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  1. bern5 added a post in a topic: Issue with duplicating posts.   

    i have users reporting the same issue - after i just upgraded to latest version
  2. bern5 added a post in a topic: Add 'Tally' Board   


    i need a tally board that i could setup categories such as fish: bream, whiting, mackerel, etc.

    then each member can add to the tally whenever thay catch a fish.

    Also, the results could be shown as ALL forum or just an individual member.

    is there any mods/plugins such as this? or can anyone suggest some other solution i could embed into a DIV container.

    thx in adv.
  3. bern5 added a post in a topic: Increase package price   


    i wanted to increase my VIP member group from $15 to $20 - what does paypal recurring payments do?

    would paypal also increase or try to extract $20 next time it renews?

    I would be happy to start a new $20 group and honor the current VIP members, though i woudnt want their package visible on the board.

    anyone had any experience in this?
  4. bern5 added a post in a topic: Cannot post or PM after 3.4.2 upgrade.   

    i have a similar issue - after upgrading people cannot post or reply .

    it says "cannot post when empty"

    After i cleared my cookies and history, cache it works fine for me. Problem is not all my users are that tech savvy - is there a way i can force this from the ACP, or mass clear or something..........
  5. bern5 added a post in a topic: The payment gateway passed the user back without requesting payment validation   

    what does this mean and how do i fix it?

    seems i have to manually approve more transactions now because of this.
  6. bern5 added a post in a topic: Posting to Facebook Page instead of Profile.   

    i mentioned this in April
  7. bern5 added a post in a topic: reply box in mobile skin is tiny   

    now have latest version and still box is very small?
  8. bern5 added a post in a topic: encrypt customer data   

    is there anyway you can encrypt the customers data, especially home address.

    similar to how passwords are encrypted and stored on the db?

  9. bern5 added a post in a topic: exporting PMs   

    is there a way members can easily export all or a selection of their PM's ?

    and can someone confirm when they delete PM's >> are they deleted off the database as well or just from their view?
  10. bern5 added a post in a topic: how to report hacker?   

    hi all,

    i have just had an issue where my hosting has been hacked and the members PM table has been posted on the net. not happy to say the least.

    is there places or authorities i can report this to ?

    what do you recommend.