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  1. Valvaris added a post in a topic: error message when showing newest topics   

    got a fix for that...
    It is simple but useful ^^ - Go to your Block and you will see that is did not load the Template and the same Error pops out.
    Now Change the option from custom template to the Templates and choose the one you want - Now Save the Block and tada it works.
    Best regards
  2. Valvaris added a post in a topic: IP.Board to phpBB Bridge one way   

    Hello at the Devs. out there,
    i want to employ a dev that does the following Bridge...

    For: from to

    Technicaly IP.Board to phpBB

    Now the clou here is that we only want it to have it - one way - from us to them and only a specific group of Users.

    Like this we can guarantee that our Users are genuine out of our Security policy.
    Budget for this is: 80,- € (Only via Paypal)
    Many Many Thanks in advance

  3. Valvaris added a post in a topic: IP.Board to phpBB Bridge one way   

    Hi at all,
    i want to ask if there is a way to Bridge - IP.Board Specific Member Group to phpBB
    If there is a way I am gladly and willingly to pay for that service! Like this our users/members just need to be in a specific group and can SSO (Single Sign On) to a Alliance website.
    I need that to work like this we can guarantee that our users are unique and secure.
    Many Many thanks in advance
  4. Valvaris added a comment on a file: Haze by IPS Themes   

    Nice Skin but Support is very slow - If quite non existent! - I'm investing on another skin since i cant get any help - For me 1st and last time...
  5. Valvaris added a post in a topic: About to purchase $450 worth of IP us remove VBSEO   

    Welcome to the Invision Power Community - You will love it here.
  6. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Teamspeak 3 Sync for Invision Power   

    Hi Devs.,
    this is getting a little hard to manage... We have allot of Members with Trail Times and a Addon like this saves allot of time and administraton. If I had the chance to program I would do it myself but I cant since im not as good as the Pro Devs here.
    Im Still in the lookout for someone that wants to develop this. If you think youll do it for free! - Dont think it that way we can talk via PN to have solution for both the community and the developer.
    I dont want to be selfish thats why the community comes first since i know this issue first hand to administer a Teamspeak and Forum. For us this is a Fan project!
    To the Addon functions:
    - Teamspeak Viewer integration example: - We are Running our own Viewer since Services allways try to add some ads!
    - Teamspeak Viewer on Menu if possible - with Settings for a better look and feel plus better integration to other communitys.
    - Now comes the tricky part... Group assignment!
    - This needs to have allot of options since some community like ours use Trail Members to have a diffrent permission Set for the Forum and Teamspeak
    - How many groups does it need to support? - Cant say depends on the Community Blue-Vengeance has the Following Member Groups:
    Guest, Member, Blue-Vengeance Trial, Blue-Vengeance Clan, Moderator, Co.Admin, Admin
    - Those are the groups that need to be reflected to Teamspeak and the Permissions need a Sync. if possible in realtime or at a set interval.
    If more information is needed dont hasitate to ask ^^ or contact us directly at - Kontakt Form
    Best regards
  7. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Member Away   

    Will this be continued?...
  8. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Renewal of Content   

    You can find that out in the Client Area.
    Just logIn - Select your existing product - and - Hit the Checkmark for IP.Content
    Best regards
  9. Valvaris added a post in a topic: IP.Content - Facebook Timeline at Homepage - Block   

    Hello at all,
    I want to infom that we took the advice of - opentype - and was easy to integrate / edit.
    Thank you too - Pete T - for the Hook.
    Best regards
  10. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    Found a Bug on the Skin.
    The Second Color Option - Default is RED
    Ive changed that to BLUE and the effect is kind of funny:
    Internet Explorer = OK - Works
    Chrome = OK Works
    Firefox = Color Selection is still RED
    Cant find the error on the CSS - Is there a nother way to change the Color?
    Best regards
  11. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    Hi Tom,
    found the issue - Had old Imageset from Haze on the forum. Now everything works like a charm. Nice Skin btw great work
  12. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Haze by IPS Themes   

    Hi Tom,
    ive found your skin and have it for a while. Since the install this skin does not feel right... Ive done no edits to it and recached everything even rebuild the skinfiles.. No success.
    My Issue:
    - Topics look funny - Menu is out of place - and allot more...
    Ill try again this evening but im sure there is something wrong.
    Best regards
  13. Valvaris added a post in a topic: IP.Content - Facebook Timeline at Homepage - Block   

    Hi there,
    maybe for the new IP.Content... Need this desperatly... Im happy to support a dev. via paypal payment.
    Many thanks in advance
  14. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Banner Text Png Generator   

    Hello Devs. and Modders.,
    im in the search of someone that can create a hook with this type of functions in it:

    Its a Banner Picture Generator - I want to implement that for my member were they can choose from a set of Backgrounds and add there Nicks/Names to it via the Textarea.
    Important is the download feature after the image has been edite! :D
    Ill pay for that one and accept a resale from the Dev.
    Many thanks in advance
  15. Valvaris added a post in a topic: Sign in through   

    That would be great - we have SSL Certs on login and registration.
    Cant wait for someone to create something. :D
    Many thanks in advance