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  1. Alan added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    IPS4 requirements checker checks for "suhosin.max_vars" which doesn't exist
    The ips4.php requirements checker checks for "suhosin.max_vars" which doesn't exist according to the Suhosin docs -
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  2. Alan added a post in a topic: IP.Board 3.4.7 and PHP 5.6?   

    Actually, one thing to note - there are no Ioncube or Zend Guard loaders for PHP 5.6 yet (the last time I checked) so you won't be able to use IP.Nexus on PHP 5.6.
  3. Alan added a post in a topic: IP.Board 3.4.7 and PHP 5.6?   

    There are no problems that we know of, I use IP.Board 3.4.7 and PHP 5.6.2 on my test sites and it all works fine :)
  4. Alan added a post in a topic: Google   

    You can add that description for your forum homepage in your Admin CP under System -> System Settings -> Search Engine Optimization. Put the text you'd like Google to use in the "Meta Description" setting on that page and then save it. It's important to note however that Google may not always use that text, it will use whatever text it finds on the page that best matches the users search query.
  5. Alan added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] Images in Posts not viewable   

    You'll need to enable the "Download" permission for Guests (and other groups) on that forum. You can do this in your Admin CP under Members -> Member Groups -> Manage Member Permissions. Edit the "Guest Forum Set" entry and check the "Download" box for each of your forums (or just the ones you want guests to be able to view attachments in) and then save it. You'll need to do the same for your other groups if they don't already have permission to download attachments.

    (I've also moved your topic over to the technical support forum)
  6. Alan added a post in a topic: [RESOLVED] FTP transfer type settings   

    For 99% of cases you'll want to have it set to "auto", which lets FileZilla decide the best option for each file. Images for example will get uploaded as "Binary" (they wouldn't work if uploaded as "Ascii") but PHP files will get uploaded as "Ascii", which is the correct option for them. The basic rule is that if it's a text file (PHP files are text) then it will need to be uploaded as "Ascii", and for other non-text files such as images or zip files, "Binary" is the best choice.

    For some add-on, such as the Zend-encoded version of IP.Nexus however, the PHP files are encoded in to a binary format so you need to upload them using the "Binary" option or they won't work. I'm not familiar with IbProCasino but I imagine that's also Zend-encoded which is why it needs to be uploaded as "Binary".

    So basically, have it set to "Auto" unless an add-ons installation instructions tell you otherwise :)
  7. Alan added a post in a topic: How to show Gallery Homepage to those without permission   

    Unfortunately not, they'll need some level of permission to view albums and images as those are checked when creating the homepage to ensure that it isn't showing images from private albums and categories. You could workaround this by creating a special category or album that can be viewed by guests and put a few sample images in there to entice them to register to view the full gallery.
  8. Alan added a post in a topic: Default group ID   

    As an alternative, you could rename your "Members" group to "New Members" or whatever you wanted it to be called, and then create a new "Members" group. That way you wouldn't have to edit the conf_global.php file but you would need to move the existing members from the "New Member" group to the new "Members" group (if needed).
  9. Alan added a post in a topic: Default group ID   

    Yep, you just need to change that 'member_group' setting in your conf_global.php file to the ID for your new group. Once done, members will be moved to that new group after they've confirmed their email address (if you have that option enabled) rather than the regular "Members" group. Changing that shouldn't cause any issues but if you notice any problems afterwards just submit a ticket in your client area and we can take a look.
  10. Alan added a post in a topic: Users can upload beyond the upload limit   

    The php.ini hard-limit of 2mb means that no member in any group should be able to upload a 10mb image. Are you certain that the images are 10mb? It's possible that your web browser is reporting the wrong size for some reason. If you could post the link to one of the posts with the 10mb images in it we can check that for you. Alternatively you can open a support ticket in your client area and post the link there if you'd prefer to keep it private.

    Also, double-check hat they are actually uploading the image as an attachment, and not just linking to an image that's hosted on another site using the img BBCode tag.
  11. Alan added a post in a topic: page blank after license renewal   

    You seem to be missing some IP.Board files for some reason. Did you try uploading the recent security patch after renewing your license? If so, it's possible that your FTP client deleted the existing folders or files, rather than merging and overwriting them which is why they are now missing. You can fix this by downloading a fresh copy of IP.Board from your client area on the "Downloads" tab and then re-uploading the files to your FTP, making sure that your FTP client overwrites any existing files.

    If you run in to any problems or if re-uploading doesn't fix it please submit a ticket to the "General Support" department in your client area and we can investigate further.
  12. Alan added a post in a topic: Custom user feild   

    Easiest way would probably be to add it to the "row_data" span tag, save having to edit the theme. For example:
    <span class='row_title'><b>{title}:</b></span></br> <span class='row_data' style="word-wrap: break-word;">{content}</span> Would display it as:

  13. Alan added a post in a topic: New User Permissions   

    You can disable the URL BBCode on a per-group basis in your Admin CP under Look & Feel -> Post Content -> BBCode Management. Edit the "URL" BBCode and use the "Which groups can use this BBCode" option to allow everyone except for your new members group (and guests / another other groups as needed).

    You do the same for images, just edit the "Image" BBCode and set the group permissions as needed. You can also prevent your new members group from uploading attachments to posts in your Admin CP under Members -> Member Groups -> Manage Member Groups. Edit your new members group and on the "Global" tab, set the "Global Upload Limit" setting to "-1" which will disable uploads for them.

    (I've also moved your topic over to the technical support sub-forum)
  14. Alan added a post in a topic: Gravatars Served over SSL?   

    IP.Board should be using HTTPS for Gravatars automatically if the forum itself is running over HTTPS without you needing to make any manual file edits. If that's not working correctly on your site I recommend reverting the file edit you made earlier to the photo.php file and then submitting a support ticket and we can investigate further.
  15. Alan added a post in a topic: Viglink not working, or at least I don't think so   

    Should also mention that the VigLink JS code is at the bottom of the "globalTemplate" template, so if your IP.Content pages aren't using the board wrapper the VigLink code won't be added automatically.

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