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  1. pmflav added a post in a topic: [IPBLounge] Applications System   

    The biggest thing I need with this application, and I know it's been mentioned before is support for secondary groups. I need to ability for a member to be able to apply for multiple groups, especially as a gaming community, and with members being only able to apply for a primary group, this is not possible.


    Member applies for:
    Bf3 group, then also applies for Gw2 group.
  2. pmflav added a post in a topic: Problem with IPBoard WYSIWYG Editor and Chrome   

    I would just like to see a true wysiwyg editor for IP. This software has so much more potential to make it more useable especially for IP.Content. Saying if wordpress can do why can't IPS is absolutely fair, whether you like it or not, it is all about comparing software.