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  1. AlfonsoAS added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [RC3] Error EX1048 when creating a custom profile field
    When I create a custom profile field (text type), this error message appears:
    "EX1048 Something went wrong. Please try again."
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  2. AlfonsoAS added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    [Beta 5a] Error EX1064 after creating database
    After a fresh install of IPS4 Beta 5a, I created a database (without categories) on a new page. It was created without errors but when I access the page that contains the database, this error message appears:

    Before creating this database, the only things I did were:
    - Add the .htaccess file to rewrite urls
    - Set spanish as the default language and english as an additional language.
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  3. AlfonsoAS added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    It happens the same to me. I think it shows the gravatar that corresponds with the user's email, and if not the default avatar image. I would prefer if it was the forum avatar thumbnail instead of the gravatar.

    I have another question, is there a way of changing the order of the blocks in the portal page? For example, I want to have the most recent links at the top and the links with most hits at the buttom. I searched in the settings but I couldn't find the option.
  4. AlfonsoAS added a post in a topic: Links Directory   

    I reverted as you said the linkrow skin (I don't know why it was modified) and I upgraded from 4.0.5 to 4.0.6 and everything was solved.

    Thank you for your quick and fantastic support Marcher! :smile:
  5. AlfonsoAS added a post in a topic: Links Directory   


    I have an error with the search in the links section since I updated to the last version (a week ago more or less) and another small error with the secondary navigation. I explain more details below:

    The search of the word, for example "discoteca", gives 3 results which are ok. The problem is with the link. When I click on any result it takes me to the home page instead of taking me to the link page.

    Another problem occurs when the keyword is in the title of the link, it shows a strange code:

    Finally there is another minor problem related to the words at the top of the category pages. Instead of ending in the name of the category, it ends on the name of a random link: