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  1. AngelFire added a post in a topic: PHP Round function IPC template   

  2. AngelFire added a post in a topic: PHP Round function IPC template   

    Currently I'm at a stand still with my development. Im using this script here for currency conversion.
    I'm able to use this inside of a template
    <php> $amount = urlencode("{$record['field_44']}"); $from_Currency = urlencode("USD"); $to_Currency = urlencode("EUR"); $url = "hl=en&q=$amount$from_Currency%3D%3F$to_Currency"; $rawdata = file_get_contents("".$url); $data = explode('"', $rawdata); $data = explode(' ', $data['3']); $var1 = $data['0']; </php> $var1 It works fine, but I run into troubles with integers going beyond 2 decimal places. I have tested all of these on a raw php page and they work
    $amount = urlencode("100"); $from_Currency = urlencode("USD"); $to_Currency = urlencode("EUR"); $url = "hl=en&q=$amount$from_Currency%3D%3F$to_Currency"; $rawdata = file_get_contents("".$url); $data = explode('"', $rawdata); $data = explode(' ', $data['3']); $var1 = $data['0']; echo $var1; ?> <br /> 1<br /><? echo round($var1, 2); ?> <br /> 2<br /><? printf ("%6.2f",$var1); ?> <br /> 3<br /><? echo round($data['0'], 2); ?> <br /> 4<br /><? $a=$data['0']; echo round($a, 2); ?> <br /> 5<br /><? function mround($number, $precision=0) { $precision = ($precision == 0 ? 1 : $precision); $pow = pow(10, $precision); $ceil = ceil($number * $pow)/$pow; $floor = floor($number * $pow)/$pow; $pow = pow(10, $precision+1); $diffCeil = $pow*($ceil-$number); $diffFloor = $pow*($number-$floor)+($number < 0 ? -1 : 1); if($diffCeil >= $diffFloor) return $floor; else return $ceil; } echo mround($var1, 2); ?> <br /> 6<br /><? $number = $data['0']; // let's print the international format for the en_US locale setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'en_US'); echo money_format('%i', $number) . "n"; // USD 1,234.56 ?> <br /> <br /><? // Italian national format with 2 decimals` setlocale(LC_MONETARY, 'it_IT'); echo money_format('%.2n', $number) . "n"; I used <br /> to separate different working examples of the round function. When I try to use any of those inside of a template, I get errors
    Any ideas?
  3. AngelFire added a post in a topic: IP Quiz - Using PHP/MYSQL
  4. AngelFire added a post in a topic: Easy PHP External Site Integration   

    Great :D
  5. AngelFire added a post in a topic: PHP in page or block, difference?   

    error reporting helped, thank you :D
  6. AngelFire added a post in a topic: Easy PHP External Site Integration   

    How about just creating a demo account for users to try out. I would like to see but I'm not making an account to do so
  7. AngelFire added a post in a topic: PHP in page or block, difference?   

    So I have been using this tvrage api and it works wonderful for pulling information to the site. I copied an episode.php file onto a php page and it outputs fine, everything works.
    When I do the same in a php block it white pages and the site is no longer accessible.
    Is there a difference between pages and block when it comes to php?
    FYI I did not use any php tags
  8. AngelFire added a post in a topic: (Help please) Menu design problems   

    May I suggest promenu application!
  9. AngelFire added a post in a topic: Kickstart IPContent   

    Do this

    then create a page in ipcontent and make it your home page. There you can style it with databases, feeds, blocks and html/css
  10. AngelFire added a post in a topic: (PAID JOB) IP.Content Database Setups   

    PM Sent
  11. AngelFire added a post in a topic: (DP34) Referrals System   

    we want to add this
    && ipsRegistry::$request['app'] != 'referrals'
    to this
    that is what he meant. we know to add it to the line but were not quite skilled in this area so we dont know how to place it in!
  12. AngelFire added a post in a topic: Training for IP Content   

    Just by simply studying the code with no knowledge at all and searching the forums here for tid bits i have been able to do almost everything i wanted in content to if statements or valued statements with conditions and i think i have done swell after just a few months
  13. AngelFire added a post in a topic: Cant see post content on Mobile skin   

    Same problem when I went to 3.4.3 any ideas?
  14. AngelFire added a post in a topic: Modify filter in listing template   

    I would like to try and change the way the filter is used for the filterable fields I have set.
    For EX how it is now I have
    filter option 1:
    filter option 2:
    and when you click red and then blue you still see red.
    I would like to change it so when you click red then blue it only shows blue, not red and blue, but not changing filter option 2 unless done so manually and working the same as filter option 1 of course.
    does that make sense?
    I hate having to untick what I have previously filtered.
    Please help as I can't get it to do what I want.
  15. AngelFire added a post in a topic: removing the 3 letter username   

    I have a few members that want to use a 1 letter username, where can i find/change the check for this please.

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