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  1. Otukka added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

  2. Otukka added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   

    I've run it several times without success.
  3. Otukka added a post in a topic: [IF] IPB Shoutbox   


    I tried to upgrade to 1.40 and everything seemed to go OK. There was no errors during upgrade. However, when I try to access ACP I get this:

    "A new version of an application has been detected but the upgrader has not ran yet.
    You must run the upgrader before you can access the Admin CP."
    And the upgrade starts again. So, I cannot access ACP at all.

    When I look at the db, it seems that the upgrade hasn't done anything. All versions are still 1.3.5 (Build 12). The old shoutbox is still working.

    How do I regain ACP access?
  4. Otukka added a post in a topic: (RC34) Testimonials System   

    Thanx. That fixed those 2 problems.

    Now there's problem seeing/accessing testimonies.

    The testimonies I made pre-latest update are not visible on the category.
    I see them only when I click statistics and I can also open them from there.

    Second bug is that I have a small badge in front of admin group users nick. That image is shown twice.
  5. Otukka added a post in a topic: (RC34) Testimonials System   

    Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 18:08:37 +0000 Error: 1054 - Unknown column 'c_latest_tes_title' in 'field list' IP Address: 212.xxx.xxx.xxx - /board/index.php?app=testimonials&module=testemunhos&section=moderate&do=tapprove&ID=1&cid=0&auth_key=02c8bd03c56b3ea23f277b4d711bbb25 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- mySQL query error: UPDATE ibf233_testemunhos_cats SET c_test=1,c_latest_tes_title='Basic',c_latest_mid=6980 WHERE c_id=0 .--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. | File | Function | Line No. | |----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------| | admin/applications_addon/other/testimonials/modules_public/testemunhos/moderate.php| [db_main_mysql].update | 330 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/applications_addon/other/testimonials/modules_public/testemunhos/moderate.php| [public_testimonials_testemunhos_moderate]._taprovarTestemunho | 75 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------' | admin/sources/base/ipsController.php | [public_testimonials_testemunhos_moderate].doExecute | 306 | '----------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+-------------------'------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Otukka added a post in a topic: (RC34) Testimonials System   

    I have this problem.
    When I approve a testimony, I get the 'There appears to be an error with the database.' error. The testimony however gets approved. If I select retry from the error page it says already approved. The Testimonials: There are x pending testimonials notification is not cleared. It stays on top of the page.
  7. Otukka added a comment on a file: (RC34) Testimonials System   

    Same thing for me.
  8. Otukka added a post in a topic: Download: [HQ] Awards (Free)   

    I upgraded to 2.2.4 from 2.2.3 and now I can't get into ACP. After login I get this:

    If I understood correctly, I must now run the awardsupgrade.php and then upgrade to latest version? What directories do I need to CHMOD, so it can do it's magic?
  9. Otukka added a post in a topic: Download: [3.2] Support Wizard   

    I'm getting this:

    /* INIT */ $to_print = ""; /* Load the library */ $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'wizard' ) . "/sources/library.php", 'wizard_library', 'wizard' ); $this->registry->setClass( 'wizLib', new $classToLoad( $this->registry ) ); /* Get our starting node */ $st = intval( $this->request['st'] ); /* Figure out our navigation */ $nodes = array( 0 => 'Start' ); if ( count( $this->registry->wizLib->getParentIDs( $st ) ) ) { foreach ( $this->registry->wizLib->getParentIDs( $st ) as $parent ) { $nodes[ $parent ] = $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $parent ]['title']; } } if ( $st ) { $nodes[ $st ] = $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $st ]['title']; } /* Print a message at the top */ $to_print .= << How does this work? This is our custom IP.Board support wizard. Using this you can choose what you're looking for, and it will direct you to the proper resources to help you accomplish what you need. Just choose one of the blocks in the main section of the page that applies to the area/type of support you need, and other options will pop up to guide you along. If you want to go back to an earlier step, just use the buttons right below this message. EOF; /* Print our navigation */ $to_print .= << EOF; $count = 0; foreach ( $nodes as $id => $title ) { $count++; $class = ($count == count($nodes)) ? "step active" : "step inactive"; $to_print .= << {$title} EOF; } /* Start the list */ $to_print .= << EOF; /* Print out a list of available nodes */ if ( count( $this->caches['wizard_nodes'][ $st ] ) ) { foreach ( $this->caches['wizard_nodes'][ $st ] as $node ) { if ( $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $node['id'] ]['url'] ) { $url = $this->registry->wizLib->nodesById[ $node['id'] ]['url']; $rel = "nofollow external"; $ext = << Go to this Page EOF; } else { $url = "{$this->settings['board_url']}/wizard/index.html?st={$node['id']}"; $rel = "nofollow"; $ext = ""; } $to_print .= << {$node['title']} {$node['description']} {$ext} EOF; } } /* End the list */ $to_print .= << EOF; /* Print */ print $to_print;

    Also there's an undefined-error when adding nodes. What could be wrong?