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  1. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Security Update!   

    Logging in as admin? 
    Sounds like a server cache is being delivered to the users.
  2. Aiwa added a post in a topic: No Shipping Options Available   

    If that's the case, I recommend submitting a ticket so a tech can take a look.
  3. Aiwa added a post in a topic: No Shipping Options Available   

    The shipping options available to the user will be based on their billing address.  If their billing address isn't one of the countries that's available for international shipping, they won't see the option. 
    Nexus only shows shipping methods that are available for the users location specified in their billing address. 
  4. Aiwa added a post in a topic: IF conditional based on URL or page?   

    $this->registry->ccsFunction->getPageName(); $this->registry->ccsfunction->getFolder(); Do the same / similar < if > you have above...
  5. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Steam Profile Integration   

    Will note that down for 4.0.
  6. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Issue Minimum search word length in Forums   

    I thought you said your site was IPS hosted?

    It's mainly an impact when searching. If you've got the only install on the server, you likely won't see any impact, or the benefit outweighs the additional resource usage... But if there are dozens of installs on the server, there may be a significant impact. Searchs will now search for words like 'and', 'the', 'who', etc. words that are likely in any / every post on your board, so the return of a search query may have hundreds more posts / topics.
  7. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Issue Minimum search word length in Forums   

    No, that's a server configured limit.

    You can try submitting a ticket to Hosting Support, but I don't think they'll edit that as its server wide.
  8. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Issue Minimum search word length in Forums   

    ACP > Support > SQL Toolbox > SQL System Vars.  What's the value for 'ft_min_word_len' ?  
    The minimum search length is configurable in IP.Board, but the server lower limit overrides that if it's higher.  
  9. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Lang files, where to edit currency?   

    You'd have to look just above that to see what values are built for your use.
  10. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Lang files, where to edit currency?   

    Sure, you can re-arrange the data how you like... It would be overwritten on upgrade, though... 
  11. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Time to aprove file submissions on marketplace?   

    They will be checked this evening.  
    Thank you for your patience.
  12. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Lang files, where to edit currency?   

    Found it...
    It's hard coded in ipb.js... roughly line 1639.
    date = _date['date'] + ' ' + _date['monthName'] + ' ' + _date['year'] + ' - ' + _date['hour'] + ':' + _date['min'] + _ampm;
  13. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Hosting - Server removal   

    You don't want to remove them manually... That's a bad idea...
    A blank page typically means a PHP error... Find the error in your logs and that should lead you in the direction of how to fix this.
  14. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Multiple Likes & Dislikes & Neutral Choices   

    Contact Saiga , see if he's still offering it for sale.
  15. Aiwa added a post in a topic: Templates on visual editor created themes.   

    They don't upgrade you automatically. You have to ask. As upgrades CAN be disruptive to your community.

    There are bug fixes included as well. It's not just the security patches.

    They will upgrade you.

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    You know you're a workaholic when your boss kicks you out of the building when he catches you wearing the same outfit from yesterday and you are mysteriously the first person in the office.

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      You know it when the boss buys you a robe because you forgot to get dressed.

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      After reading this I'm starting to feel guilty now everytime I send a ticket to the support team... :(

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    I wish I had the power to fire people... The shear incompetance of some people that don't know what they don't know and think they know. A smart person knows what they don't know.

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      I know I've done that here a time or two... Though I usually state it's an educated guess if that be the case... So I'm not entirely innocent...

      At this point I've all but given in to rewriting this entire 50 page test procedure from scratch... And I've only read through page 1!!!!

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