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  1. Brandon D added a post in a topic: IP.Blog attacking my mailbox   

    No kidding. My inbox was flooded this morning :-p 
    Took it as a sign that I should finally check out IPB/S4 
  2. Brandon D added a post in a topic: Surface Pro from a Developer's Perspective   

    Thanks for bringing up dual monitors. That was a point of concern for me as I had a 27" iMac with a 19" external monitor prior to the tablet. I've found that I haven't even compromised in this area due to the split screen functionality in Windows 8 in addition to the ability to quickly change between either duplicating the tablet or extending it (and choosing the primary screen) from the charms bar. I have yet to desire for a second monitor.
  3. Brandon D added a post in a topic: Surface Pro from a Developer's Perspective   

    I had been looking for a suitable tablet that I could perform all of my development tasks exclusively on at an equal or better than efficiency of a full fledged desktop. I'm entering my second week with my Surface Pro tablet and I believe I've found it. This is a bit of a review of it. Hopefully there are some like-minded developers here that would benefit or perhaps have a different tablet they use and could share with us.
    First off, the "Metro UI" or "Modern UI". This is the first interface you'll come across - it is much like the "home" screen where apps live. The Microsoft Store is rather small but is continuously growing (I think something like 500 apps/week the last I read). It already contains various useful apps and some from big players such as Netflix, Kindle, and Evernote. Where Microsoft lacks in its Store it more than makes up for in the "Desktop" app.
    The Desktop app is just like any other and resides as a tile in your Modern UI. From within Desktop you can install any Windows software package. I currently have all of my development related programs installed -- Sublime, WinSCP, PuTTY, JXplorer, Photoshop and others. I've installed Dropbox and sync'd my entirely development directory.
    What I like about the Desktop app and the Modern UI start screen is that I've set them up in a way where they feel like two independent areas. My Desktop app is purely work related where the Modern UI has a lot of consumption apps such as Netflix, news & RSS aggregators, or otherwise distracting apps. I even use the Windows 8 Mail app (which is amazing in itself) here to minimize distractions while I work.
    On the other hand, I can combine both experiences and use the split screen feature of Windows 8. For example, I can pin the Evernote Touch app to 1/4th of my screen and the Desktop app to the other portion so I can refer to meeting notes while working. Or like I've already done this morning: plan database table schema and refer to it while creating it.
    Performance in terms of speed and responsiveness is above my expectations. Because it runs a i5 processor with a SSD, speed is not an issue. It is more responsive than my work iMac (which I've already unplugged and pushed off to the side), and arguably feels faster than my personal PC with an i7 and 16GB of memory. I have the 128GB version and also have a 64GB micro SD card for extra storage which I haven't touched yet.
    In terms of my environment setup: at work I have a 27" monitor, wireless keyboard & mouse, and a charger. The tablet is hooked up to the monitor through the DisplayPort cable and I plug the IR receiver into the USB port on the tablet so I essentially have a full desktop environment. I have the same setup at home, so when I leave either place I simply have to grab my tablet.
    There are also a variety of other advantages and features I like, but a lot of them are Windows 8 and not necessarily the tablet so I won't touch on them here. Disadvantages include it is slightly heavy and runs a bit warm. Battery life isn't stellar, only mildly better than laptops. I knew that going in because it's powered by an i5 and has a rather large screen. It is not much of an issue for me as I have a charger at the two places I use it most, so it stays fully charged unless I'm somewhere else or at home consuming instead of working.
    Anyone else try to move their development to a tablet?
  4. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Links Directory 4.0 Final Released
    I'm happy to announce the release of Links Directory 4.0 final after a successful BETA.

    Links Directory, or previously IP.Links, is a tightly integrated IP.Board application that provides a community based web directory. Allow your members to submit websites for approval in your defined categories, mark websites as official affiliates, and comment on the various links in your directory. All the while still enjoying everything the IPB framework has to offer: searching links, view new content, tagging links, reporting links, "liking" links and more!

    Click here to access the file within the IPS Marketplace . You can find out more information about Links Directory here .
  5. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Links Directory 4.0.0 BETA Available
    Links Directory 4.0 BETA is now available for download in the IPS Marketplace . If you've already purchased a previous version of Links Directory you should have access to this download (and any future downloads) at no additional cost.

    Changes and additions in 4.0 include:

    [*]Ability to follow/like categories and individual links [*]Ability to report content using the built-in report center [*]Repeatedly load an additional page worth of links via AJAX [*]Ability to rate links using the star rating system used throughout IPB [*]Adds support for the new tagging system, including prefixes [*]Adds support for notifications such as comments on user links, new news, link approvals and rejections, and more [*]Ability to customize the actual link to the website: direct link (hits updated via AJAX) or an entirely cloaked link [*]Ability to set a category's default sort [*]Ability to mass change link owners using multi-mod [*]Top website bar when visiting a link has a fresh new look [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...aused-by-links/ [*]Bug fix: [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...hows-timestamp/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...-report-a-link/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...-many-redirect/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...nned-translate/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...-vnc-incorrect/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...ting-translate/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...t-seem-to-work/ [*]Bug fix: http://tellme.brando...e-images-error/

  6. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Links Directory for IP.Board 3.2 released!
    I am excited to announce that the long awaited update for Links Directory is now available in the IPS Marketplace. Links Directory, or previously IP.Links, is a tightly integrated IP.Board application that provides a community based web directory. Allow your members to submit websites for approval in your defined categories, mark websites as official affiliates, and comment on the various links in your directory!

    Click here to access the file within the IPS Marketplace . You can find out more information about Links Directory here .
  7. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    IP.Links 3.2.2 for IP.Board 3.1 Available
    IP.Links 3.2.2 is available for download. This is a compatibility release for IP.Board 3.1 and has been tested with the latest build of BETA 2. This release requires IP.Board 3.1, do not attempt to upgrade or install this on an IP.Board 3.0.x install. If you are wanting to upgrade or install IP.Links on an IP.Board 3.0.x install, please use IP.Links 3.2.1. We do not foresee any additional changes needed for IPB 3.1, but as it is still in BETA we will continually test and address issues that pop up until IP.Board 3.1 is final.

    IP.Links 3.2.2 is a pure bug fix and compatibility release for IP.Board 3.1. It fixes several issues caused by changes in IP.Board 3.1 including search, member profile tabs, report center, and more. You will find IP.Links has been upgraded in order to remain fully compatible with IP.Board's site-wide search, including integration with advanced search, view new content, view user content, and view active content. Additionally, IP.Links 3.2.2 contains a handful of bug fixes from IP.Links 3.2.1.

    For more information about IP.Links 3.2.2, please see this topic or you can download it here .
  8. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Converge Module Status Update
    Please see this post regarding the revival of the IP.Converge Modules project, including news on the new Drupal module.
  9. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Community Development Update 12/21/2009
    Following our recent announcement that IP.Links is being taken up by the Community Developers team , we have another exciting development we have decided we would like to share with you today. Nime has joined the Community Developers team as of today and will be working on a PostgreSQL driver for IP.Board. He already has two working demo installations and is hard at work to get the package ready for public beta testing.

    PostgreSQL is a popular open source database system supported by many web hosts, very much like MySQL. Every database system is different, however, and where MySQL lacks in some areas (such as table-level locking when using MyISAM storage engine), PostgreSQL excels. Many users have expressed interest in using a PostgreSQL driver, which is why the Community Developers team is taking up the task now.

    To address some questions we expect to see right from the start:

    Do I have to use this driver?
    No, not at all. It will be available for use in parallel to the drivers officially produced and supported by IPS (MySQL and MSSQL).
    Will IPS support this driver?
    While IPS will not support the driver itself, or any SQL errors that cannot be reproduced on a MySQL or MSSQL installation, support requests unrelated to the driver will still be honored.
    When will it be available?
    Right now we are hoping to have a public beta release at the beginning of the new year. Nime has done a tremendous job getting the driver to where it is at already. He's got a few areas to fix up, and of course the holiday season throws everyone's schedule off slightly, so we're hoping to see a beta release the first or second week in January at this point.
    Can I convert from MySQL to PostgreSQL?
    We have not determined the best course for conversion just yet. New installs will work fine with the beta release. Those already using MySQL and wishing to convert to PostgreSQL will have to give us some time to determine the best and cleanest way to actually perform such a conversion.

    In the mean time, we look forward to hearing any questions or feedback you may have. Additionally, let's all welcome Nime aboard the Community Developers team!
  10. Brandon D added a blog entry in IPS Marketplace Blog   

    Introducing Community Project IP.Links
    The community developers have decided to pick up Links System 3.1 as our newest community project, IP.Links. Links System 3.1 is an IP.Board 3 compatibility release written by Brandon D, based off of the popular IP.Board 2.x component written by Brandon Farber. We considered bringing on Links System as an official community project back when 3.1 was released, but thought it would be best to attend to some of our other commitments first. Now, as development starts on IP.Links 3.2, the community developers team has decided to adopt Links System as our newest project. IP.Links 3.2 will be built off the same code as Links System 3.1 and will include numerous new features such as:

    [*]Reputation for Links and Comments [*]Friendly URLs [*]Links tab on member profiles [*]Email Notifactions for submitted links, link approvals and rejections [*]Enhancement of Affiliates management [*]A website bar for when one of your users visits one of your links (think StumbleUpon) [*]Watch Content for Categories and Links [*]Numerous other enhancements

    You can download the latest stable version, IP.Links 3.1.1, here . A new Tracker project has been created here , along with a new forum where you can receive support from the community developers and post any feedback or suggestions you have. We have taken up support for Links System 3.1 (now IP.Links 3.1), so any posts or bugs should be reported to the forum and tracker project linked above.


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