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  1. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    What IPB Version are you running?
  2. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    File Name : (IM) Custom Forum Blocks
    File Submitter : Vince G.
    File Submitted : 26 Dec 2012
    File Category : Content Management
    Supported Versions : IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

    Important Announcement:
    This modification was updated on Feb 03 2014 see change log for info.
    With this modification you will be able to add custom blocks that will display certain information in them that you will decide. Each block will have it's own title and content, You will be able to set which groups can see each block, What place you would like to place the block (Top, Right, Left, Bottom), In what pages you would like And/Or wouldn't like to display the block, The ordering of the blocks that will be displayed to the user.
    What kind of template the block will use (Blank, Category Template, Hook Template), Turning each block on/off, Being able to parse both PHP & JS code inside the content of the block along with regular HTML, Or using the IPB full editor (or mixing between the two), Being able to set the width of each column (Middle, Left, Right).
    Which columns will be displayed, If members can hide the left and right columns (using JS) and what groups of members if that setting is allowed, Importing & Exporting of all blocks or just some of them, Automatically get notified when ever there is an update available for the modification.
    tool is also available to help you solve SEO urls into regular $_GET['...'] variables to add them into the include/exclude block exceptions area, Previewing the block from the ACP before actually putting it online and Drag & Drop reordering.
    There are no file edits required to install and use this modification.
    Features Included:
    [*]Drag & Drop ordering [*]Split blocks into columns around the entire forum layout [*]Display blocks any were in the board [*]Group visibility per block [*]Select the block position in the page (Top, Left, Right, Bottom) [*]Block template style (Blank, Category, Hook) [*]Include block in certain pages [*]Exclude block in certain pages [*]Parse PHP inside block [*]Parse JS inside block [*]Switch between simple editor and IPB full editor [*]Preview block from ACP [*]Import blocks [*]Export blocks [*]hide certain blocks as a setting [*]Change the width of each block and the middle layout of the forum [*]Allow certain groups to toggle the visibilty of the left and right columns [*]JS based toggle right and left columns visibility [*]Link resolver - From SEO links to a sanitized links to use in the block include/exclude exceptions [*]Ability to show the old sidebar on the board index page
    Please Read Carefully Before Purchasing:
    [*]Turn block on/off

    [*]I can't promise that every single feature request will be added to the next release so keep that in mind. But i will try to do my best. [*]If you bought a modification from be before you will get the product in less then 24 hours (usually less then that). If you are a premium member here you will also get it in less then 24 hours. If you are a new customer and a regular member you will need to wait for at least 48 hours before receiving the modification. That's just a precaution i have to take in order to reduce the fraud to as low as i can. [*]If more then 48 hours have passed and you did not receive anything yet then PM me with your email addressed you used when purchasing it and i will look into your case. [*]Since this is a premium modification redistribution and transfers are not allowed! If you would like to resell the modifications then contact me by a PM and we will see what we can do. [*]Each purchase represents a license, Each licenses is valid for one domain so if you need this modification on several sites you will need to purchase several licenses for the usage or purchase a multi license at a lower cost.
    [*]All sales are final. There will be no refunds after the mod was shipped.

    Click here to download this file
  3. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

  4. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (V88) Custom Forum Blocks   

    Actually using the include/exclude feature will not work for displaying content only on the board index. so use this code in the block content and enter what you want to show instead of the 'BOARDS ONLY' and make sure the checkbox for Enable PHP is on.

    <?php $req = ipsRegistry::fetchRequest(); $isBoards = false; if($req['module'] == '' && $req['section'] == '') { $isBoards = true; } ?> <?php if($isBoards): ?> BOARDS ONLY <?php endif; ?>
  5. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (V88) Custom Forum Blocks   

    it should be act=idx or act=index. the site url of the forum index is:
    if you put that in the check url thing it will output act=idx
  6. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (V88) Custom Forum Blocks   

    I think the problem is that you don't understand how the incude/exclude works. you need to put conditions on separate lines. your condition makes no sense what your conditions means is:
    If the current viewed forum is 1 AND the current view forum is 3 then include/exclude.
    What you probably want to do is to include/exclude the block when viewing forum #1 OR forum #3 which is done by doing this like so:
    the above will test as:
    If the current viewed forum is 1 OR the current viewed forum is 3 then include/exclude.
    Regarding the blocks, first of all you posted your support question in the wrong topic. you have the IPB 3.3/3.4 version of the modification the support forum for that is:

    As stated in the support topic above the custom blocks available for the IPB 3.3/3.4 version are the following:
    Recent Topics Facebook Activity Status Updates Tag Cloud Youtube Video As seen here:
    Nothing was promised more than that, anything else i do is a bonus. If you are actually using the older version that you should have the default blocks listed in the older version support topic, really simple. all you need to do is read and understand which one you are using and what that comes with.
    The $30 you paid is not going to make me richer, and you've definitely got what you paid for and probably beyond that. at this point i am probably just willing to refund the money. you've emailed me directly multiple times even though i asked you not to and to post the questions in the support topic (which you posted in the wrong one), you are asking for something that was never listed under the modification description for this version of the modification. it's not my fault that you misread things or thought what you wanted to think.
    I hope that clears up things for you. 
  7. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    Mod Updated.
    - 2.1 - Fixed issue with mobile skin not working when turning this modification on. (this fix applies to the IPB 3.2, 3.3, 3.4 versions)  
    Mobile skin should work now.
  8. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (V88) Custom Forum Blocks   

    Hey Cavadus,
    That comment about the premade blocks was for the older version of custom forum blocks. the new version comes with the following sample blocks:

    I can see how this is frustrating and misleading and i should've removed that comment from the new topic so i'll try to add more samples of pre made blocks to the above link this week/weekend from the list you quoted above. I'll also take a look at the status update block to see what's wrong with it and if it shows any errors. 
    What IPB version are you using?
    Again, sorry about the inconvenience and confusion. 
  9. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    Yeah unfortunately the above hack for the older version will not work in this case since you have no file edits in the newer version you won't find the above code.
    Jackflash, can you please PM me a link to you board so i can take a look at it really quick.
  10. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    I'm trying to think of a better way to do this, Still looking into this. I'll try to find a solution as soon as possible.
  11. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    Hey jackflash,
    What do you mean by knocks out? I haven't tested this on a mobile version.
    I'm going to test this on a mobile version, If it causes issues i'm just going to disable it for the mobile skin.
  12. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    if there is no default block then it will need to be coded.
  13. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    Is there a default sidebar hook that does that?
  14. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (IM) Custom Forum Blocks   

    @ztg see
  15. Vince G. added a post in a topic: (V88) Custom Forum Blocks

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