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  1. Mark H. added a comment: [IPS Community Site] Followed Content   

    Yeah, after making the two sections I went back and re-read them, then realized they
    1) had too many pictures and
    2) were too word-sparse and
    3) should be more informative with respect to other functions, or I'll be at it for a freaking month just on the "Forums" tab.
    Sorry, I got Photoshop-happy.
    I had planned to add what you mentioned in another section but if the above and the other article gets properly rewritten, it will fit under one or two articles.
    Will clean up and resubmit both articles under one or two entries, with fewer pics, and add the above.
  2. Mark H. added a comment: [IPS Community Site] Followed Content   

    [color="#FF0000"][b]Question - Where should the Moderator Controls be introduced, however briefly?[/b][/color]
  3. Mark H. added a comment: [IPS Community Site] Followed Content   

    Notes for Mark W. - When this makes its debut(wherever that is), the Lightbox is going be available, isn't it?
  4. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.0.0 Development Update   

    Good news! Thank you, Charles.
  5. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.0 Miscellaneous Features   

    Excellent list of features!

    This is looking better and better all the time. Good job, IPS!
  6. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.0 and Blog, Gallery and Downloads   

    GREAT news! I'm especially pleased with the new features of the ancillary components.

    Good job, IPS.

  7. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IPB3: Banned User Management   

    Hot diggity damn! I *LIKE* what I just read. Good work, IPS! :)

  8. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IPB 3: Styling IPBoard 3   

    This is great news!

    I dislike GIFs (although I must give them credit for compatibility and INCREDIBLE longevity). But PNG's are so much easier to work with.

    Can't wait to see the previews!

  9. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Blog 1.4 Preview   

    I see that 1.4.0 has been released today.
    No more Release Candidates! Woohoo! ;)

    Gotta admit, the new look is very nice.
  10. Mark H. added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.0 Development Introduction   

    Now THIS is good news!

    I was alarmed about Subscriptions until I read the clarification. The Sub Manager actually shouldn't need much more updating, anyway. In 2.3.4 it's stable, and the existing Gateways work fine. With some minor editing (after some major head-scratching) I was able to create a Gateway for PayPal's "Sandbox" system that worked perfectly.

    Only NOW, the Forum for which I was pushing an upgrade (they run 1.3.1 for god's sakes, lol) is saying "Let's wait until 3.0"..... ;)


  11. Mark H. added a article in Recurring non-Version Specific Issues   

    Setting up IPN for IP.Subscriptions

    This article explains how to set up your PayPal IPN to communicate with IP.Subscriptions. Please read this article if you are finding all your transactions are returning "NOT VERIFIED - not_valid".

    [list][*]Log into PayPal.[*]Click on "Profile" ignoring the drop down menu that appears on mouse over.[*]Click on “Instant Payment Notifications” in the far right column. If you do not see this, then you do not have a business PayPal account and cannot set up your IP.Subscriptions application with PayPal.[*]If you do not have IPN switched on, then click on “Edit IPN Settings”. If you do have it set up, then you do not need to proceed any further. Even if the URL is different, this does not matter as IP.Subscriptions will send the correct URL inline.[*]Enter the notification URL as: ‘’ naturally replacing ‘’ with the correct URL to your forums.[*]Ensure you have clicked the radio button for “Receive IPN Messages”[*]Click "Save"[*]Once configured, your IPN settings page will summarize your settings. Note the link to “IPN History Page”. Clicking this link will bring up a list of sent IPNs. This is useful when debugging transactions.[/list]
    [b]Detailed Instructions:[/b]
    Here is a PDF with screenshots: [attachment=26910:PayPal-IPN-Setup.pdf]
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  12. Mark H. added a article in Previous Versions   

    [3.0.5] Default IP.Board Skin got deleted? - Here's how to recover it
    If you delete the default IP.Board skin, any new applications that are installed may not have their templates imported properly.
    A symptom of this, using a fresh Gallery install as an example, would be the error:
    Fatal error: Call to a member function globals() on a non-object in /home/(path-to-IPB)/admin/applications_addon/ips/gallery/app_class_gallery.php on line 93

    To recover from this, go to: ACP -> Look & Feel -> click the button "Add New Skin Set".
    On the next page, fill in the following information.

    Set Title: [color="#0000FF"]IP.Board[/color]
    Set Output Format: [color="#0000FF"]HTML[/color]
    (Next 4 settings: set as desired)
    Skin Set Key?: [color="#0000FF"]default[/color] [color="#FF0000"][b]<- IMPORTANT: This value identifies the "Default Skin" to new applications. Make CERTAIN no other skin has this value here.[/b][/color]
    (Next 3 settings: set as desired)
    Use image directory?: [color="#0000FF"]master[/color] [b]<- Recommended setting, can be different if you wish[/b]
    Use emoticons set? [color="#0000FF"]default[/color] [b]<- Recommended setting, can be different if you wish[/b]
    Then click the "Add New Set" Button.
    You will see the skin files created and written to the cache directory.

    Now click the "Template Tools" link on the left-hand side.
    In the section "Rebuild Master Skin Data", click *all* the checkboxes; The 3 on the left side of this section "Rebuild HTML", "Rebuild CSS", and "Rebuild Replacements", and all the ones on the right side of this section, which will vary according to installed applications.
    Click the "Rebuild" button at the bottom of the section.

    Now click "Template Tools" on the left again.
    In the top section "Recache Skin Sets", leave the setting at: [color="#0000FF"]All Skin Sets[/color]
    Click the "Recache Skin Sets" button.

    Now go to ACP -> Cache Management -> click the "Recache All" button at the top right. Wait for it to complete.
    Visit the forum page, press CTRL-F5 (to refresh your local browser cache) and re-visit the application that was giving you the error previously.

    If the problem continues, please file a Support Ticket from within your Client Area, accessible here:
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  13. Mark H. added a article in Forums   

    Forum Navigation - An Introduction
    After a fresh install of IP.Board and applications, the installed Forums list is very simple: one Forum in one Category. For the purposes of this introduction, we'll assume you've created a few more Categories and Forums from within the Admin CP. The following image will give you a general idea of the types of each that you can create to better define your Community. When logged in as an Admin, you will see all the Moderator controls, which your regular Members will not see, and these are explained in another section.
    The descriptions of each Category and Forum in this image are simply for clarification of their position and function. You are free to name them as you wish, so that your Community has its own unique organization to it.
    [attachment=23494:1 - forum-main.png]

    [doctitle]Categories and Forums[/doctitle]

    When navigating the Forums list you can view a Category, with its associated Forums, or an individual Forum and its Subforums if it contains any.
    Click either a Category or Forum name, and you will be directed to that choice.
    [attachment=23495:2 - cat-hover.png] [doctitle]>>>[/doctitle] [attachment=23496:3 - forum-hover.png]

    To make a large Forum list more manageable, you can collapse a Category (and your choice will be remembered the next time you visit), by clicking the '-' sign at the right end of a Category, as shown here. The '-' will change to a '+', indicating a collapsed Category. To expand the list, click the '+' sign.
    [attachment=23497:11 - collapse-cat.png] [doctitle]>>>[/doctitle] [attachment=23498:11 - collapse-cat-2.png]

    By left-clicking on any Category or Forum name, you will be taken to that Category with its associated Forums, or to the individual Forum with its list of Topics. Here, we've left-clicked on the second Category.
    [attachment=23499:5 - in-cat-2.png]

    [docnote](For a closer look at the types of Forums you can create, as shown above, please see this section: [url=""][b][color="#0000FF"][3.1] Forum Navigation - Forum Types[/color][/b][/url][/docnote]

    When viewing a Forum, the "Search" feature will by default only perform the search within that Forum, as seen below.
    [attachment=23500:12 - search-default.png]

    Clicking the arrow icon next to a Topic title, noted in the picture below, will take you to the first unread Post in that Topic.
    [attachment=23501:13 - go-new-posts.png]

    [doctitle]Forums and Subforums[/doctitle]
    Extending our correlation of a File Cabinet to a Forum structure, in which the Cabinet is the entire list of Forums, Categories are drawers in the Cabinet, and Forums are file folders within each drawer, Subforums can be thought of as file folders within other file folders. Forums which contain Subforums can have Topics of their own or, at your discretion, be set to not allow Topics directly within it, and be used to contain only other Subforums. The picture below illustrates a Forum which allows its own Topics, and also contains two Subforums with Topics of their own. Take quick note of the Topic icons, which give you some additional information about that topic-type, and the legend at the bottom of the listing which shows the most common ones. To save space, one that isn't listed is the marker which indicates the Topic was made by you, or by another Community member. This image shows you the difference (see the red arrows) and you can see how each looks. In another section we'll add other Topic types to the list and explain them so you can see how they look:
    [attachment=23502:7 - post-icons.png]
    The blue numbered squares in the image show the additional controls that all members will see:
    [b]1) Watch Forum[/b] - clicking this icon will set your user account to receive a configurable notification every time a new Topic is created within that Forum, but not replies to that Topic. Note the difference between this and the "Watch Topic" icon, seen when viewing a Topic and which notifies you of any reply to an individual Topic.
    [b]2) Start New Topic[/b] - This takes you to the Topic creation screen, with the Editor of your choice (Standard or Rich Text Editor), to create a new Topic.
    [b]3) Mark this forum as read[/b] - Clicking this link will mark all Topics and Posts in this Forum as having been read
    [b]4) Forum Jump[/b] - A drop-down menu that lets you quickly navigate to another Category or Forum.
    [b]5) Filter Options[/b] - Expands to a small menu that allows you to set filter options for Topic Type, Sort By, Sort direction, Time frame, and whether to make those choices "remembered" for subsequent visits.
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  14. Mark H. added a article in Front-End   

    IP.Board v3.1 Getting Started - Front End
    Welcome to IP.Board! Whether you've installed the software yourself, or had it installed for you by our Support Department, the screen below is typical of what you'll see when you log in for the first time as the System Administrator, or “Admin”. This section will give you an overview of how IP.Board looks and works. The numbered tags will be briefly explained in order, and give you a good starting point from which to begin exploring your Community in detail. IP.Board has two main parts. The front end (or Main Index Page) below, which your Community members will see, and the Administrator Control Panel (or Admin CP), used by the Administrators and assigned Moderators to perform system administrative tasks. The Main Index Page is accessed by entering your community's URL in your browser, for example , with the Admin CP in this example accessed by entering .

    [center][attachment=23503:Getting Started.png][/center]

    After logging in with the Administrator name and password you created, or had supplied to you via a Support ticket, the screenshot above is what you'll first see.

    [doctitle](1) Moderator Controls[/doctitle]
    These are at the top left, usable by both Admins and Moderators. These links lead to the IP Lookup tools, Announcements tools, and the Report Center.

    [doctitle](2) Admin Control Panel (Admin CP)[/doctitle]
    By default this link opens in the same browser tab as the Main Index Page. But if you wish to open it in another tab of your browser, simply hold down the Control key as you left-click on it. Full documentation for the Admin CP is found in another section.

    [doctitle](3) User Controls[/doctitle]
    With these you can adjust all personal preferences for your member account. Also in the same area are links to Logout of your community and to access the Help sections of the software, as well as the Notifications menu. There are many options you can set with the User Controls.

    [doctitle](4) Search Bar[/doctitle]
    Underneath the User Controls is the Search Bar, used to find content within your community.

    [doctitle](5) View New Content[/doctitle]
    This feature will give you a list of all new content since your last visit. Clicking the linked phrase will produce a list of that content, with newest content at the top.

    [doctitle](6) Sidebar and Hooks[/doctitle] is explained in detail in another section, but are basically “information windows” that allow you to add additional features to your community.

    [size="4"][doctitle](7) Navigation Tabs[/doctitle][/size]
    The Navigation Tabs are the controls that will be most-often used by you and your Members as they explore your Community.
    [b]Forums Tab[/b] The Forums tab opens the example page above, if you're in another section of the Board.
    [b]Members Tab[/b] The Members tab opens the Members list, and allows you to search it.
    [b]Calendar Tab[/b] The Calendar Tab opens the Community Calendar, where you can add Single, Recurring, or Ranged Events.
    [b]IP.Chat[/b] The IP.Chat Tab takes you to the Chatroom page. If this tab is not present on your install, contact the Sales Department for more information about acquiring this feature.

    The last four tabs are the Addon Applications that are either included with your Community (when hosted by IPS) or are available for purchase separately. Please contact the Sales Department for more information about purchasing them.
    [b]IP.Content[/b] IP.Content, by default named "Pages" on its tab, is an application which makes it easy to build community data-driven websites, pulling in myriad information from your community applications automatically. The tab can be renamed, to suit your needs, in the Admin CP.
    [b]IP.Blog[/b] The Blog tab opens the Community Blog list.
    [b]IP.Gallery[/b] The Gallery tab leads to the picture and media Gallery.
    [b]IP.Downloads[/b] The Downloads tab links to the available Downloads that you are offering to the Community.

    [doctitle](8 and 9) Forums List[/doctitle]
    When freshly installed, your IP.Board is configured with one Category [b](8) “A Test Category”[/b] and one Forum [b](9) “A Test Forum”[/b]. To the right of each Forum Name are the stats showing number of Topics and Replies, as well as the last Post (Reply), with the Topic Name and Poster's name.
    A Category can be thought of as a drawer in a filing cabinet, in which you have individual Forums, similar to file folders within that drawer. Like the individual file folders, the Forums will contain the Topics and Replies that are relevant to that Forum. It's up to you to decide how your Categories and Forums will be organized, and there's almost no limit to the ways in which you can organize them. New Categories and Forums are created in the Admin CP. You can also create Sub-Categories and Sub-Forums, allowing you to define your forum's structure even further, and those functions are detailed in another section.
    To the left of each forum entry is an icon which indicates whether there are posts contained within it, that have been added since your last visit.
    A dark blue icon [attachment=23505:f_unread.png] indicates there are unread posts in that forum, or a sub-forum of it.
    A light blue-gray icon [attachment=23504:f_read.png] indicates that there are no unread posts.
    If you left-click a dark blue icon, that mouse action will mark all topics and replies in that forum, and its sub-forums, as having been read.

    [doctitle](10) Board Index Links[/doctitle]
    [b]Today's Active Content[/b] displays all posts made in the 24 hours previous to your visit. Note the difference between this and [b](5) View New Content[/b], which displays a list of all new Posts made since your last visit to the Community.
    [b]The Moderating Team[/b] link produces a list of the Board's Admins and Moderators, the forums they Moderate, the forum or page they're currently viewing, and icon links to view that Member's Blog or Gallery, add them as a Friend, or send them a Personal Message.
    [b]Today's Top 20 Posters[/b] - a list of the top posters for the last 24 hours.
    [b]Overall Top Posters[/b] - the Member List sorted by Post count in descending order.

    [doctitle](11) Board Statistics Area[/doctitle]
    The blue-shaded area surrounding marker #11 contains the Board Statistics. Each of these statistics can be turned off and/or configured in the Admin CP, to save CPU, SQL, and memory resource usage. By default, these are statistics are shown:
    [b]Active Users[/b] – A count of the users currently active in the last X minutes, broken down as Guests, Members from all Groups, and those logged in anonymously. Also here are links to display these users sorted by their [b]Last Click[/b] or sorted by [b]Member Name[/b].
    [b]Members active in live chat[/b] – Members who are using the IP.Chat application will be displayed here, and that count will also be reflected in the white-circled number next to the Navigation Tab for Chat.
    [b]Upcoming Calendar Events[/b] – Upcoming calendar events are displayed here, both in total number, and for the look-ahead period, configured in the Admin CP.
    [b]Today's Birthdays[/b] – Members who have chosen to enter their full or partial birth date, in their User Controls, are displayed here.
    [b]Our Board Statistics[/b] – A summary of Total Posts, Total Members, the name of the Newest Member, and the “Online At Once Record” for your board, with its date and time.

    [doctitle](12) Skin and Language Choosers[/doctitle]
    There are 2 drop-down menus here by default, for choosing your preferred skin and language. The skin chooser can be disabled in the Admin CP (LINK) if you have a skin that you want everyone to use. Additional Skins and Languages can be easily added to your Board via the Admin CP and a number of skins, both free and sold, are readily available from a variety of sites including our own Resources Area.

    [size="4"][doctitle](13-17) Footer Links[/doctitle][/size]
    [b](13) Back to Top[/b] – This link takes you to the top of the current page. Useful when browsing a long post or forum list, and saves having to scroll with the mouse-wheel or using keyboard commands to return to the page top.
    [b](14) Forum Home[/b] – This link returns you to the Main Index Page, just like clicking the Forums tab on the Navigation Tabs bar.
    [b](15) Delete My Cookies[/b] – This link clears all your cookies for the Board. This action will log you out when it's clicked, and is also sometimes needed when your browser cookies have become corrupt in some way. Occasionally, Tech Support will ask you to “clear your cookies” for the Board, and this link will normally accomplish that.
    [b](16) Mark Board As Read[/b] – This link will mark all Topics and Posts as having been read, and toggles all the dark blue forum icons to light blue. You may wish to use this link in order to save time, instead of having to click each individual icon in the main forum list.
    [b](17) Board Copyright and other Stats[/b] – The Board Copyright is a link to our main website's page about IP.Board and its associated products, where you can see our product information page for IP.Board version 3.
    Also in this area is the current data and time in the Time Zone you've chosen in your User Controls, as well as the date and time of your last visit to this community.

    You may next wish to view the Introduction to the Admin Control Panel (Admin CP), or view the documentation for Blog, Chat, Content, Gallery, or Downloads.

    The next section explains Forum Navigation, and be accessed [color="#0000FF"][url=""]HERE[/url][/color]
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  15. Mark H. added a article in Forums   

    Forum Navigation - Forum Types

    This section explains the types of Forums available, and possible uses for each. We'll review an image from a previous section:
    [attachment=23506:5 - in-cat-2.png]

    The first Forum listed in the Category is just a standard one in which you can create Topics, and replies to them, in the usual manner.
    [attachment=23508:6 - in-cat.png]

    The second Forum listed has Subforums, explained in another section. Navigate to that Forum by clicking its name, and view the resulting screen.
    [attachment=23507:6 - hover-cat-sub.png] [doctitle]>>>[/doctitle] [attachment=23511:6 - in-cat-sub.png]

    [doctitle]Password-protected Forum[/doctitle]
    Entry to this type of Forum, in order to view any of the posts, requires you to first enter a password.
    [attachment=23512:8 - password-entry-screen.png]
    Once you've entered the correct password and clicked the "Proceed" button, you will receive confirmation of it, and then be taken to that Forum.
    [attachment=23510:8 - password-entered.png] [doctitle]>>>[/doctitle] [attachment=23509:8 - passworded-forum.png]
    The password you've entered will be stored for the duration of this visit to the Community, so you can navigate away from this forum and return without having to re-enter the password, but you will need to re-enter it if you logout.

    [doctitle]Read-Only Forum[/doctitle]
    A Forum can be set to "Read-Only", in the Admin CP, which can serve as an archive for old Topics, or for those you wish to save for reference, but don't want replies added to them. The images below shows a Read-Only Forum. Note the informational icon that's displayed, which alerts your Members that this is a Forum in which no new posts can be added. When you view any post, an additional notice is given that it's a Read-Only Topic.
    [attachment=23513:9 - read-only.png] [doctitle]>>>[/doctitle] [attachment=23514:9 - read-only-in.png]
    (Moderator Note: The Topics and Replies in a Read-Only Forum cannot be edited, even by an Admin, and can only be deleted.)

    [doctitle]Redirected Forum[/doctitle]
    The last Forum type, shown below, is the Redirected Forum. This is a special type, which cannot contain any Topics, and instead is setup in the Admin CP to point to any URL of your choosing, such as another Forum within your Community, or to any URL outside of it, and has a counter to record the number of times it's clicked.
    [attachment=24138:10 - redirect.png]
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