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  1. zooforum added a post in a topic: Add Report Center to Search Form   

    After over 4 years running the site with over 18,000 Members and 150,000 Posts, it would help us greatly to have the Report Center added to the Advanced Search Form . Maybe something like, this?

    We now have just over 800 Reports archived in the Report Center along with countless replies added to each by the Add Comment tab to go through. Having the ability to use the Search Form would be a very big help and a much needed tool to add to IP Board for our Staff here.

    Thank You!
  2. zooforum added a comment: All Images Posts as Thumbnails ~ GIF Animated Images not "Animated" in posts   

    I've not seen any updates on this bug since I reported this on October 12, 2010 after upgrading to v.3.1.3 of IP Board.

    In v3.1.2: Attachments that were under the [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [width & height][/b] were posted as images and anything greater than the defined maximum width/height settings are displayed as thumbnails.

    In v3.1.3: All attachments are posted as Thumbnails even when the attachments are within the defined maximum width/height settings set in [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [width & height][/b].

    In v3.1.4: It appears the bug has not been fixed after installing the upgrade from v.3.1.3 to v3.1.4.

    My Forum is big on Image attachments, including Animated GIF and this bug has been a big issue for everyone using the Forum. I have my [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [width & height][/b] set at 600x600 just to be sure all the larger Animated GIF attachemnts Members posts will be displayed "animated" as they worked in the past. Yes, clicking on the attchment will download and display the image animated, but as eithera pop-up or in a separate window and not as part of the post displayed the way as intended by the Member...it's even worse when there are several animated GIF files added to a post to be displayed "animated" together at the same time.

    I really, REALLY need this issue resolved....Thank You Very Nice!
  3. zooforum added a comment: Friend approval is broken   

    Noticed this "bug" this morning, but see it has been reported already. I'll just add what I forund....

    Got a PM with the title [b][usermane] sent you a friend request[/b] and the text...


    [username] wants to be your friend!

    This message has been sent because [username] has added you to their friends
    list. As you've chosen to approve all friend requests, you will need to visit your
    friends list and approve them.

    Log in and then manage your friends: http://zoo...ist&tab=pending[/quote]

    clicked on that link and then got back this....


    [quote]No friends awaiting approval [/quote]

    I could not "approve" the Friends request and when I checked [username] Profile, my name was not in their Friends list.

    I have v3.1.3 and did not notice this issue in v3.1.2
  4. zooforum added a comment: All Images Posts as Thumbnails ~ GIF Animated Images not "Animated" in posts   

    If this helps any, a similar problem came up in v3.0.5 with image attachments and thumbnail images in posts...


    ...in that one images under the max size were posted as thumbnails as well but with the additional "bug" of having all thumbnails shown at the max image size; if the [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [width][/b] and [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [height][/b] were set to 100x100 and you posted a image that is 50x50, it should be in the reply as a full image, but instead it was posted as a thumbnail with the image expanded to 100x100....made for a very "blurry" image attachment in a post.

    A download of a patch was made available to fix that one.
  5. zooforum added a comment: All Images Posts as Thumbnails ~ GIF Animated Images not "Animated" in posts   

    I get identical results both on my Forum setup and when testing this in your [b]Invision Power Services> Community General Discussion> Test Posting Messages[/b] Forum area....

  6. zooforum added a record in IP.Board   

    All Images Posts as Thumbnails ~ GIF Animated Images not "Animated" in posts
    When users posted Animated GIF images and they were inside the [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [width][/b] and [b]Attachment Image Thumbnail Size [height][/b] as defined in the [b]ACP > Tools & Settings > System Settings > Forums > Topics, Posts and Polls[/b] they would be posted as "Animated" and not thumbnails.

    I just noticed today that since the upgrade from v3.0.5 to 3.1.2 Animated GIF's no longer post as "Animated" on my Forum. I'll post two Animated GIF files that were posted on my forum with v3.0.5 that are animated but now posts as thumbnails with v3.1.2...I have my Thumbnail limit size set to 600x600 BTW...

    This is a Test Animated GIF......


    Frog - 72x90


    Arnold 450x247

    I'll also post several different size .jpeg images to this post that now all show as thumbnails even thought all but the first are inside the image limit of 600x600 on my Forum.....











    ....it seems no matter how small the image file size is, they all get posted as thumbnails here as well. I don't know what your limit size on thumbnails for this Forum, but I'm guessing it's not sooo small that a 13x8 pixel image would be posted as a Thumbnail....
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  7. zooforum added a comment: URL Whitelist Filtering crashes Profil   

    Thank You!
  8. zooforum added a comment: URL Whitelist Filtering crashes Profil   

    I just reported the same problem, [url="http://community.invisionpower.com/tracker/issue-25296-url-filtering-and-errors-changing-saving-user-profile-information/"]Here[/url] ...

    ....glad to know I'm not the only one (I think ) which tells me this is not something specific to how I have my Forum or Server configured.

    For the moment I have the URL Filtering turned off which means any active "clickable" links can be posted, both in the Forum areas and in the PM Personal Conversations; I can monitor the posts, but don't have access to whats gets posted in Personal Conversations, so I don't have a clue what sites are getting my Forum as a referral....not good.
  9. zooforum added a comment: URL Filtering and Errors Changing / Saving User Profile Information   

    ...I'll add having [size="3"][b]*[/b][/size] listed that way means every possible URL is in the Whitelist and can be posted.....or another way to put it, just like the URL Filtering was turned off.

    Sidenote question: Did I start this Topic in the correct area?
  10. zooforum added a record in IP.Board   

    URL Filtering and Errors Changing / Saving User Profile Information
    I upgraded from v3.0.5 to v3.1.2 just a few days ago and until now saw no problems myself.

    This morning I received a PM from a user that read....

    I was just wondering when i try to change my profile settings, like my interest, about me, gender, ext.. it tells me that i cant? not a big deal, but i was just curious as to why [/quote]

    First thing I did was to try to make changes to my own Profile in [b]My Settings[/b] and found a problem in [b]Your control panel> Profile> Change Profile Information[/b] when I clicked [b]Save Changes[/b]..clicking [b]Save Changes[/b]would return these error messages...


    [*]Gender: A URL you supplied is not allowed
    [*]Location: A URL you supplied is not allowed
    [*]Interests: A URL you supplied is not allowed
    ...and any changes made were not saved/updated in the Profile.

    In my URL Filtering options setting on my ACP in [b]Tools & Settings > System Settings > Forums > Topics, Posts and Polls[/b] I have that set as...


    [*]Use URL Filtering? Yes
    [*]Which filter do you wish to use? Whitelist
    [*]Add rel="nofollow" to posted links Yes

    ....and in first entry in my whitelist is my own site URL ( so users can post links to areas inside the Forum itself) and another so I can post the link to the iPhone app download page...


    I tried many variations of my own URL and even tried [b]http://*[/b] which gave the same error messages saving the changes in the Profile Information. I finally found the one and only entry in the Whitelist that would "correct" the [b]Changing Profile Information[/b] problem is if I entered [size="3"][b]*[/b][/size] in the Whitelist box on a line by itself along with the other two entries...


    ...users were then able to save their changes made to their Profile with no error messages.

    Also switching the URL Filtering to [b]Blacklist[/b] or setting [b]Use URL Filtering?[/b] to [b]No[/b] then will allow users to save any changes in [b]Your control panel> Profile> Change Profile Information[/b]

    I also attached two screenshots to this thread.

    I really need to use the Whitelist Filtering on my site.....anyone else have this problem?
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  11. zooforum added a post in a topic: [Suggestion] Multiple Concurrent IP.Subscriptions   

    I only just upgraded to v3.0.5 from v.2.3.6 and not checked out how v3.x.x of the payment gateway works (I assume it's basically the same) but I do recall there is an option for the user to cancel the current subscription they have themselves and then subscribe to another package or even upgrade their current package they are subscribed to. Some of these options may only be available depending on which payment gateway you use.

    Hopefully someone that really knows what they are talking about will give you a reply here.
  12. zooforum added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Subscriptions 1.0.0 Beta 3 Available   

    I have one question for this Subscription Manager for 3.x of IP Board....

    I curently run IPB 2.3.6 and the Subscription Manager is what keeps my Forum on-line.

    I lease a dedicated server in Denmark and pay thorugh PayPal in Euros. So to keep track of the balance and not worry about currency exchanges, I hacked the SM in 2.3.6 so it only accepts payments in Euros and does not give an option to pay in other currencies to the Members.....and I only use PayPal to accept payments from the Membership in the SM...FYI.

    I would like to know if I can disable any and all currencies that I do not want to receive payments in? I could not cut the list down to just one currency in 2.3.6.....I can only add to the list and not remove any of the default currencies on this.....thanks!