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  1. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: IPS4 Default Style   

    I think any default theme on IPB is meant to have enough character to appeal to the average person, but not over-stylized so that it deters easy editing, or websites that don't want all of the fluff. It's a nice happy medium.
    As a skinner, I think 4.0 looks good. Responsiveness is the biggest victory, here. 3.x was not responsive, and was a pain on mobile, whether you used the mobile skin or not. 4.0 fixes that. It doesn't look like much, but I can tell you to code the forum to be responsive likely gave Rikki the biggest headache ever. But seeing it in action is beautiful.
    I can't really comment on how good the skin is to modify yet, I'm still waiting on a final release to unleash judgment, but I do give credit to IPS for what they have done so far.
    Not 100% sure how in love I am with the skin as far as looks are concerned, but that's why there are skinners to design and make cool new things out of what IPS has given us as a starting point.
  2. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Revolt   

    I got your support ticket on Virteq and I've answered you on there.
  3. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Power   

    We'll be releasing a responsive version in IPS 4.0, but until then, IPB 3 uses a separate mobile skin, which we used to bundle with our premade skins, but found very few people actually use their forums on their phones too often. But you'll see responsive support in IPS 4.0.
  4. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Deviant   

    With all skins, there are 2 main files to import, the skin XML and the image XML. You had the skin XML imported, but never imported the image XML. I have done that for you. All of your images will appear now.
  5. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Deviant   

    I got the email for the login you made me, but you restricted my access to your ACP. I can't actually do anything except log in. I need admin access in order to fix your skin, which I can clearly see you never properly imported the images. That's why all of the default images are showing instead of the Deviant ones.
  6. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Deviant   

    Could you PM me an admin account login, as I will need to look through the code, and can't see the post anyway without an account.
  7. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Deviant   

    Hmm, odd, I think when Amged replied, he meant post on the Virteq support forums, not IPS. We wouldn't want to make you run around from site to site to post. But anyway, could you shoot me a link to a page on your forum where it's happening, so I can see it? I may need you to PM me an admin login so I can check the code, as well.
  8. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Deviant   

    Sorry, I was away on vacation. Did you post about this on the Virteq site as well, as I remember seeing something similar posted there as well.
  9. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Memory   

    Memory might not get the EXACT same look as it does now, but I do plan on using this style and concept for IPB 4.0, yes. Not sure if it will be a "spiritual successor" or go by the exact same name as Memory, but it will live on to IPB 4.0, but it won't be an "update" because you can't upgrade IPB 3 skins to work on IPB 4. It will have to be a new theme created. But I will have the look and feel of it live on in the future in some way.
  10. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Bulletin   

    No problem! I'm sure if you look at the CSS for the hook you installed, you can probably turn off a couple margins/padding that might put it back to proper size. Or some adjustments in one way or another. Tweaking the padding and margins will get it looking proper in some way. I wish I could tell you what exactly, but I don't know what hook you're using so it's hard to say for sure what edit would change it completely without seeing it.
  11. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Bulletin   

    Have you made any modifications to the skin (or installed a mod that made modifications to skins?) It looks like there is a gradient in the nav that is not part of my skin. So I'm not sure how that got there. And as you mentioned, there's weird gaps. That's not part of the skin, either. You can demo it on my company's forum http://virteq.com/index (choose it in the skin selector).

    It must be part of a mod or something you have installed that affects the secondary_navigation.
  12. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Power   

    Blog header fixed. Thanks for the heads up, Mister Blonde!
  13. DustinRyan added a post in a topic: Power   

    Thanks for pointing that out. We'll be releasing a fix for that today.
  14. DustinRyan added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Front-end Responsiveness Round-up   

    There is no greater feeling than seeing so much functionality maintained within a responsive website design that flows so well. Mmmm mmmm mmmm. So good.
  15. DustinRyan added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Embeddable content   

    This is great. I love when services like Twitter, Facebook, and others detect the type of content and display it accordingly (most of the time). It's like a glance view. It shows the important information so I know what I'm clicking through to, before I click it. Great job! These little details will really make a big difference.

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  1. DustinRyan

    All Virteq skins updated to support IPB 3.4.7

  2. DustinRyan

    Maintenance release for Metro 1.1.9, fixing bugs, more efficient! http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5368-metro/

  3. DustinRyan

    On vacation August 9-16

  4. DustinRyan

    Back from vacation.

    1. AndyF

      Welcome Back

  5. DustinRyan

    Away in Europe July 10-28

    1. AndyF

      Enjoy :) , Whereabouts are you heading ?

    2. DustinRyan

      Denmark, Sweden, UK, France, Switzerland, and Italy! You're in charge of Invision Modding while I'm away. I'll try to pop in periodically when I have WiFi.

    3. AndyF

      I'll do what I can.

  6. DustinRyan

    Will help people convert their databases to prepare for IPS 4.0 for a small fee.

  7. DustinRyan

    On vacation from April 8-23. Might have email access occasionally.

  8. DustinRyan

    (Custom) skins and mods: http://virteq.com

  9. DustinRyan

    Bahamas from March 7-11.

  10. DustinRyan

    Updated my display name.

  11. DustinRyan

    Away from December 25th to January 5th.

  12. DustinRyan

    Updated FP skins to support IPB 3.4.6

  13. DustinRyan

    Back from Hawaii.

  14. DustinRyan

    In Hawaii from July 10-29. May not be available during this time but will try to answer when possible.

  15. DustinRyan

    All of my skins have been updated to support IPB 3.4.5

  16. DustinRyan

    Released a bug fix update for Executive (2.3.3)

  17. DustinRyan

    All FP skins are updated for IPB 3.4.4

  18. DustinRyan

    Updated all of my skins for IPB 3.4.3

  19. DustinRyan

    Updated all of my skins for IPB 3.4.2

  20. DustinRyan

    Looking for knowledgeable IPB users who would like to write tutorials for InvisionModding.com

    1. ExcellentCoders

      How much you would pay? :)

    2. DustinRyan

      This is not a paying job. This is volunteering to help IPB users. Invision Modding is not a for-profit organization.

  21. DustinRyan

    Updated all of my skins to support IPB 3.3.4

  22. DustinRyan

    Updated all FP skins for IP.Nexus 1.5