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  1. svit added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    After upgrading to 1.0.9 I've lost all my map icons, is there any possible fix to it please? Many thanks.
  2. svit added a post in a topic: Facebook Slide FanPage   

    Very nice hook, It would be useful to have and option to translate the language used within the block for our international installation..
  3. svit added a post in a topic: Super News Feed   

    Further to this, I wasn't able to locate 'All' word within the language pack for translation, is it possible it's been hard coded as well? It is the very first word on the left column of the module.
  4. svit added a post in a topic: Super News Feed   

    I am having a problem with translation of some of the words. for example:

    displayName_name (Display Names) - when I translate the word in the ACP Language Pack moderation, the translation doesn't show up in the application.

    The same is wit the other 'left column' items. Is there any way this can be resolved?
  5. svit added a post in a topic: (RSyvarth) Social Groups   

    Thank you, we have reverted the database to the stage before the upgrade and upgraded again this time without problems. When looking at the Download section the latest version is still the latest Beta. I would be willing to extend the license but I would welcome having some upgrade on the way :)
  6. svit added a post in a topic: RSS Management Application   

    Ah, you were talking about the icon next to each feed, ok, this makes sense and works as I would expect. Many thanks.
  7. svit added a post in a topic: RSS Management Application   

    Thank you all, so it seems your application generates http://www.cechoslov...tion/154-litva/ instead of the original http://www.cechoslov...-diskuse-litva/ . .what is the way for us to figure out the original 'active' rss link we can yous for other applications? Wouldnt it be practical to have some link within the application?
  8. svit added a post in a topic: Gallery 5.01 Feedback   

    I am using Social/Patchwork

    At present when being in the 'album view' and looking at the thumbnails of the photos, the admin has the option to tick them and chose action from a small pop-up window. At present those actions are Approve / Hide / Delete / Move - why not to have more actions such as 'Set as album Cover' or other. For us to be able to chose the album covers we have to do one more click to say 'edit album' and tick the option from there.
  9. svit added a post in a topic: Hook of the Calendars I follow   

    Hello I think this would be a very useful hook. To display only the events of the calendars one is following. (!)
  10. svit added a post in a topic: RSS Management Application   

    Apart of the above there is one thing i wanted to ask, after installing your rss module, when I click on a particular link in the module, I get a link to a page looking e.g. like this:

    This however is not a valid rss channel link, am I right? How do I get to the actual rss channel link hidden behind this link so that I can send it to our facebook page (we are using the service)
  11. svit added a post in a topic: RSS Management Application   

    In the feed should be topics of a particular member (instead of a particular member). There could be a RSS icon on each profile's page, from where a member could get the link to his rss channel.

    Each of our editors would then have their own rss channel collecting their topics across the board, which we would import to our facebook page knowing they are only the quality topics (as they are from our editors).
  12. svit added a post in a topic: Member Map   

    Hello, today I have realized how useful it would be to have a simple hook listing the latest locations saved in the map. We are using it for our compatriots living abroad to save their locations, and the list of the latest countries would encourage other members to save their locations as well..
  13. svit added a post in a topic: RSS Management Application   

    Hi Marcher, I was thinking whether it would be difficult to enable an RSS feed per user. I would love it as I could create an RSS channel for our editorial account, which I would then import to our Facebook fan page. I haven't come across to any similar solution yet. We are posting to multiple forums of our site and at present we are unable to filter which topics should be posted on our FB fan page, this would solve/automate it. Is there any chance how this could be integrated into your module?
  14. svit added a post in a topic: Gallery 5.01 Feedback   


    Being a loyal user of the gallery module for years I thought I should provide feedback on the latest 5.01 release. I have to say I consider the new release to be a very good step. The gallery feels more logical, easy to understand. We are using it for large databanks of photos as well as for rather smaller communities. Here are my few comments on features we would find useful and at present are missing:

    Main Gallery Page
    - Categories should have (optionally) a preview icon
    - Option to hide links to subcategories from the main page (long list is graphically disturbing)
    - Option to have displayed random images in the patchwork (Feature photos are useful though)

    - Option to mass select (e.g. by a tick box) and move/delete/edit categories/albums (it took us half a day to rearrange the albums after the upgrade, what if we need to switch on rating option for all albums?

    Album View
    - Highlight a Cover photo from the album vie (e.g. by tick and roll down menu, the current rolldown options are limited)
    - Drag and drop to rearrange photos within an album

    Forum View
    - Have back the option to show the latest photos thumbnails on the 'forums linking to albums'

    Thank you for the successful release, keep doing the great work!
  15. svit added a post in a topic: IP Gallery - It's driven us away from IPS to the competition   

    I too got to 500 server error after upgrading to the new gallery, as there was no apache error log available from my ISP and IP helpdesk werent able to help, I decided to revert both the files on server as well as the db backup to the state before the upgrade and requested IP helpdesk to upgrade the gallery themselves. Just an idea..

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  1. joelle » svit

    The dubai architecture pictures on your site look really good.

    1. svit

      Many thanks, I was using the Panasonic LX-3, which has a very wide angle lens + very nice dynamic range, there are rumours of having LX-6 released later this year, let us see! :)

  2. svit

    I went snorkeling and noticed how gently the fish welcomed us into their world.. as compared to the violence with which we welcomed them into ours.

  3. svit

    I like the IP products and obviously they like me to :)

  4. svit

    Let's bet the Gallery 4.0 will be released on Tue :)

    1. TheRevTastic

      Matt said it won't be on this side of christmas. Gotta wait till the 28th or 4th for it.

    2. Black-Elmo

      I'm going to say it won't be. More then likely be IP.Chat

    3. TheRevTastic

      Nothing will be released this tuesday.

    4. Breadfan

      Was hoping for blog update..