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  1. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Stripe API Updates: Dynamic Descriptions   

    I'd love to see Stripe's dynamic statement descriptions integrated with the next Nexus update.

    This is particularly helpful in any sort of marketplace setting.

    While we're at it, I'd love to see the ability to send payouts with Stripe as well, and some Stripe Connect integration for IPS-Marketplace like setups. &

    But mainly.... dynamic descriptions.

  2. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Mandrill feature request - cycles per hour   

    Just sent a bulk email with Mandrill and, due to the "warm up" period (which I understand) it'll take some time for my bulk mail to get sent:

    This is fine, I understand. However, member registrations and other emails are now being queued because my bulk email filled up my quota queue. I'd love for the "cycles" feature to be introduced with mandrill as well, so that I can have IP.Board only send X emails to mandrill per hour - for example, send 60 bulk emails, leaving room for the last 10 to be member registrations and other messages.
  3. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Stop the CAPTCHA Madness!   

    That's the coolest CAPTCHA ever.
  4. Collin1000 added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Nexus 1.5 Dev Update: FedEx Integration   

    So happy about this. You really hit the bullseye on this one. ;) No more copy/pasting address and tracking info back and forth. :D

    Any word about Fedex's return shipment system being integrated?
  5. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Google Checkout - Alert Pay - and more   

    I have successfully integrated stripe into my site and have been using it since they first launched.

    They don't support recurring payments the way you think they do. You have to set up "Plans" within the API and it's clunky and disgusting, but, there's an ugly workaround you can use. Very. Ugly.
  6. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Timeline also in IPB?   

    I believe what you are looking for is this:
  7. Collin1000 added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    iArcade 1.3 vBeta 1
    iArcade has once again been refreshed, fixed up, and lightened up. It's still the most lightweight, fun, and easy to use arcade system for IP.Board - and now it's ready for IPB 3.3!

    iArcade is a light-weight, easy to use, and fun arcade app for your IP.Board based community.

    Using IPB 3.0? Check out iArcade 1.0.
    Using IPB 3.1? iArcade 1.1 is what you need.
    Using IPB 3.2? Head on over to the iArcade 1.2 download.
    Using IPB 3.3? Park it and download this file! What are you waiting for?

    Please visit to get support, post bugs, or register your copy of iArcade.
  8. Collin1000 added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    iArcade 1.2 vBeta 3 Build 91
    The ever popular iArcade Arcade games app is back for IPB 3.2!

    iArcade is a light-weight, easy to use, and fun arcade app for your IPB board.

    Using IPB 3.0? Check out iArcade 1.0.
    Using IPB 3.1? iArcade 1.1 is what you need.
    Using IPB 3.2? You are in the right place!

    Please visit to get support, post bugs, or register your copy of iArcade.
  9. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Please tell me it's not true!   

    Software is ever changing. New versions are released, features are changed, and information updates. It's simply not economical to have a printed manual. It would be constantly outdated.

    If you really want to learn and read through things.... print it all out... or get an iPad... or something.... I mean, just flip through the knowledgebase. Tons to learn.

  10. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: A domain name question   

    It's a grey area, really.

    If you made a site like - Google would sue you (and most likely win) for infringing on their name. Usually, domain/trademark disputes come down to the question "Does it confuse the consumer or harm the brand image?"

    So, something like that - you would likely get in trouble.

    However, if there's some tiny little website that isn't really that big, or it's a parking page, I doubt they would have the legal guns to sue you. It's your call, but it's generally a bad idea to use a different site name like that. Why not just think of your own domain?
  11. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Sidebar hook   

    Maybe I'm dense, but I don't see where that is.
  12. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Sidebar hook   

    My sidebar hook currently alerts me that there are 6 open support requests, when really, there is only 1 "open" request - the rest are awaiting customer reply ("Closed")

    Can the hook be altered to only show topics that are in a true "Open" state? Or some sort of setting for what counts as open?
  13. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Expiring tickets   

    Can tickets be set to "Expire" (Auto Resolve) after X days if the customer does not reply?

    Most other ticket systems do this (including the IPS one...) so I'm not sure why Nexus can't. :whistle:
  14. Collin1000 added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    iArcade 1.1 Beta2 v1.1B2
    iArcade 1.1 is the latest iArcade release, for IPB 3.1.3 and up.

    iArcade 1.1 includes a totally re-written from scratch code base, cleaner template, faster load times, and awesome new ajax features. It supports the IPB comments system and notifications system as well.

    iArcade 1.1 supports both v2 and v32 scoring formats, and has an automated .tar import tool.

    Please visit for support and addons (IP.Shoutbox, IP.Downloads and more)

    Please note, due to a bug in IPB 3.1.2 and 3.1.1, this version is only supported on IPB 3.1.3 & up.
  15. Collin1000 added a post in a topic: Ticket Dropdowns

    It seems almost confusing the way IP.Board is hidden in the tech support drop down. I did a double take and even checked if I was still active on my customer account when I noticed it wasn't there.

    Just my two cents.

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