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  1. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker   

    ​Thanks for your advice - you may be right and i am normally chilled - but i just feel left alone. Reading your post helps, you were probablly in the same boat
    We tried to fix the bug, but we have to apply the code every release they make. I am a big fan of the rapid releases, because most of them make things better. But it's a pain to apply the code everytime a update is released... Yeah... Seems the only way is to wait a little bit more.  '
  2. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker   

    ​Same here until this bug happens... i recommend IPS to a LOT of people and still do, but leaving bugs unsolved - AND UNANSWERED - is not the right way - it never happend to me... Even Lindy said, it's not normal it takes that long to solve bugs....Now, antoher two weeks later, nothing happens... Don't get me wrong and sorry if it sounds harsh.... But i really don't know how i can take teir attention to such bugs. It's "client-impacting" for me... and yes, i waited, because they told me, it's not priority and i accepted that. But 8 weeks is bit to heavy. Even if it's not solved, but i think just an answer would be not too much for a customer.... 
  3. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker   

    ​I submitted a bugreport and 3 tickets in the last 8 weeks about a "clientimapcting" issue.... No one cares.... All IPS cares about is my creditcardnumber taking the renewals (happend last night). Yeah, 8 weeks means IPS denies support for 1/3 of a support-period (6 months). 
    Tell me how i can submit a "client-impacting" issue and see somebody watching about the issue. 
  4. TheSonic added a post in a topic: IP Downloads regret and Ip Chat disappointment   

    Hm, there seems to be something wron on your site. IP.Downloads supports multiple categorys. You should tell us more details, so we know what happened (Errormessages, etc).
    This should not be a big deal Off course you can also put in a supportticket to staff...
    It's available to download for people with a active license from the clientarea  If it's missing, ask IPS-Accounting whats wrong with your account.

  5. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Bug Tracker with 20 pages and growing. What is the plan IPS guys?   

    Good luck. I tried that, too and was told (two times) i have to wait until the bug is fixed in the tracker. It's open since 31.3. and still nothing happened.
    I was told, it's not a impacting bug for most sites...Ok, I was fine with that, but it's impacting my users. I waited again... Hard to believe bugs are not fixed in nearly 8 weeks - for paid software with paid supportplans !
  6. TheSonic added a post in a topic: IPS Logo   


  7. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Is IPB the most expensive solution?   

    There are many so called "Business Soultions" i never heard of until someone told me about that or asked to convert. You can't compare their prices with IPS, vB, Xenforo and all we know.... They sell bundles and put some sort of forums in their packages lacking of features... You don't know their name, beause there is no "Powered by"-Lines... You pay a big monthly fee ... Get premium support.... But features?

    Not the right place to bash IPS, vB or xF - they are all in the same boat in this case....  At least i know no person paying 1500$ (AND UP!) running a IPS/vB/xF-installation per month  But, yeah, some companies don't care about money and/or better solutions.
  8. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Person in charge / Support   

    Thank you for replying ‌@Rhett, Lindy replied to my ticket and we will resolve things in the ticket.
    ‌@‌Lindy, thanks for taking the time to respond to my issue ,it's much appreciated.
  9. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Person in charge / Support   

    Is there a way to contact the person in charge for support, because i am lost with a supportrequest since weeks.
  10. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Translate only one application or by parts as in v3.4   

    This can be done via plugins (we have done so), but i would love to see this in the core, so +1
  11. TheSonic added a post in a topic: windows support ?   

    Like Charles mentioned, they limit Support on Windows, but IPS4 is running on a well configured WAMP-Environment - and also with IIS
  12. TheSonic added a post in a topic: windows support ?   

    There was a Topic a short time ago - i am unable to find it right now.

    It was discussed, that it's hard for the supportstaff to Support Windows Servers, because most People run Linux-Servers with Apache, PHP and MySQL. So some Clients told, they always get "This is a serverissue", if they contact IPS-Support.

    I don't know, if this is true - but they did not annouce or told us, they do not Support Windows anymore. I am a techadmin of a IPS4-Suite hosted on Windows and have a testinstall on Windows2012 R2 and it's working. Of course, you have to do some stuff, because they use htaccess and all the Linux-things - but you are free to use Apache on a windows-Server or create a web.config for IIS based on the httaccess-files. You also Need to know the permissionseetings on Windows and be sure, PHP is Setup correctly - and you are good to go

    I think they will not drop the ability to run IPS4 on Windows, perhaps Limit Support for Windowssystems.

  13. TheSonic added a post in a topic: VB 4.2.2 to IPB   

    Yes, Converters from vB 4.2.x to IPB 3.4 are pretty stable and doing a good Job. After that, you can upgrade your IPB 3,4.7 to IPS 4.0.

    "IP.Content" is available, it's called IP.Pages in the 4.x-series and the current available version is 4.0.2 .
  14. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Many thanks to the support department   

    Welcome, ‌@hjmaier . Ah, i just remember your name from vBG