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  1. Castile added a post in a topic: IP.Content Database with IP.Board fields?   

    I know that you can query for fields from IP.Board and query for fields from IP.Content, but is there a way to setup an IP.Content database to do the equivalent of Database Relationship between the IP.Board database and the IP.Content database?
    I am trying to integrate the features of IP.Content's database with my game server box. It would be good so that if I move a user into a forum group where they have a bunch of forum permissions, they get relatively the same thing on the game server because it queries my IP.Content database.
    I do not want someone to compromise the game server box and then have automatically full access to my web server mysql. The goal of this is that I grant access to a user to have access to one table only that they need.
  2. Castile added a post in a topic: Firstname | Username   

    I am trying to make people more familiar with each other for my forums. I want people to input their firstname during sign up along with their username so that it displays as Firstname | Username in postbits, user lists, etc.
    Is there a mod that exists or anything?
  3. Castile added a post in a topic: Multiple Domains for 1 Installation?   

    I am going to try it again, I think the last time I tried it acted the same way as a redirect.
    I will update this thread if it works.
  4. Castile added a post in a topic: Multiple Domains for 1 Installation?   

    To be clear, I am not asking whether or not I can install multiple forums per license. I am asking if is it possible to have multiple domains attached to 1 forum.
 . I also own the domain Is it possible (apart from a redirect), for to act the same way as Currently with a redirect, when the first page loads, the rest of the site will use
    Any assistance would be appreciated.