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  1. QueeenZ added a post in a topic: For how long does my license last?   

    Thank you so much for clarifying this. That answers my question about the license.
  2. QueeenZ added a post in a topic: For how long does my license last?   

    Hey guys, since VB is going down after Kier and 2 other main developers left who really were the brain of the whole project. IPB is my choice.
    So i wanted to ask, If i buy IP.Board for $149, it doesn't mean that i will have to upgrade to get all upgrades and bug fixes every 6 months, right? Once i buy it, it will never expire, right? I'm asking this because it said "$25 will due to July 2010" which was a little bit confusing.

  3. QueeenZ added a post in a topic: Windows 7 - Any good?   

    I like it to be honest, even I'm kind of a Linux fan these days, I find Windows 7 pretty stable and solid. Except that it's kind of expensive, it's really good.
  4. QueeenZ added a post in a topic: Game recommendations   

    I would recommend GTA SA. I think it's the best of GTA series even GTA IV doesn't stand a chance. I miss country and all freedom... There are better physics in IV but it's not worth it ihmo..
  5. QueeenZ added a comment on a gallery image: Nature   


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    what's REM? =)

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    aww.. too bad.. i don't have the money for this either.. :( I'm wondering how the exam looks like.. what questions/tests are there.. any examples..?

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    No it is not free and you can not take it online.

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    hmm... is this exam free..? And can i take it online..?

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    Have a great summer CEO! :) It's warming up here.. :)

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    There is an official Zend (the company behind PHP) certification scheme

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    May i know where did you get this php Certificate..? I was hoping i could get one as well :)

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    Hi Rikki, wondering what's wrong with http://www.ibskins.com/ ... all i see is just one image when the page loads..

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    Wow, i see your certificate.. just wondering how hard it is to get one... :D

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    I'm fine, thank you for asking. Just been a little busier than usual is all. After Mid August, things will settle down some for me. How are you? :-)

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    Hi Sunlite! :) How you been doing.. haven't seen you for a while..

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