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  1. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    Still waiting for approval since about 9 hours over at 
  2. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    Great News, please include me in your pm-list  I will start translating to german ASAP
  3. TheSonic added a post in a topic: 1 umlaut isn't displayed properly   

    We had this with several words containg ä,ü,ö,ß on a few installations. Databases were set correctly, but most of them was converted from vBulletin some time ago.

    We have this script on file, that solved the Problem (whyever this happened ):
  4. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    This is looking great ! I am really looking forward to use this one and i am happy to use the "Plus"-Version
  5. TheSonic added a comment: IP.Gallery 4 - Problem with EXIF-Informations   

    I made the Change to my database and it's fixed - thank you, ‌ @bfarber
  6. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Migration vb4 -> ips3.4 -> ips4   


    the converters from vb4 to ipb3 are pretty stable and work well, also the converts from ips3 to ips4 - even if in RC - are doing a good Job.

    In some cases, we found some problems with german specialchars with boards that gone the route vb4 -> ipb3 -> ips4, but like i told you via PM, there is a simple solution for that case, if that happens to you.
  7. TheSonic added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    IP.Gallery 4 - Problem with EXIF-Informations

    i own a Sony DSC-HX400V Camera, after uploading Images to IP.Gallery, EXIF-Informations are missing (but the GEO-Datas (Maps) is available, but they are also read from EXIF?!)
    IPS-Support told me, that my file is corrupt. I use my Pictures with
    - Phiotoshop
    - Photoshop Lightroom
    - Irfanview
    - GeoSetter
    - EXIF-Tool
    I also tried some "Repair"-Tools because of staff's reply, but all of them gave me the same result: "Nothing to do".

    Never had Trouble with any file from that camera.

    Just to test and to be sure, it's not a Problem with the file or my serverinstallation, i installed 2 other Gallery-PHP-Scripts today - both displayed the EXIF-Information without Trouble "out-of-the-Box".
    - Gallery 3: (Click on "View more informations" or click here:
    - Piwigo:  (See lower right Corner).
    (I also tried Woltlab Gallery (i used the companys demoversion on their server, so it's not public) )

    Here the file in IP.Gallery with missing EXIF-Informations (but including GeoData):önigsstrasse/

    Because all other apps and scripts are working well, i am sure there's something wrong in IP.Gallery.

    Originalfile from the camera:
    Output of the EXIF-Tool (reference):
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  8. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Best way to restore DB from a botched upgrade?   

    ​1. If you just want to try again, keep your IPS4-files in place and try again after the DB-Restore
    2. This differs from the your methode/prgram. I would drop all tables and restore the backup. So, you are sure, you just have your 3.4.x-data in the database again.
  9. TheSonic added a review on a file: Who Was Online   

    Great, one of the plugins/hooks i used most in the 3.x-series.

    Works great, no Errors!

    Thank you very much for sharing!
    • 2 of 3 members found this review helpful
  10. TheSonic added a post in a topic: IRC chat   

    I am pretty sure, IPS would use IP.Chat for somethin like a support-Chat

    I also still love the good, old IRC and still hope, IP.Chat will go that way and get more "IRCish"
  11. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Update 3.4.7 => 4.0 RC4, bug accents and special characters :(   

    We had the same Problem with some installations in german. We have a script on file, that corrects the issue:
    This will ONLY work with german special chars, but you're free to edit the script for your own needs, as it just works like "Search and Replace"
    I will attach it here, search the section that REPLACE ä,ü,ö and change it to your needs.

  12. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Error HTML Page   

    Check your webservers log and post it here, if you don't know what's wrong.

    Error 500 may be hundreds of things.... Have you checked all Directory-permissions (especially /datastore -> 777) ?
  13. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    I would also love to test the app on my devinstall (doesn't matter, if something is broken).

    Even if you don't want betatesters, could you send me at least the languagefile? I would like to translate the shoutbox
  14. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Would an IPB snapshot/backup restore work?   

    If you have Shell-acess and don't you use a complete backupsolution, i would use mysqldump:
  15. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Would an IPB snapshot/backup restore work?   

    ​Yes, i have done that several times on several installaions during the beta. I still do it before installing a new RC on every Installation
    (If you are using a controlpanel like Plesk (im pretty sure, you can do this in cPanel, too), you are able to create a domainbackup, so you just have to restore your backup and don't have to handle files and databases seperately.

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