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  1. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Constant attack bot user   

            Stop the Spam: Guide to stopping spammers       
  2. Aiwa added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​Historically, they've not done this.  This is the same as asking IPS to port all bug fixes to previous versions.  If you submit a ticket about a bug in 3.4.5, that was fixed in 3.4.7, the solution is to upgrade and get the fix.  The same is true for security patches, which are just like bugs only IPS releases patches for the latest version for each major branch.  
    Not trying to nullify your suggestion, but the best place for it would be in the company feedback forum, not as a comment to a blog post.  
  3. Aiwa added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update   

    ​They've already said patches are built for the latest version in the branch.  If you're not running the latest version, 3.4.7, IPS recommends upgrading to that latest version.  Should there be any unforseen side effects running the patch on an earlier 3.4.x versions, the solution is to upgrade.  IPS isn't going to build a patch for each and every minor point version.
  4. Aiwa added a post in a topic: How to access T&C file?   

    It's set per Downloads category within the ACP > Other Apps > Downloads > Categories > edit a category.
  5. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Sudden Influx of Bogus Registrations   

    <img src="" height='20px' width='20px'/> Who Am I ? The Q & A accepts raw HTML... Just supply a valid link to an image on your server and you're good to go.  In this case, it's a picture of....

    Just make sure you do yourself a favor and do NOT name the file what the answer is supposed to be... i.e. mario.png would be a dead give away as to what the answer is.
  6. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Sudden Influx of Bogus Registrations   

    If you have multiple questions, only one will be delivered to registering users... So the only way to test what you've done is to remove all of your questions and place ONLY your personal one... 
    If the users are registering via FB, Twitter, or the 3rd party Google login, they would bypass this registration form... 
    When ANY question on your Q & A has been breached, they all must be changed... Spam companies keep databases of questions and their appropriate answers, so if a question has been found out, it needs changed... You should consider the user of images in your Q & A... See for an example.
  7. Aiwa added a post in a topic: 404 Not found   

    Submit a ticket. A tech will need to get on your server / site and see what might be amiss. 
  8. Aiwa added a post in a topic: 404 Not found   

    You probably put the .htaccess in wrong. Is the file named .htaccess? "DOT htaccess" nothing before or after. 
  9. Aiwa added a post in a topic: 404 Not found   

    What's your board URL?
    Is IP.Content the default application?
  10. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Yea not happy   

    ​And that is a perfectly acceptable reason.  A major upgrade, like to IPS4, that requires 3rd party mods / themes to be rewritten is something that requires an investment from businesses to perform.  It's certainly something you need to plan rather than like some who use default everything that can quickly adopt. 
    Only you can decide when your community is ready for the upgrade.  
  11. Aiwa added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Topic causing iOS to crash I had attempted to reply to this topic from my phone last night.  When clicking in the editor, the editor didn't appear, only the upload area loaded... Upon refresh, so I could get the editor, safari 'had a problem' and my phone rebooted... Now, every time I visit this topic from my phone it is causing iOS 8.1.2 to crash... I've visited this page from my phone a handful of times last night after this and EVERY time I visit from my phone, Safari 'has a problem and reloads the page', and on reload my phone reboots.  I let it sit over night and tried again this morning... Below are the results of that...
    I visited the topic on my phone around 8:05 this morning, phone crashed and rebooted.  Visited the topic in my desktop browser, Chrome, at 8:07... No issue... Visited the topic again from my phone at 8:13, it no longer crashes... 
    As the problems were occurring on the phone, I have no diagnostic information... The above is the best I can describe this particular issue... Not sure if it's something you'll be able to duplicate easily or not.
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  12. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Suggestion IP.Nexus: Add support for set expiry date on subscription.   

    The upgrade to IPS4 broke a lot of posts.  
    It's my Nexus No Renewals mod in the MP. 
  13. Aiwa added a post in a topic: A configuration or server error has occurred   

          IPS4 Bug Tracker     
  14. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Security Update!   

    Logging in as admin? 
    Sounds like a server cache is being delivered to the users.
  15. Aiwa added a post in a topic: No Shipping Options Available   

    If that's the case, I recommend submitting a ticket so a tech can take a look.

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