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  1. Hex@gones added a comment: Login Broken   

  2. Hex@gones added a comment: [This Site] Password Broken   

    I just connect and I had to use my email. With my display name, I can't login.
  3. Hex@gones added a comment: Unused language strings   

    ​Ok, but what we have to do with these unused language strings ? Can we deteled it from database ?
  4. Hex@gones added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Unused language strings
    I'm not sure this is a bug, possibly more feedback. In beta 6, a fresh install of forums/gallery/pages contains 287 pages of character strings in English. On our test version updated  since the first beta, English contains 290 pages of strings. But we have 300 pages in French (probably because of the bug fixed previously). So there are several strings that are no longer used. 
    Is there a way to display the unused language strings as "Out of Date" in order to delete them, or remove them during update ?
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  5. Hex@gones added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Sort in Logs (in AdminCP)
    When we access to logs in AdminCP (Error logs, System Logs, Admin Logs, etc.), data is sorted by the last column, but this is the first that is highlighted (on the first page). Go to the second page and data is sorted by the first column.

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  6. Hex@gones added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Search in translation
    When you perform an advanced search in the translation (by using the cog wheel), the result display 2 new columns.

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  7. Hex@gones added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Language string in Administrator Logs
    When you create a language, Administrator Logs use this language string :  ACP logs__lang_created (Created language - %s)
    But when you copy, delete or edit a language, Administrator Logs use the following language strings :  ACP log__node_copied (Copied %s - %s),  ACP log__node_edited (Deleted %s - %s),  ACP log__node_edited (Edited %s - %s).
    For a better translation, it should use "Copied language - %s", "Deleted language - %s" and "Edited language - %s" (these sentences do not exist).

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  8. Hex@gones added a comment: All Strings is OUT OF DATE [5a > 6]   

    @mardiv : you can export then import the xml file, it works.
  9. Hex@gones added a post in a topic: Still no "Only search in titles" option   

    I agree, please add this option.
  10. Hex@gones added a comment: Uploading translation duplicates lang keys   

    Not fixed in Beta 5a...
  11. Hex@gones added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    "images" and "deleted_member" language string
    These language strings can't be saved when Galerie is installed because there are already present in the core.
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  12. Hex@gones added a comment: [Beta 4b] add_child language string should be duplicated for every application   

    @Mark  : it's very good news, we'll check what language strings are affected and we will submit bug reports 
  13. Hex@gones added a comment: [Beta 4b] add_child language string should be duplicated for every application   

    The problem can be extended to other syntactic subtleties found in other languages. For example, in English, there is no gender for words: they are neutral (a dog, a chair, a man, a woman, etc.). In other languages, such as French, words are either masculine or feminine: "un homme" (a man) but "une femme" (a woman).
    In IPS4, in some language strings, it's not possible to make this distinction. For example, for the string "go_to_this_x" (Go to this %s), it could be in French: "Aller vers ce %s", or " Aller vers cet % s " or even " Aller vers cette % s " (for exemple, it's different if it's a message, an image or a report).
    The best way to have a perfect system compatible with all languages is to do for each string one language string, even if this one is duplicate.
  14. Hex@gones added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Poll-only content doesn't work
    Poll-only content is enabled, but IPS requires a subject and a post.
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  15. Hex@gones added a comment: [utf8convert] Converter troncate accented content   

    It works with this fix, thanks a lot

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