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  1. JFL Owner » Mark H.

    Don't look @ my profile :X

  2. Mark H.

    I forgot that I'm not 20 years old anymore. 2 days of yardwork and I feel like a truck hit me.

    1. Amy T

      So how old are you?

    2. Mark H.

      Uhh... read my "About Me"? ;)

    3. Amy T

      You are a lot older then I thought.

  3. AndyF » Mark H.

    10 RESTORE
    20 READ A$
    30 IF A$=" " THEN END ELSE PRINT A$;" ";
    40 GOTO 20
    50 DATA "Happy","Birthday","Mark!"," "

  4. Mark H.

    If you behave... nothing.

  5. TheGamingCenter » Mark H.

    Oh no, You looked at my profile... What will happen now? :X I'm scared :O

  6. Joshua Hina » Mark H.

    Hey Mark, I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you do to help our staff and answer my questions regardless of how simple they may seem. You really do do your job well.

  7. XBN Jamie » Mark H.

    Thanks for all the help 5*

  8. Mark H.

    Minnesota has two seasons. "Winter is coming" and "Winter is here".

    1. Ryan H.

      My school similarly has two seasons: "Cold and overcast" and "Parents' Weekend".

    2. AndyF

      UPDATE ibf_northern_hemisphere SET season = Winter :)

    3. Fishfish0001

      You mean UPDATE ibf_northern_hemisphere SET season = Summer ;)

    4. AndyF

      noooo :p

    5. Fishfish0001

      Sorry: UPDATE ibf_northern_hemisphere SET season = Summer, ibf_flies_no_one_loves = Dead

    6. Mark H.

      Now THAT'S a query I like, lol.

    7. Fishfish0001

      Haha :P

    8. Woodsman

      Well it could be worse.... Humidity in the 80's Temps in the upper 80's and aleries....
      trade areas with you and you cans stay a Vikings fan if you like... And I will keep on backing my Pack!....

    9. AndyF

      So, what season is it now in Minnesota ? , has it arrived yet ?

    10. Mark H.

      Mother Nature is still making up her mind. Was cold last week, will be warm this week.

    11. AndyF

      "Was cold last week, will be warm this week." , and at a guess snow the week after ? :(

    12. Mark H.

      God, don't say that out loud! lol...

    13. AndyF


    14. Scandy

      Agreed. MN is tiring, too much snow. :/

    15. dieselpowered

      Arizona has two seasons as well, summer and construction :)

  9. Iestyn » Mark H.

    Hi mark how are you

  10. Fishfish0001 » Mark H.

    Happy Birthday

  11. AndyF » Mark H.

    Birthday Greets :D

  12. Olivier Turbis » Mark H.

    I'll miss you grandpa :(

  13. Mark H. » Iestyn

    Busy, busy, busy! ;)
    But thanks!

  14. Iestyn » Mark H.

    Hey mark how are you?

  15. Mark H. » AndyF

    Hello, Andy! :)

  16. AndyF » Mark H.

    Hey Mark :-)

  17. Olivier Turbis » Mark H.

    oh mark oh mark

  18. AndyF » Mark H.

    I just read your definition of Program in your signature, how true sometimes :-)

  19. Mark H.

    You weren't blocked. I manually approve all comments. Quite a few people do.

  20. felixjet » Mark H.

    you block me even without read the PM ? ROFL

  21. Mark H. » SkimPappa

    Nah.... just go with the Jeep. ;)

  22. SkimPappa » Mark H.

    2011 Grand Cherokee :) Quadralift oh yeah, or should I get a rubicon...