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  1. CruizinEB added a post in a topic: Update some of the smilies   

    heres mine:
  2. CruizinEB added a post in a topic: What needs to be done for 3.0.1   

    Thats your opinion not fact...
  3. CruizinEB added a comment: Quotes in "about me" tab   

    Sorry about that, did the rebuild and all is fine
  4. CruizinEB added a comment: additional profile field problems   


    does this help?
  5. CruizinEB added a record in IP.Board   

    Quotes in "about me" tab
    When a user hasn't set the about me page, it shows the user's signature, that works as it should but the only problem is a quote in the users sig isn't being wrapped in the quote style, is just has this in a text:

    QUOTE (Delta The Great!)
    So read the f'ing map then you complete tool.
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  6. CruizinEB added a record in IP.Board   

    additional profile field problems
    The additional profile field not inheriting style layout in topic view and is not showing up on members profile page at all (Mite be an idea to add it in the "My Information" box?)
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  7. CruizinEB added a comment: Update status in profile broken   

    yep i just noticed this too, but mine says "needs+a+break"