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  1. Zepher added a post in a topic: IPB iPhone App Feedback   

    Nice addition. 3g phones are the future of web access. I don't use a data plan myself, but am thinking about upgrading my wireless network to something more modern --->

  2. Zepher added a post in a topic: Ideas for IP.Commerce - List   

    IP.Commerce is a great Idea that can add some Community functions and user generated shops.
    Here's the features of the Package I've found that offers the best bang for the buck....

    Tag technology (easy design integration)
    Easy Wizard-based installation
    CSS based design (XHTML compatible)
    Customer Reviews module
    Open source code

    Security features
    Strong Blowfish data encryption
    Strong RSA data encryption
    Support of HTTPS protocol
    Administrator roles and permission restriction
    System logs
    Automatic backup scripts (for Linux/Unix)

    Performance features
    Optimized code algorithm and advanced caching (work smoothly with 35 000 products and more)
    Optimized memory usage algorithms (work smoothly on shared hosting accounts)
    Sales statistic reports
    Advanced sales, customers and marketing statistics reports
    Graphic charts reports generation
    Export of statistics reports to Microsoft Excel file format

    Marketing features
    Google Analytics e-commerce transactions tracking
    ClixGalore affiliates tracking
    Advanced Newsletters management -
    Affiliate tracking
    Orders management
    Export of orders to .CSV file format (compatible with MS Excel)
    Advanced order logs
    Packing slip generation

    Customers management
    Export of users including emails and payment statistics to .CSV file format (compatible with MS Excel)
    Customer management, password reset function, etc
    Creation of several administration profiles
    Catalog and products management Unlimited categories and unlimited products
    WYSIWYG editor for categories, manufacturers, products descriptions and CMS articles
    Manufacturers (with images and descriptions)
    Product types feature
    Google Base feed export
    Product export to .CSV file format (compatible with MS Excel)
    Product import to .CSV file format (compatible with MS Excel)
    Featured products
    Bestsellers products
    Free shipping for selected product
    Multi-categories -
    Products options -
    E-Goods (download products) -
    AJAX image viewer
    Detailed images -
    Quantity discounts -
    Advanced discounts -
    Related products -

    SEO features
    Custom page titles
    Custom META Keywords
    Custom META Descriptions
    Custom ALT Descriptions for Images
    Search Engine Friendly URLs -

    Payments and checkout
    Checkout Form Editor
    Quick Checkout
    Advanced Taxes
    Email Notifications Editor
    Credit Cards List Editor
    Manual Shipping Methods
    Real time shipping methods -
    Payment methods
  3. Zepher added a post in a topic: Ideas for IP.Commerce - List   

    Customer Referrals, "How did you hear about us" MOD ..... Nice to be able to add custom fields on the checkout form like a referral. Also a newsletter option and google analytics support is key.
  4. Zepher added a post in a topic: Facebook/Twitter etc...log-in should be added...   

    I noticed that the NBA app on TNT for live basketball stats has a connect button that opens a communtiy app and uses:


    They ask to "Log into your network and join the discussion"

    Seems like more apps are bypassing the signup/login process for openID's and "social networks" for quick login....
  5. Zepher added a post in a topic: Suggestion - Calendar event should have forum type reply topic structure   

    +1 on calendar updates. I like how the calendar is layed out and how it looks, but think it could be a more central feature to IPB3. Post could be automated based on calendar dates, or users could comment on events. I'm wondering if the calendar could be used to schedule content triggers, emailers, PMs, Blogs, etc.

    ----> Ideas 'from the web'

    "aggregation service for time-based updates from your social sites and for those of your friends. For example, 'the calendar' will put your blog updates, Twitter messages, Upcoming.org calendar items, and Flickr photos on your calendar, as well as those from your friends. Facebook integration is coming soon." .... from a socail networking calendar

    "For example, it puts appointments on the calendar but other items (such as RSS feeds and Flickr updates) show up only when your mouse hovers over the dates the items are associated with. That keeps your calendar from becoming a visual assault"

    "People are going to need services that aggregate personal data the same way RSS readers aggregate blogs and news stories."

    --- just some ideas for Future.IP.Calendar.... :cool:
  6. Zepher added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way   

    +1 on comments and reviews. Looks like some nice upgrades and I'd also be interested in any new sample templates, blocks, etc that use data from IP.Board, IP.Gallery, IP.Blog. It will help out us copy/paster-coders. :D
  7. Zepher added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.0 Development News   

    Status Comments are Cool! A ratings system integration would help. Facebook connect integration + friend's updates and the 'all updates' pages are great features too. Thanks :santa:
  8. Zepher added a post in a topic: [Suggestion] Wiki-style editing of pages   

    +1 would be helpful for clents that want to have sections of content that they can edit themselves. Wiki-style editing would be cool to in order for users to colaborate on topics and create articles or content as a group. Could be as intuative as when a user who has edit permissions come accross a page with content a simple edit button is displayed and the user can use the WYSIWYG editor to change or add content. Sort of an IP.wordpress app....
  9. Zepher added a post in a topic: Mod community   

    I'm a IPB user and noticed that IPB has a smaller Modding comminity than VB or PHPbb, but the forum has more features and needs fewer of the mods. Hopefully the new version (and IP.Content) will bring more modders on board, and there are also a couple 3rd party modding resources like invisionmodding.com. I'm wondering what you are looking for (in terms of mods) and how you want to extend your board. IPB has a good framework for modders and I hope more mods will be made available now that the new IPB software is stable and rock solid....
  10. Zepher added a post in a topic: Does IP.Content allow for page editing?   

    :zorro: Not sure if it's a feature, but it would be cool to have a way to allow members or moderators to edit sections of IP.Content pages. They can edit it like they would a post with a WYSIWYG bbcode editor. As a designer many clients want to be able to edit their own content (to an extent). With the template nature of the IP.Content product I'm wondering if there is a way to allow users to edit content dependeng on permissions, or request the feature if it's not built in to IP.Content. THX! :super:
  11. Zepher added a post in a topic: SEO IPB Gallery Revisited...   

    Friendly URLs would help index the image with search eingines. So would the image title being on the page and allowing keywords and description fields to be filled in by users and then used as meta tags. This would make every image 'page' unique with it's own custom title, keywords, and descripition. + other text, comments, etc on the page.
  12. Zepher added a post in a topic: Most Wanted Blocks for IPS   

    :unsure: I've been enjoying using the IP.Content system and like how it can let you nest content blocks in pages and templates. I'm pretty much a copy / paste type of designer and like how IP.Content is modular and can nest blocks within blocks, web pages within IP.content pages, and IPS forum templates within IP.content templates. I'm working on getting blocks together for content display and wonder what else you all are looking for for your site and what is possible within the IP.content system. I saw the resources section of the website and wonder what code snipits, page templates, or content blocks will end up there. Some of the blocks I'd be interested in are --->

    Forum Blocks
    -most popular
    -recent posts
    -new content
    -watched content
    -Forum Categories

    Member Blocks
    -profile blocks (interests, avatar, etc.)
    -Random Member Profile
    -member's posts (last 10)
    -Favorite Images, blogs, posts, etc.
    -Watched Forums / Blogs / Galleries
    -Member's Friends
    -messenger blocks - read, send, save

    Gallery Blocks
    -Random Images
    -Member Uploader / album create
    -Gallery Slideshows
    -Top Rated

    Calendar Blocks
    -Recent Events
    -watched events

    Search Blocks
    -Forum Search
    -Gallery Search
    -Blog Search
    -Member Search

    -Social Bookmarks
    -Keyword Tags (forum, gallery, blog, etc.)
    -Email This Page
    -Print Page
    -Bookmark Page

    ETC, ETC, ETC ***

    *** some of thse can be acomplished with the RSS feed wizard, but many can also be saved as code snipits in the resources site for all the copy / pasters like me :blink:...
  13. Zepher added a comment: IPS Apps: IPB License Settings   

    Thanks! Good Job, + looking forward to more blocks and code from other IP.content users.
  14. Zepher added a comment: IPS Apps: IPB License Settings   

    Thanks! Good Job, + looking forward to more blocks and code from other IP.content users.
  15. Zepher added a comment on a blog entry: First Look: IP.Content 1.1.0   

    Sounds like a nice addition to the IP.Content framework. Being able to work with custom databases will really make dynamic applications possible. Looking forward to sample projects and templates using the new custom database features. Also, it seems that the new resource site sections should help centralize articles, links, Error Codes and tutorials. I'd like to see code snippits of a dynamic database application front end and also an example of how to display custom database data in IP.Content. Nice Work! :thumbsup:

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