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  1. VelocityXCI added a comment on a file: MineCraft   

    Not really. Download newest version of IPB > Paste over your images > Update skin complete. 10 minutes tops. 
  2. VelocityXCI added a comment on a file: MineCraft   

    I'll be honest I find that hard to be believe. It simply looks like the default IPB skin with a different header, tabs, category image and background. The CSS looks untouched from the default, which means you could probably mock that skin up in about 20 minutes. I don't mean to sound harsh I really don't, just giving my honest opinion, If I am wrong I apologize. 
  3. VelocityXCI added a comment on a file: MineCraft   

    and that warrants a renewal term? :s If it's your first skin you should be offering it at a small price with no renewal term to get the ball rolling, not the other way around. Just some advice. 
  4. VelocityXCI added a comment on a file: MineCraft   

    The renewal term seems pretty ridiculous, especially since this is literally the IPB default theme with different colours and banner. 
  5. VelocityXCI added a comment on a file: Glare by IPS Themes   

    Nice skin!

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  1. ForceGaming » VelocityXCI

    Hey man, I LOVE your themes! I want to make a offer to you. If you send me your blue gaming theme and it functions, I will immediately pay you. I run a 3.2 IP board setup, so I am hesitant on paying money for a theme that may not work. :)

    1. VelocityXCI

      Sorry, I don't operate that way. All themes on the marketplace are tested by the staff here to make sure they work. Sending a skin before payment seems like a great way to not be paid at all.

    2. EJRav3n

      Hahaha, who the hell does this fool think he is... send me a skin and then I pay you??? What country this his scumbag come from?

  2. SPORTS-LITE.COM◄ » VelocityXCI

    How are you? Would you be willing to make a skin for our site?