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  1. Faelwen added a comment on a file: Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.   

    This is a very versatile skin - possibly one of the most versatile skins I've seen, to date. I applaud your creative ingenuity, Ajouz - well done. :)
  2. Faelwen added a comment on a file: Linked Accounts   

    Absolutely love this mod for my RPG board. Great job!
  3. Faelwen added a post in a topic: Minimum words/characters allowed in posts   

    Well, 3.4.x is here, and no such update, so... back to the drawing board? Is someone willing to develop such a mod, for Free? ;)

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    Live. Love. Laugh.

  2. Faelwen

    Live. Love. Laugh.

  3. Faelwen

    LOTR is Lord Of The Rings :P

  4. Faelwen

    Ya, it's an old sig and I need to change it. :)
    The other client sent me a PM and was already replied to. ;)

  5. DawPi » Faelwen

    One more: you wrote in signature "available for freelance work". On my board one user want new skin. Also you know about other client. What about that work?

  6. DawPi » Faelwen

    LOTR? What it is? ?:)

  7. Faelwen » DawPi

    LOL Now I feel like I'm The One Ring from LOTR. ;) x.x

  8. DawPi » Faelwen

    Hello my precious ! :)

  9. Faelwen » DawPi

    Aha, kogo ja tu widze....! :D