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  1. svit added a post in a topic: Gallery 5.01 Feedback   

    I am using Social/Patchwork

    At present when being in the 'album view' and looking at the thumbnails of the photos, the admin has the option to tick them and chose action from a small pop-up window. At present those actions are Approve / Hide / Delete / Move - why not to have more actions such as 'Set as album Cover' or other. For us to be able to chose the album covers we have to do one more click to say 'edit album' and tick the option from there.
  2. svit added a post in a topic: Hook of the Calendars I follow   

    Hello I think this would be a very useful hook. To display only the events of the calendars one is following. (!)
  3. svit added a post in a topic: Gallery 5.01 Feedback   


    Being a loyal user of the gallery module for years I thought I should provide feedback on the latest 5.01 release. I have to say I consider the new release to be a very good step. The gallery feels more logical, easy to understand. We are using it for large databanks of photos as well as for rather smaller communities. Here are my few comments on features we would find useful and at present are missing:

    Main Gallery Page
    - Categories should have (optionally) a preview icon
    - Option to hide links to subcategories from the main page (long list is graphically disturbing)
    - Option to have displayed random images in the patchwork (Feature photos are useful though)

    - Option to mass select (e.g. by a tick box) and move/delete/edit categories/albums (it took us half a day to rearrange the albums after the upgrade, what if we need to switch on rating option for all albums?

    Album View
    - Highlight a Cover photo from the album vie (e.g. by tick and roll down menu, the current rolldown options are limited)
    - Drag and drop to rearrange photos within an album

    Forum View
    - Have back the option to show the latest photos thumbnails on the 'forums linking to albums'

    Thank you for the successful release, keep doing the great work!
  4. svit added a post in a topic: IP Gallery - It's driven us away from IPS to the competition   

    I too got to 500 server error after upgrading to the new gallery, as there was no apache error log available from my ISP and IP helpdesk werent able to help, I decided to revert both the files on server as well as the db backup to the state before the upgrade and requested IP helpdesk to upgrade the gallery themselves. Just an idea..
  5. svit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: IPS Connect   

  6. svit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 5.0: Some Further Changes   

    From what I could see in the attach thumbnails (and i know it is not a final version) there are categories listed so that their width covers the full width of the page. I think it is a waste of space which will not look nice. Imagine you have resolution 1900 pixels covered by just links of category links, from this perspective i think the previous solution was much better (categories as squared thumbs in the right sidebar)
  7. svit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 5.0: Some Further Changes   

    I wish the layout of the Gallery wasn't a missed opportunity. I wish our members were impressed by the layout and could be proud they are registered users of the Gallery. The galleries are dealing with images-photographs where aesthetics often play role (photography, travel, design sites) and so are our requirements for the gallery itself to have design without any compromises. Please think carefully of each element of each page of the Gallery, define its importance and think how is it graphically expressed. It is 2012, the trends are known to everyone and expectations are high.
  8. svit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 5.0: More Navigation Changes   

    It will be impossible to create subalbums.. Our gallery of the world architecture has several levels of depth of subalbums and thousands of image. The projects are located within subalbums so that each can easily locate the project. One can find the Egyptian pyramids under Africa/Egypt/Cairo. At the moment I am not able to imagine what your proposal of your upgrade process will do. I hope the pyramids will not be moved to an album next to an Eiffel Tower?
  9. svit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 5.0: Smaller Changes   

    - plus a daily limit of uploaded photos
  10. svit added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Gallery 5.0: Smaller Changes   

    For the new Gallery I would welcome the bellow:

    - option to adjust the thumbnail (the way the longitudinal image is cropped into a square thumbnail)
    - drag & drop repositioning of images within an album
    - quick highlighting an image as the album photo (e.g. via a drop down menu)
    - the gallery should look attractive and striking (eg. such as I would very much like the gallery not to like 'another plugin of a discussion board', it should be very sexy, I think the team should involve a good graphic designer to think globally about the look
  11. svit added a gallery image in Member's Gallery   

    The Bahrain World Trade Centre

    In album: Bahrain

    9 images in this album
    • 1 comment
  12. svit added a post in a topic: maybe you could give us a change log?   

    Each time there is a new version of any application, for me as an admin it is important to know the list of changes or bugs fixed for me to be able to understand what the new version brings about and to decide how urgent the upgrade is and whether we should run it immediately or say within a week. I don't usually find practical to be following the Tracker regularly to become familiar with bugs found by other admins and that's why such a list (of bug fixes when talking about a maintenance release) is a great summary for me to learn issues I might not even be aware of (let's say some hard coded text which I have overlooked and would still keep overlooking it without reading the list of bug fixes).

    At present each time there are maintenance releases I have to go to the Tracker and run the filter query to learn what are the fixes or to be lucky when some good soul makes the same and posts it to the forum for others (like the 2nd post of this thread). I think the list of changes or fixes or a link to such a list would be the little thing which would make it easier for 'many' of us :smile:
  13. svit added a post in a topic: maybe you could give us a change log?   

    I very much vote for IPS were provide changelogs of their newly announced products, I think they are useful to most of us. Once provided by the IPS team, it would save time to hundreds or thousands of admins who have to do the same in the Tracker.
  14. svit added a post in a topic: Number of files of the Recent Download Hook.   

    Thank you Hatsu, you have saved me! :) Really appreciate your help!
  15. svit added a post in a topic: Number of files of the Recent Download Hook.   

    I was trying to figure out how to change the number of files of the Board Index Recent Download Hook.

    When contacting the Client Area via a support ticket I was told this is modification and they cannot help me. Is there really no one from IPS team to assist me in this matter? Your help is highly appreciated.

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    The dubai architecture pictures on your site look really good.

    1. svit

      Many thanks, I was using the Panasonic LX-3, which has a very wide angle lens + very nice dynamic range, there are rumours of having LX-6 released later this year, let us see! :)

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    I went snorkeling and noticed how gently the fish welcomed us into their world.. as compared to the violence with which we welcomed them into ours.

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    I like the IP products and obviously they like me to :)

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    Let's bet the Gallery 4.0 will be released on Tue :)

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      Matt said it won't be on this side of christmas. Gotta wait till the 28th or 4th for it.

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      I'm going to say it won't be. More then likely be IP.Chat

    4. TheRevTastic

      Nothing will be released this tuesday.