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  1. HighlanderICT added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Cannot login
    upgraded to Beta 4a today and installed Nexus (Commerce). Was attempting to reproduce some of the settings in my current site but although I could setup a product category folder I could not add any individual products nor could I setup departments for support etc as everything I tried ended in a white screen and refreshing or retrying it from scratch either didnt work or ended in the same result.
    Now when I try to login on front end it does not work, it goes back to login screen. There is no error displayed (eg wrong password) and I CAN login to the ACP . The login error is still present even if I disable the commerce app. The problem is present in both Beta 4a and 4b but in 4b the error displayed on the support page that was present in 4a (presumably because nothing was setup) is no longer there. 
    Not sure if it is my install or an actual bug. login and FTP info available on request.
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  2. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: error upgrading to beta 3   

    not sure if this is relevant to all people with this problem but I also got the same error on upgrade (at the applications stage). After that I searched here and read this thread and a couple of others then noticed that pages (which I had also installed) had upgraded its beta. I downloaded that file and uploaded it via ftp to my dev site then tried again and it resolved the installation issue but now gives me a white page on the front end
    This seems to be the error in the log (repeated many times)
    [02-Dec-2014 20:05:05 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Cannot use object of type IPS\Db\Select as array in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/xxxxx/system/Theme/Theme.php(558) : eval()'d code on line 1719  
    putting pages offline or uninstalling it has no effect
  3. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: License Key Missing!   

    Happened to us last week and has happened again today. Prior to this we had never had this error and the key was in place for years.... Now twice in a week?
  4. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: (NB34) My Football   

    Won't argue the point about it not being big (check out some of the MLS attendance figures) but..... Fixtures = Schedule, and if ever mentioned, 'squad' would = roster.
  5. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: BBCode Custom Tables Professional   

    Any progress on this request? We purchased the mod in the hope spans would be added, (along with ip.content support) ... but nothing yet
  6. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: How to delete inactive users?   

    There is a plugin called manage inactive members. Sorry cant post link as on mobile, but it should do all you ask.
  7. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: Board seriously under attack by spammers   

    Average (legitimate) registrations is 2-3 per day. Over the last two days 150 spammers (all verified as such on sfs website) got past q&a, ips spam service, cloudflare and sfs plugin. All showing validating as we require user validation, but never had quite so many dodgy registrations in the whole 18 years our forum has been active !!!! Surprised that some combination of recaptcha, q&a, ips service, sfs, and cloud flare did not stop them!
  8. HighlanderICT added a post in a topic: BBCode Custom Tables Professional   

    Would it be possible to add row and column spans ? This might work for us for a couple of specific things, but only if we can use spans.

    Also - we have issues using html table code within articles in ip.content when we promote from article. does this mod work in ip.content ?