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  1. Gr4ffik added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    Is there a mobile aspect of the shoutbox available? Many of our users don't use their computer throughout the day and the shoutbox is used to inform our user of updates and changes in the community.
  2. Gr4ffik added a comment on a file: Tournaments   

    If you go in the support topic, there are people in there that have purchased this and have it running on their own site. As I will not post these addresses you can find them like I have. I am currently taking this idea to the heads of my gaming site right now to see if they want this as an option.
  3. Gr4ffik added a post in a topic: Tournaments   

    I am very interested in this mod. But, the 49 does scare me just a bit without a live demo, or multiple pictures of the acp/public side. If you could send me pictures, i know your busy, it will sway my position to buy this mod. I run a forum for a gaming community and we need something like this. without going back to phpBB
  4. Gr4ffik added a post in a topic: Download: ACP Login Panel   

    can this be used on 3.4.1?
  5. Gr4ffik added a post in a topic: Memory   

    I'm having one issue, not really an issue but an annoyance. Once i switch to this skin from the Change theme link, I am unable to change from it. the menu won't open when its clicked. I have made no modifications to this skin yet.
  6. Gr4ffik added a post in a topic: Download: (SOS33) IPS Recent Topics Hook Enhancement   

    Not working with 3.3.4

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