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  1. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: Privacy Policy Change   

    Goto your AdminCP > System tab > System Settings > click the "system" tab and select the "Community  Guidelines ".
    if it's not displaying on your board index, make sure you've recached the skin set
    the guidelines and privacy policy are both there to edit. 
  2. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: Open posted links in a new window   

    Is there a way to have an option to open in a new window along with open in the same window?  WordPress gives you this option. Can't this feature be added to IPS board links when making a link in a post or a page?  
  3. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: Terms of Service   

    What is the difference between this Terms of Service thread and the Terms of Use thread ? 
  4. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: WordPress Integration   

    Have you seen this?
  5. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: Member by Search by Newsletter Option   

    I searched in this forum for a way to search for a list of members who have opted for the newsletter or NOT opted for the newsletter to get a list and I couldn't find a way to do this. That would be a nice feature to add to the list of things to do for IPS to integrate.  
    Is the only way to do this through a MySQL database search?  If so, how would one do this in the MySQL dashboard? 
  6. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: I cant install IP.CONTENT?   

    [quote name='Marcher Technologies' timestamp='1344406019' post='2294951']
    http://community.inv...ll-and-upgrade/ http://community.inv...nstallation-r17
    You want the install, if it is an application the standard is this directory structure for distribution... the painful odd weird ones for you as a new user are where they have handed you just the application directory without that sane structure.
    at least, this is the base installation without tweaking any special content settings as most do after the install.

    Wasn't explained to me. Thanks for the link. I will simply get IPB to install it for me.
  7. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: I cant install IP.CONTENT?   

    I am having the same problem. The readme text that comes with the download doesn't explain where to upload the folder (board) that contains the folders tools and upload. There should be directions somewhere about this but so far this thread is the closest thing found. If someone could direct me to the directions on what to do after downloading IP Content, where do I upload it to, that would be helpful. At least JabZzz has the same problem. And I did make a ticket about this in the client support area, but no has yet responded from IPB support. If someone would help here maybe this would be a good source to read for the steps.
  8. bradybarrows added a post in a topic: List of clients using IP Content   

    I would like to see some examples of web sites using IP Content before purchasing. Is there a list of clients who use IP Content somewhere so I can view their web sites?