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  1. TheSonic added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Polls: Wrong counting when using multiple questions
    Please have a look at the screenshot. There are 2 questions and 18 voters. But the overallscore of voters was counted twice (perhaps per question?). It Shows 36.
    In the second questions, all of the 18 voters choose the second Option "Nein". This should be 100% of course... But it shows 50% perhaps because 18 are 50% of 36...)

    I think, there is something wrong  Thank you.

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  2. TheSonic added a post in a topic: RC7 out :-)   

  3. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    Still waiting for approval since about 9 hours over at 
  4. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    Great News, please include me in your pm-list  I will start translating to german ASAP
  5. TheSonic added a post in a topic: 1 umlaut isn't displayed properly   

    We had this with several words containg ä,ü,ö,ß on a few installations. Databases were set correctly, but most of them was converted from vBulletin some time ago.

    We have this script on file, that solved the Problem (whyever this happened ):
  6. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    This is looking great ! I am really looking forward to use this one and i am happy to use the "Plus"-Version
  7. TheSonic added a comment: IP.Gallery 4 - Problem with EXIF-Informations   

    I made the Change to my database and it's fixed - thank you, ‌ @bfarber
  8. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Migration vb4 -> ips3.4 -> ips4   


    the converters from vb4 to ipb3 are pretty stable and work well, also the converts from ips3 to ips4 - even if in RC - are doing a good Job.

    In some cases, we found some problems with german specialchars with boards that gone the route vb4 -> ipb3 -> ips4, but like i told you via PM, there is a simple solution for that case, if that happens to you.
  9. TheSonic added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    IP.Gallery 4 - Problem with EXIF-Informations

    i own a Sony DSC-HX400V Camera, after uploading Images to IP.Gallery, EXIF-Informations are missing (but the GEO-Datas (Maps) is available, but they are also read from EXIF?!)
    IPS-Support told me, that my file is corrupt. I use my Pictures with
    - Phiotoshop
    - Photoshop Lightroom
    - Irfanview
    - GeoSetter
    - EXIF-Tool
    I also tried some "Repair"-Tools because of staff's reply, but all of them gave me the same result: "Nothing to do".

    Never had Trouble with any file from that camera.

    Just to test and to be sure, it's not a Problem with the file or my serverinstallation, i installed 2 other Gallery-PHP-Scripts today - both displayed the EXIF-Information without Trouble "out-of-the-Box".
    - Gallery 3: (Click on "View more informations" or click here:
    - Piwigo:  (See lower right Corner).
    (I also tried Woltlab Gallery (i used the companys demoversion on their server, so it's not public) )

    Here the file in IP.Gallery with missing EXIF-Informations (but including GeoData):önigsstrasse/

    Because all other apps and scripts are working well, i am sure there's something wrong in IP.Gallery.

    Originalfile from the camera:
    Output of the EXIF-Tool (reference):
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  10. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Best way to restore DB from a botched upgrade?   

    ​1. If you just want to try again, keep your IPS4-files in place and try again after the DB-Restore
    2. This differs from the your methode/prgram. I would drop all tables and restore the backup. So, you are sure, you just have your 3.4.x-data in the database again.
  11. TheSonic added a review on a file: Who Was Online   

    Great, one of the plugins/hooks i used most in the 3.x-series.

    Works great, no Errors!

    Thank you very much for sharing!
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  12. TheSonic added a post in a topic: IRC chat   

    I am pretty sure, IPS would use IP.Chat for somethin like a support-Chat

    I also still love the good, old IRC and still hope, IP.Chat will go that way and get more "IRCish"
  13. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Update 3.4.7 => 4.0 RC4, bug accents and special characters :(   

    We had the same Problem with some installations in german. We have a script on file, that corrects the issue:
    This will ONLY work with german special chars, but you're free to edit the script for your own needs, as it just works like "Search and Replace"
    I will attach it here, search the section that REPLACE ä,ü,ö and change it to your needs.

  14. TheSonic added a post in a topic: Error HTML Page   

    Check your webservers log and post it here, if you don't know what's wrong.

    Error 500 may be hundreds of things.... Have you checked all Directory-permissions (especially /datastore -> 777) ?
  15. TheSonic added a post in a topic: shoutbox for 4.0   

    I would also love to test the app on my devinstall (doesn't matter, if something is broken).

    Even if you don't want betatesters, could you send me at least the languagefile? I would like to translate the shoutbox

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