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  1. TNB added a post in a topic: Tags Autocomplete   

    thanks. New version works better. but auto-positioning really messes this up, especially for the albums with more than 5 pictures :(
  2. TNB added a post in a topic: Tags Autocomplete   

    Good one.
    However, in bulk editing gallery albums images (Gallery 5.0.2) it works only for first entry from the list.
  3. TNB added a comment on a file: Russian Language Pack (Proper translation)   

    Они не были дистрибьютором, они были реселлером. Им продали по словам IPB пакет лицензий со скидкой.
    Теперь они и реселлером не являются, а "предоставляют услуги по поддержке"
  4. TNB added a post in a topic: Simplify by IPS Themes   

    At the moment I have disabled Simplify for the users. It worked fine for me, but other were complayning that top tool bar is not working.
    Those who provided details on browser and OS Issues reported the following:
    Win7 (starter)+Chrome - icons are not clicable, unable to get into mailbox etc. Same machine (?), IE works fine
    WinXP + Opera - toolbar not active
    Win7 + Firefox - toolbar not active
    Win 7 (standard)+Chrome - works fine

    Since I tested the skin under Firefox for Windows 7 (pro, 64) and couple of IE version, I think that the main problem is in Java version. My biggest issue with Simplify was color picker - it may behave incorrectly after several color changes, not registering left mouse clicks. Selector circle remains "glued" to cursor. By the way, IPB color picker in ACP behaves in similar way in Firefox.
    Also intial changing ofcolors is affecting some elements (like "new" boxes) which return to old color scheme after you reload the page.
  5. TNB added a comment on a file: Simplify by IPS Themes   

    Nice and clean but extremelly frustrating font choice. Why user can customise body font but not headers, user's names etc.? Since you are using different fonts (including "Yanone Kaffeesatz" for crying out loud :( ) users with different languages installed will get a mess instead of frontpage with very strange font substitutions.
    Please have a look on this.
    Also color picker is next to useless due to limited amount of colored elements visible. One great way to showcase it will be having colored background strip for the logo changing color.

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