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  1. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: Pages: Promote to Article   

    we are on RC now and still no sign of this or an answer ...... will this be reinstated ? 
  2. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: Pages: Promote to Article   

    +1 ... the ability for users to submit articles and for one of our mods (editors) to promote it to an article is a cornerstone of our community ... 
  3. HighlanderICT added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Cannot login
    upgraded to Beta 4a today and installed Nexus (Commerce). Was attempting to reproduce some of the settings in my current site but although I could setup a product category folder I could not add any individual products nor could I setup departments for support etc as everything I tried ended in a white screen and refreshing or retrying it from scratch either didnt work or ended in the same result.
    Now when I try to login on front end it does not work, it goes back to login screen. There is no error displayed (eg wrong password) and I CAN login to the ACP . The login error is still present even if I disable the commerce app. The problem is present in both Beta 4a and 4b but in 4b the error displayed on the support page that was present in 4a (presumably because nothing was setup) is no longer there. 
    Not sure if it is my install or an actual bug. login and FTP info available on request.
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  4. HighlanderICT added a comment: [Beta 3a] Upgrading from Beta 3 to Beta 3a. Configuration errors show after upgrade   

    same error on pages 
    exception 'UnderflowException' with message 'lang_not_exists__content_record_noun_lower_no_number' in public_html/xxx/system/Lang/Lang.php:555 Stack trace: #0 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/sources/Theme/Theme.php(558) : eval()'d code(97): IPS\_Lang->get('content_record_...') #1 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/modules/front/database/category.php(321): IPS\Theme\class_cms_database_listing->categoryHeader(Object(IPS\cms\Categories1), '?? view() #3 /public_html/xxx/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(94): IPS\cms\modules\front\database\_category->manage() #4 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/sources/Databases/Dispatcher.php(264): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #5 /public_html/xxx/system/Theme/Theme.php(3438) : eval()'d code(7): IPS\cms\Databases\_Dispatcher->run() #6 [internal function]: IPS\Theme\content_pages_1() #7 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/sources/Pages/Page.php(843): call_user_func('IPS\Theme\conte...') #8 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(91): IPS\cms\Pages\_Page->getHtmlContent() #9 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(43): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->view() #10 /public_html/xxx/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(94): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->manage() #11 /public_html/xxx/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(33): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #12 /public_html/xxx/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(124): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->execute() #13 /public_html/xxx/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #14 {main} Error code: EX0  
  5. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: error upgrading to beta 3   

    not sure if this is relevant to all people with this problem but I also got the same error on upgrade (at the applications stage). After that I searched here and read this thread and a couple of others then noticed that pages (which I had also installed) had upgraded its beta. I downloaded that file and uploaded it via ftp to my dev site then tried again and it resolved the installation issue but now gives me a white page on the front end
    This seems to be the error in the log (repeated many times)
    [02-Dec-2014 20:05:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type IPS\Db\Select as array in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/xxxxx/system/Theme/Theme.php(558) : eval()'d code on line 1719  
    putting pages offline or uninstalling it has no effect
  6. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: (NB34) My Football   

    Won't argue the point about it not being big (check out some of the MLS attendance figures) but..... Fixtures = Schedule, and if ever mentioned, 'squad' would = roster.
  7. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: BBCode Custom Tables Professional   

    Any progress on this request? We purchased the mod in the hope spans would be added, (along with ip.content support) ... but nothing yet
  8. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: BBCode Custom Tables Professional   

    Would it be possible to add row and column spans ? This might work for us for a couple of specific things, but only if we can use spans.

    Also - we have issues using html table code within articles in ip.content when we promote from article. does this mod work in ip.content ?
  9. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: The New Gallery 5.0, Well Sort Of, Look-ie! :D   

    Reading this thread, it seems options are the key.

    For me, a rigid structure I can define to suit my site works best, for others, a social media structure where new stuff, tied to specific users that floats to the top and can be displayed as such seems to work.

    The option to choose slider(s) and to show certain info on sidebars also will vary from user to user

    Will be interested to see a beta once it gets to that stage as I know the current version just does not do it for me ..... The pics are fine, just getting to the right ones can be a challenge !!!
  10. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: The New Gallery 5.0, Well Sort Of, Look-ie! :D   

    Personally I would like the option of displaying the gallery in a hierarchical structure just like a forum ..... My gallery site is soccer related and the structure is related to game dates. Our top levels are years - 2012, 2011, 2010 etc with sub galleries within each parent category for each individual game in reverse chronological order. for me it is vital for that order to stay the same regardless of whether someone uploads to the latest album or to an older one.

    I have no issue with how an individual sub-gallery is displayed right now, but managing each one within ACP right now is a pain as it wants the order to be by last uploaded date and I have to rearrange order in ACP every time I add a new global album.

    Probably not explaining it well and no screenshots as I am using mobile app but tfcpics.com is the site if anyone wants to see what I am trying to achieve. 6 parent galleries, 150+ sub galleries, 9000+ images .....

    In this instance people expect to be able to find gallery by year/date, not just by latest upload.
  11. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: Download: Fusion Menu   

    got fed up waiting for the promised 3.3 working version. bought ProMenu, installed it and it works like a dream ....
  12. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: All IPB forums breaching EU law   

    I am in Canada, my site is hosted in USA, and my audience is global although the subject matter and therefore the majority of the userbase is from Scotland (a fans forum for a football team).

    I was unaware of the new law until recently and agree with most who have said that like many EU laws which seem to be formulated after a few bottles of Chablis, it is ill thought out and as silly as some of the most famous ones - like the curve degree on a banana which is a classic!!!

    However, it is the law, and even if it not likely to be enforced rigorously, or even at all in some countries, I am trying to pay it at least lip service.

    So here is what I have done, or what I am doing .....

    I looked at the official UK gov site for the law and it is as clear as mud! No real help. I then looked at some major UK sites like BBC for example to see what they did (extensive info on a cookie page but no popup or list), and finally I looked at a few smaller sites like local newspapers from the area in the UK that I am from (it had popup/banner announcement and list on a dedicated cookie page).

    As a result I will likely just add a cookie page like BBC and maybe add a field to registration to agree acceptance for UK/EU users.

    The info I have read has stated the gov will not come hunting sites and if they find a site in breach they will likely suggest how to be compliant and only flex muscle if you continue to ignore it after they have spoken to you.

    I do not expect IPB to list all cookies for me, it's not practical, and if they do this for UK/EU for this law where do they stop? A list of all potential USA federal or state issues with software compliance? Chinese laws? Laws from Australia/NZ ?

    For the cookie issue i can easily get a list by clearing existing ones and then revisiting site and seeing what is in there as I perform major actions on site.... It's just a case of listing them on a cookie page after that (or not, if I base my page in what the BBC have done).

    So what IS practical to ask from IPB (or the community at large) ?

    Firstly it would be good if there was an informal list of the current core cookie names and what they do ... This could be supplied by IPB or as part of a peer discussion like this. On first entering my site I note 'coppa', 'nextlast', and 'session_id' as session cookies and 'member_id', 'pass_hash', and 'rtestatus' as persistent cookies. I have not yet noted others as I believe much of the preferences and individual user preferences are taken from the stored profile referenced in the member_id cookie?

    Secondly, it would be good if IPB could add an extra but optional link that EU/UK sites could populate with info that would be placed at the bottom of the site next to the new privacy policy link and which could optionally be included in login/registration screens. Guidelines, Registration, and Privacy policy options are already in the ACP under community guidelines would it be hard to modify it so you had options to display link to each in footer/reg/login screens?

    That to Me would be the limit of what IPB could or should consider doing. Give us the tools to comply with local rules/laws etc, but leave the onus on us to use them !!
  13. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: IP.Calendar needs some work   

    A calendar event that doesnt require you to specify an end date would be another basic requirement.

    One of our sites has a separate (i.e. not the default) calendar for a soccer team and I want to enter player birthdays, fixtures, events etc.

    The default calendar handles it fine if the member enters their birthday in their profile but if you try to create the same kind of entry for a non-member, it asks for an end date (year). Not sure i want to add what seems to be equivalent to a date of birth and a date of death!!!!!

  14. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: List of sites / pages done using CCS   

    WOW !!! looks great !
  15. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: Gallery 4.2.0 - Browsing member's Gallery is a disaster   

    How about examples ..... and before anyone accuses me of spamming or promoting my site, please be sure I am not doing that ... its a perfect example I think of a complete gallery solution (that is hard to integrate) but works well against the IPB product which integrates easily but doesn't work well ... In this case a picture .... or a series of them, truly speaks a thousand words !!!

    look here for IPB Gallery (dev site): http://staging.tfcpi...x.php?/gallery/
    look here for a Coppermine version of the same (live site): http://www.tfcpics.c...llery/index.php

    The Coppermine gallery used to be integrated with the joomla portion of the site and we recently un-integrated it so we could convert the galleries and images to IP.Gallery and the Joomla portion to ip.content. Converting it over to IP.Gallery feels more like a disintegration (as in broken) of the gallery than a re-integration, especially as it converted what would be the equivalent of global albums to member albums and I cannot easily change them back (if at all), and because they are member albums instead of global, I cannot put them in a custom order that sticks, they will be sorted alphabetically or by date of last upload or any manner of other sorting, but not 'custom'. What is doubly frustrating is that the conversion process did it randomly (or so it seems) so the actual order in the various categories is all out of whack.

    Our gallery is dedicated to photos from football (soccer) matches, and these matches all take place on specific days. I dont want games from week01 suddenly moving above week20 because someone loaded up a picture .... If they were global albums, I could do that, but not to member albums. I either need to be able to do that custom order with member albums, or find a way to cleanly convert those member albums to global albums. I did submit a ticket, but it seems there is no definitive answer other than going in, rooting around in the gallery tables in MySQL and hoping for the best ...... With 9000 images in 200 albums, thats probably not gonna happen !!!!!

    I also support the other comments users have made about the mess of member albums ..... its a cluster**** of A1 proportions

    What seems really incredulous to me is that despite IPB making the best forum software out there, which is structured logically and allows the admins granular control over sometimes the most miniscule portions of the site, it is the Coppermine gallery which blows it away with simple things like logical control and display and most importantly .... making it as easy to navigate as a forum ....

    navigate both of the galleries linked to above (bearing in mind the Coppermine one has been somewhat crippled during our conversion) and tell me the IP.Gallery is an acceptable product ?

    My users are forum users .... they know how to navigate a forum, they are comfortable with navigating a forum, they know how to add topics to a forum, and how to add a post inside those topics ... surely the gallery should have the same logic for users AND the same level of granular control for admins via the ACP .....

    I would like to create a root album container (just like a forum [or a forum category]) ... in my case years from 2007 onwards. I would like to be able to order the whatever way I like. With current gallery, this is indeed possible.

    Inside that I would like a gallery for every game played that year (just like a forum topic) ... and inside each of those galleries (albums) I would like users to be able to upload images (just like a post in a forum topic). I can kinda get there right now, sort of, if I dont worry about certain things, but the lack of being able to lay it out logically and make it do some of the stuff I have highlighted above just makes t feel like an unloved and incomplete product .....

    --- frustrated from Toronto ---