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  1. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Remove error code for users   

    When they have an issue that you can't duplicate, that error code tells YOU where to look for the problem.  
    Sure your member doesn't care what it is, but you do when you are trying to help them.  And if you ever have to submit a ticket, the first thing IPS is going to ask you for is the error code the member is receiving.
  2. Aiwa added an answer to a question: Do IPS staff have telecommute problems   

    From someone that used to be on staff, what Matt says is quite true.  All staff members are self motivated.  They know what they need to do and enjoy doing it!  
    The IPS Staff team is truly a great team and IPS is a great company to work for.
  3. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Apple App Store BBCode   

    I am not able to reproduce this issue.  With the skin template present in the mobile skin, everything works correctly. 
    Try clearing your post cache and BBCode caches and see if that resolves the issue for you.
  4. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Force Password Reset   

    Sounds like there's an issue with a specific member.  Are you using PHP Mail or SMTP?  Do you have any e-mail error logs?
    Are there any errors logged at the server level?
  5. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Force Password Reset   

    No, it does not include a CLI script.  
    What error did you run into?
  6. Aiwa added a post in a topic: What type of computer is your daily driver?   

    I say 27+ because I have (3) 24" monitors side by side all driven from my Mac.  
  7. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Battlefield 4 Battlelog Profile Integration   

    That's something I'm looking at adding into my Steam Integration in a v4 upgrade.
  8. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   

    I'll keep those in mind. 
    You'd be surprised how many people want links to open in a new window / tab rather than in their current tab.  They want users to satay on their site rather than be redirected to an external site and have to hit 'back' to get back.
  9. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   

    ​I tried to mimic the colors that steam users in your friends list.  I didn't want to make it too IN YOUR FACE, so I thought a small border was good... In the users hover card, it will also show the same colors for their online status.
  10. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   

    That blue strip is their online status... They are away / not playing a game. 
    If they are online, and in a game, that turns green...  You can remove it from the template if you don't want to see it.  
  11. Aiwa added a comment on a file: Battlefield 4 Battlelog Profile Integration
  12. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   

    ​Quite a lot... Mine caches the data locally via a system task and can display it anywhere on your community with minimal performance impact.  Feerix's version calls the Steam Web API on page load, which in my testing results in a 1-5 second delay in page load times PER API call  
    Mine also displays the users steam data under their avatar on the post page as well as a forum index block and their online status in their user hover card.  But as noted earlier, the data can be output anywhere... You can even create your own page in IP.Content and query the data from your database for display.
  13. Aiwa added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​Historically, they've not done this.  This is the same as asking IPS to port all bug fixes to previous versions.  If you submit a ticket about a bug in 3.4.5, that was fixed in 3.4.7, the solution is to upgrade and get the fix.  The same is true for security patches, which are just like bugs only IPS releases patches for the latest version for each major branch.  
    Not trying to nullify your suggestion, but the best place for it would be in the company feedback forum, not as a comment to a blog post.  
  14. Aiwa added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​They've already said patches are built for the latest version in the branch.  If you're not running the latest version, 3.4.7, IPS recommends upgrading to that latest version.  Should there be any unforseen side effects running the patch on an earlier 3.4.x versions, the solution is to upgrade.  IPS isn't going to build a patch for each and every minor point version.
  15. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Yea not happy   

    ​And that is a perfectly acceptable reason.  A major upgrade, like to IPS4, that requires 3rd party mods / themes to be rewritten is something that requires an investment from businesses to perform.  It's certainly something you need to plan rather than like some who use default everything that can quickly adopt. 
    Only you can decide when your community is ready for the upgrade.  

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    You know you're a workaholic when your boss kicks you out of the building when he catches you wearing the same outfit from yesterday and you are mysteriously the first person in the office.

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      After reading this I'm starting to feel guilty now everytime I send a ticket to the support team... :(

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    I wish I had the power to fire people... The shear incompetance of some people that don't know what they don't know and think they know. A smart person knows what they don't know.

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      I know I've done that here a time or two... Though I usually state it's an educated guess if that be the case... So I'm not entirely innocent...

      At this point I've all but given in to rewriting this entire 50 page test procedure from scratch... And I've only read through page 1!!!!

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