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  1. Christophe added a post in a topic: Regular Releases. Could you please start doing them again?   

    ​Terrible idea to do an upgrade during holidays with zero tech support
  2. Christophe added a post in a topic: About Me profile fields from "Previous Fields" and "Contact Methods "   

    ​yeah lets squash it

  3. Christophe added a post in a topic: No ability to manually add location map in gallery?   

    I don t see this as being a generic need for most people who run forums. I guess this is more a custom addition versus a default one
  4. Christophe added a post in a topic: Have you upgraded to 4.0? User Feedback?   

    You really shouldn t update until final version...unless you really enjoy living dangerously
  5. Christophe added a post in a topic: What would be the best way to show # rsvp'ed members outside forums?   

    Thanks for the detailed description.
    Here is what I don t understand. I come from PHP and I don t understand what you mean by put the block on a page.
    I suspect this only work for pages that are part of IPContent.
    What I need is to see that for event A, B, C or D there are 100, 250, 221 and 65 people who have rsvp'ed so I doubt this the the way to do this as I could not see during this procedure how to pass the even calendar id.
    I was thinking I could do this is 2 mins by just querying the database directly from a php page and get the # of people based on the ID I queried but apparently this does not work that easily.
    I very much appreciate the help but at this point I am willing to pay someone to just write a script as this is not as easy as I thought it would be
    In a php page OUTSIDE of ipb and ipcontent I need something as simple as this
    <?php $calid=[ipbcalendarid] <- variable passed on the page itself $rsvpnumber=[fetch # of rsvp for $calid in IPB database] echo $rsvpnumber; ?> So unless a block can pinpoint a calendar post ID# and pick it up from a php variable I don t know how to do this
    Let me know what I need
  6. Christophe added a post in a topic: Does IP content only work within the forums folder or does it work outside?   

    I am looking for example to be able to query the number of people who have RSVPed to a calendar event.
    I suspect you can do that with IP Content but I am not sure...can you and how easy is it?
    What I mean by outside is using a piece of php code outside of the forums, like in a php page outside of the forums folder somewhere else on your site
  7. Christophe added a post in a topic: What would be the best way to show # rsvp'ed members outside forums?   

    Not sure how to do this.
    I would like to show how many people rsvp'ed to an event in the calendar but outside of the forums.
    I am looking inside the database and can t figure out where the # of rsvps for a particluar event are stored
    Thanks in advance
    EDIT: I am looking at IP Content and there does not seem to be any manual or documentation. The only thing I can find are small things here and there. No real documentation on how to do your first block. I looked at the admin section IP.Content and I have no idea whatsoever how to create a block that would pull the number of people registered for an event.
    Any help is welcome...
    PS: where is the documentation and I mean real documentation not just code example that do not explain how to implement
    Thanks in advance
  8. Christophe added a post in a topic: Custom php script - show forum posts outside of IPB ($200)   

    Here is what I need
    On a page outside of IPB I need to pass the ID number of a post to a script I would put in a page
    The script would pull the posts and mini photo and dates of posts then show the post in that page as it looks when being seen on the forums
    Basically I need to show some threads outside of IPB on the same sever
    I don t need login management or to check if someone is registered. I also don t need a post function to reply to the topic...if someone then wants to post on that topic they would be redirected to the topic on the forum and then the forums would check for membership.
    I need this because on my site I want to show that there are discussion forums and show the discussions on each pages...we do events and I want to show on the events page the comments or posts people have made on the calendar or on the post... that way people know there is a community behind
    I just want to show the comments about a topic OR a calendar post on a page outside of IPB and I need to hire someone to do that
    PM me if you are interested in doing that
    I am sure that there are easier ways to do this including IPContent but I am a noob with IP content so if instead you are willing to do it with IP Content then let me know as well, as long as the result is the same I ll pay.
  9. Christophe added a post in a topic: Is it possible to backdate a post?   

    I need to manually import posts from Wordpress and a ton of custom pages about past events and would like to be able to edit the date of the post to be in the past.
    Is there a simple way to do this instead of having to go into mysql?
  10. Christophe added a post in a topic: WordPress Integration   

    With Wordpress I personally prefer to keep IPB and WP separate. IPB manages our members and the post and pages are managed by wordpress.
    With WP the only thing I need is a plugin/php script that requires a forum topic number and then posts the comments from that topic below a post or page if there are comments. You enter the forum topic number as a custom field in wordpress and the plugin/script inserts the comments it picks from IPB below the post.
    That way you do not have to manage users on two places or mirror them. It clearly separates wordpress from IPB. When someone wants to post a comment they are sent to the Forums. If anybody thinks they can write a script like that, pm me because I ll pay for that. I had people write scripts in the past but it could not mirror the look/style from the forums. I still wish there was a clean simple way to show comments from IPB in WP and I can t believe only big corporate accounts are able to get this done
  11. Christophe added a post in a topic: WordPress IPSConnect   

    One question before I give this a try:
    I don t want wordpress to have copies of the ipb users, I only want the comments to stories to be from the IPB threads meaning I do not want 200.000 users to be copied and synced to the WP database. Can I for example sync thread 1234 from IPB to appear as a post on WP and have the comments from IP then if people want to comment they are sent to the IPB login/register and NOT the WP one.
    please let me know
    thanks in advance
    Basically I only want the functionality of showing the comments from IPB under a post, even if I have to manually enter a IPB forum ID as a custom field on WP
  12. Christophe added a post in a topic: Option to require real names in registration   

    We ask our members to make their Username as Firstname Lastname
    Not sure how IPB could do this besides asking people to fill in two fileds for Name and Surname and then making the username a combinaison of the two.
    But being able to use names would indeed be great ESPECIALLY when people have the same names which is something that has always bothered me with message boards.
    Why can t John Smith with the password 123 be logged in account A and John Smith with the password 234 be logged in in the account B?
    Or more to the point how would one achieve this or why is it not possible to have same username and have different accounts?
    You would have a
    John Smith account 000001 and
    John Smith account 000002
  13. Christophe added a post in a topic: Training for IP Content   

    Personally I wish there were youtube training videos going through a project that anybody can replicate at home on their own server and learn how to use IP content.
    I too have been put off by having to learn IPContent
  14. Christophe added a post in a topic: PLEASE provide a change log   

    I use Araxis Merge (mac/pc) to find files differences then I only upload the changed ones to a copy of case that is what you are trying to find/do ie getting only the changed files
  15. Christophe added a post in a topic: Closure tables...need to hire help for a project   

    I have a personal project unrelated to IPB and need someone will experience in mysql closure tables and trees in general.
    I have a monthly budget you can stick to depending on your per hour
    Let me know if you are interested by PMing me
    Thanks in advance

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