_rel_id AND attachments.attach_rel_module = "post" AND posts.topic_id = topics.tid ); [/code]
    That query should be added to the converter to make import of forum post attachments possible without the failure described above.
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  5. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a record in IP.Board   

    Overloading Moderation Function doesn't work with AJAX requests?
    when overloading the
    [indent=1]function doExecute[/indent]
    [indent=1]class public_forums_moderate_moderate[/indent]
    [indent=1]file /admin/applications/forums/modules_public/moderate/moderate.php[/indent]
    via IP.board's hooks feature, it works perfectly when opening e.g. "approve post" URL in new windows. But it doesn't when using any ajax or post-multi-moderation buttons in topic view page.
    [b]Does anyone know wether in these cases another class is used or a specific function is called directly without going through function doExecute? Or this may be a bug?[/b]
    Small example:
    in Browser works great, but clicking on the button where I copied this URL from, does not get affected by my overloaded function.
    Kind regards,
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  6. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a comment on a file: Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)   

  7. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a comment on a file: Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)   

    IPBWI (downloadable here on Marketplace) is the free IPBWI API. You can develop your own apps via PHP.
    IPBWI for WordPress, available on http://ipbwi.com is the WordPress plugin, making single sign on possible between WordPress and IP.board.
    Unfortunately, a Drupal version isn't planned any longer. A few months ago, my crowdfunding campaign for IPBWI for Drupal failed, so it seems there is currently no market for such a drupal plugin.
    Yeah, it's on my todo, but at the moment I can not give you an ETA for that feature.
  8. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a comment on a file: Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)   

    please use official support forum for questions and requests, because that's the best channel to get a rapid answer.
    Kind regards,
  9. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a comment on a file: Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI)   

    Hi Max,
    this is one of the key features of IPBWI for WordPress. IPBWI for WordPress is the out-of-the-box plugin-bridge between IP.board and WordPress, based on the IPBWI API. See all features on http://ipbwi.com/products/
    You can purchase it here: http://straightvisions.com/community/store/category/1-ipbwi-products/
    Kind regards,
  10. IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter added a file in Integration   

    Invision Power Board Website Integration (IPBWI) v3.6.0
    IPBWI is the most powerful Application Programming Interface (API) for IP.board. Feel free to build own, unique applications and connect your website to your Invision Power Board.

    License: GPL 3

    Please note that there is a non-free WordPress plugin based on IPBWI which allows IP.board integration into WordPress out-of-a-box.

    IPBWI supports to load IP.board's Rich-Text-Editor on your website to give your user's best experience by using the following features of IPBWI:

    Member Management: [*]Create [*]Login [*]Logout [*]Info [*]Update [*]view photo [*]update photo [*]Delete [*]Number of new Posts [*]pips [*]icon [*]random list [*]online list
    Member Groups: [*]View [*]Check [*]Change [*]getList [*]create [*]update [*]listMemberGroups
    Forums: [*]Info [*]get all subforums [*]get category list
    Topics: [*]Info [*]List [*]Rate [*]Create [*]Edit
    Posts: [*]Info [*]List [*]Create [*]Edit
    Polls: [*]Info [*]voted [*]total votes [*]id2topicid [*]vote [*]nullVote [*]create [*]delete
    Private Messages: [*]getList [*]info [*]send [*]reply [*]move [*]delete [*]spaceUsage [*]numNewPMs [*]numTotalPMs [*]numFolderPMs [*]getFolders [*]folderAdd [*]folderRename [*]folderFlush [*]folderDelete [*]folderExists [*]folderid2name [*]blockContact [*]blockedList [*]isBlocked
    Attachments: [*]Info [*]List [*]Replacing Post Vars (now works with Topic Lists, too)
    Custom Profile Fields: [*]view [*]list [*]update [*]customFieldValue
    Permission Control: [*]is admin [*]is logged in [*]is supermod [*]is readable [*]is postable [*]is startable [*]is downloadable [*]is uploadable [*]get readable [*]get postable [*]get startable [*]get downloadable [*]get uploadable [*]create
    Converting Features:
    members [*]name2id [*]id2name [*]displayname2id [*]id2displayname [*]email2id
    topics [*]title2id [*]id2title
    forums [*]name2id
    bbcode [*]bbcode2html
    Skins: [*]List [*]Info [*]Change
    Reports: [*]getList [*]create
    System Informations: [*]about your current IPBWI, Board and PHP installation [*]board stats [*]members activity stats
    for IP.gallery Application [*]getViewable [*]getLatestList [*]getAllSubs [*]catList [*]info
    for IP.downloads Application [*]getViewable [*]getListCategories [*]getList
    for IP.calendar Application [*]getViewable [*]getListCategories [*]getList