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    Quotes in topics not showing (snapback link)
    Member quotes (snapback links) with the user name and a link to their original post are not showing in topics.  They show when you quote a members in the reply window (when replying) -- below in the preview area.
    I changed skins to the IPB default and it still does not work.  I uploaded the latest security patch yesterday -- this may be the cause.
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  2. Fast Lane! added a record in IP.Board   

    IPS Connect cookies still not being updated (forums are though)
    This has made a lot of my site not work for folks when the cookies time out for IPS Connect.  In this ticket a fix was proposed however in the new version I checked and the change doesn't seem obvious.  It also appears to not be working according to my members as they can not log into things using IPS Connect until they log out and back in, resetting the cookie.
    original ticket marked as fixed (but does not appear to be):
    Please (please) post a hot fix if possible.  :)
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    can not PM members with & in the username
    I saw the fix for the log in issue which worked. Thanks! My mods have reported that they can not PM people with & symbols in their usernames still. Mayne related but mot patched by the fix?
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  4. Fast Lane! added a record in IP.Board   

    Ipsconnect cookie expiring and not renewing (with the forums cookie)
    The forums log in cookie automatically renews when a member visits however I verified the ipsconnect cookie is not being renewed for users.  This results in any applications (third party that I wrote) that use the ipsconnect cookie no longer being able to validate the user is logged in.  I verified this is true today with the firefox debug menu showing the forums cookie renewed but the ipsconnect cookie having expired.

    To fix I logged out of the forums and back in and verified that the ipsconnect cookie was now re-validated and the expiration set to expire per the control panel setting (default is 7 days).  My third party login worked again.

    I am relying on this new feature for lots of 3rd party features as it is more secure than simply looking for the normal cookie showing a member_id other than "not set" or "0".

    Thanks for any help!
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