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  1. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a comment: IPS Error - Messenger Stats   

    after all ya help i found out that is was a problem with IE8 and FF so i removed em and reinstalled all is fine now
  2. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a comment: autocom=app&do=   

    if you want to reproduce get ibpro casino all games are coded with index.php?autocom=casino&do=savescore now if the game calls for that link it doesnt do nothing just takes you to the app itself not to the extra do= it simple just stops there but if the link was index.php?act=casino&do=savescore it would do it without any problem if you get what i mean

    autocom=casino&do=savescore <- Dont Work

    act=casino&do=savescore <- Works

    now before you say i have placed the $reset for the application but that has no effect on it all it does is resets it the the main app or module set but if i add a do= after &module=whatever it does'nt do nothing
  3. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a record in IP.Board   

    i have noticed when a request for an autocom is set it works fine for the initial application but when it comes to converting a full request such as index.php?autocom=app&module=section&do=open&id=1 it simply does nothing it takes you to the module but simple does nothing there after is this a problem the redirect as iv set it to reset all sections of the link but still nothing
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  4. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a comment: IPS Error - Messenger Stats   

    here is a screenshot of what i am going on about

  5. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a record in IP.Board   

    IPS Error - Messenger Stats
    recently i have noticed an error in the private messaging section of the IPS forum on the left side panel where user stats are usually placed it is blank and but my own stat card it shows my avatar which is [b]3px X 99px[/b] when it is actually [b]100px X 99px[/b] now i know this isnt a problem with my browsers because i have the latest versions of IE & FF i have also tried it on my PC and the same problem so i just thought i would report this to make you aware of the problem

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section was unsore wether it was a skinning or coding error if screenshot is required i will gladly post later in the ticket
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  6. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a comment: Hook Inserts   

    yeah like when you hit return in DEV mode when adding insert elements it adds for the return
  7. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a comment: Hook Inserts   

    also i have tested this in 3.0.3 and you get the same result
  8. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a record in IP.Board   

    Hook Inserts
    right now i have been messing around with hook function and come across a few errors

    1. <hookextras_database_insert> <--- With the correct formating of instert statement still doesnt insert
    2. <hookextras_database_update> <--- Under DEV MODE if you export an hook after adding an insert it falls under this tag
    3. the insert / update statements i have only been able to run under DEV MODE any other time and it doesnt recognise them
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  9. (MPFF) Website Solutions added a comment: BB Code   

    Until The Full Version Comes Out I Dont Really Want To Be Messing About So Here Is A Quick Fix For Every One Until The New Version Comes Out

    Run The Following In ACP - Support - SQL Toolbox

    UPDATE custom_bbcode SET bbcode_replace = '<i class="em.bbc">{content}</i>' WHERE bbcode_id = '13';


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