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    1. Roogle

      have you died?
      get back and start coding apps again...starting with custom forum blocks ;]

    2. Vince G.


  1. Vince G.

    As Jaggi said, I am running out of zend certifications to take. Or already run out?!

    1. AndyF

      I should take some too, although I would have to do some serious learning first :(

    2. Amged Osman

      you still didnt send me those PDFs :D

    3. Vince G.

      Email me amged and i will. Although you can download the guides from the zend site.

  2. Jaggi » Vince G.

    Vince you're running out of Zend Certifications to take!

  3. Vince G.

    Been awhile since I've visited here....So how's everyone?!

    1. aeharding

      Just hangin man. B-) xD

  4. Vince G.

    Been awhile since I've visited here....So how's everyone?!

  5. Vince G. » AndyF

    LOL, Thanks i saw that sentence at someones profile had to copy that one and save it.
    Yea i took that picture not while ago, Little after i got my new lens.

  6. AndyF » Vince G.

    you have a new "about me" pic :D , I still lol at your status though :)

  7. Vince G.

    Hey baby, wanna come over to myspace so i can twitter your yahoo till you google all over my facebook?

    1. Nuclear General

      Nice status Vince. I got something almost similar to that on my cell phone from a friend. lol

    2. Vince G.

      Then go ahead and share it with us...

  8. AndyF » Vince G.

    lol at your status "code" :D

  9. Vince G. » IBSkin

    Hey, I did! Just came back from a party it's 7 AM here so i am really need to get some sleep. Hope you have a great one too, And thanks for stopping by. ;)

  10. IBSkin » Vince G.

    Hey! '=0)
    I hope you have a really great weekend!

  11. Vince G. » IBSkin

    Thanks Sherri, Have a 5 star. :)

  12. IBSkin » Vince G.

    Loooove the ink!

  13. Vince G. » IBSkin

    Hey, Thanks for the add. :)

  14. lostnucleus » Vince G.

    zend certified body builder :)

  15. Jυra » Vince G.

    Someone wrote on your arms with Crayons.

  16. DawPi » Vince G.

    wow, now it's Vince ^^

  17. Vince G. » Keith J. Kacin

    Your welcome. :)

  18. Keith J. Kacin » Vince G.

    Thanks again. ;)

  19. vesperala » Vince G.

    I came to bring the s t a r s for you..:)

  20. Vince G. » IBSkin

    You do some really great designs, Great job. :)
    V - That's something you don't say to a women.

  21. Lazek » Vince G.

    Vadim rullezzz :)

  22. Vince G. » AndyF

    No problem Andy, Hope your doing fine those days. :)

  23. AndyF » Vince G.

    Hello :D , thanks for adding me :)

  24. Vince G. » andaril

    I didn't say i wasn't i was born in russia but i moved when i was like a year old. So i don't remember much of it.