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  1. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Unban my account via FTP   

    As noted, if you're the license holder, please file a Support ticket in the Client Area for assistance.

    We'll be glad to assist you.

    Thank you.
  2. Mark H. added a post in a topic: How to make so that at a forum 3.х.х function [indent] worked as at a forum 2.х.х   

    Please post questions like that in the Support forum, as it is not Feedback.

    Thank you.
  3. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Hosting   


    Yes, it counts all visitors. Guests, search engines, logged-in members, etc.
  4. Mark H. added a post in a topic: HTML IF Logic   

    You will need to login with an active customer account to post in that section.

    As this is not a Pre-Sales question, the topic will be closed.
  5. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Hosted Communities - custom DNS?   


    Yes, you'd create a CNAME pointing 'forums'(dot dot, using your example and depending on your DNS Zone File interface) to your Invision-assigned domain here.

    We then park that Subdomain on your account and change the board to use it.

    In a WHM/cPanel server, it would look like this when you edit your Zone File:

    forums 14400 IN CNAME

    (Where '' is your actual hosted account domain here, and note that the trailing period is required after com.)

    That allows you to control everything else on your Domain, such as MX records for email host.
  6. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Hosted Communities - custom DNS?   


    For our Hosted communities, you have two options. Use the entire Domain by pointing the Name Servers to us, or create a CNAME Record for a Subdomain of your primary Domain. (We can't use A Records in our new infrastructure.)

    If you point the entire Domain to us, we can make MX record changes which will allow external mail hosting. (But that's all. Our packages do not include customizing the DNS otherwise.)

    Using a Subdomain pointed here allows you to fully control your DNS, which can then be edited as you see fit for A or other CNAME Records, or to point to the mail host you want to use.
  7. Mark H. added a post in a topic: What Is A Good Web Hosting For A Gaming Community Website?   

    We can only recommend our Hosting, of course. For opinions about other Hosts, you'll need to check webhostingtalk or theadminzone though.

    Thank you.
  8. Mark H. added a post in a topic: IP Nexus and IP Subscription Manager   

    Topic closed at OP's request.
  9. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Assistance Please   


    Not sure what you mean by "I entired a random sql username & password when setting my hosted community up"

    In a hosted community, we setup the site for you and email an admin login name and password to you when done.

    If you cannot access your site, please login to the Client Area and file a ticket to Support. We'll be glad to assist you.

    Thank you.
  10. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Coming from vBulletin   

    That's been removed.
  11. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Category name in Article feed blc   


    That isn't a Pre-Sales question any longer, but rather a Support question.

    However, you need to login with your customer account details (email and pass) to post topics in the Support area. Please do so.

    Thank you.
  12. Mark H. added a post in a topic: How to sell a licence   

    You're welcome to inquire on webhostingtalk or theadminzone about selling your entire Client Area, but such discussions are not allowed here.

    The incidence of fraud is incredibly high in such cases, and we cannot become involved in any such transactions or disputes arising from doing so.

    Thank you.
  13. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Did not know where to post this   

    If you believe a site isn't properly licensed, please use this link to report that:

    Your report is appreciated.

    Thank you.
  14. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Lost acces to Admin control panel   

    If you purchase IP.Board, it includes Support. And we'd be able to reset your admin rights, no problem.

    The demo system is not a standard install however, and as was suggested you can simply sign up for a new demo.

    Thank you.
  15. Mark H. added a post in a topic: Can members sell their own products in Nexus?   


    No, that is not possible at this time. Only one account can be used for payments to Nexus, which would be your own Paypal account.

    You would need to do manual payouts from that, or issue credits to contributors as payment.

    What you suggested may be something which will get added in the future.

    Thank you.

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