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Simon is the founder and editor of Green Blog – an environment blog with authors from around the world. He is also the admin of Enviro Space - a place to meet, discuss and interact with other people who share your interests and ideas.

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  1. simon2

    Is it just me or is this forum extremely slow at the moment?

    1. Charles

      I'll go with just you.

    2. simon2

      Yay Im special! ;) No seriously, the speed seems to go up and down like a rollercoaster. Just a few mins ago I couldnt even access the forum.

  2. simon2 » Wolfie

    Haha you sure do win the prize for most annoying background. ;)

  3. simon2

    IPS should add a "Like" button to the status messages...

  4. simon2

    3.1 looks great! :D

  5. simon2

    3.1? Meh, math has never been my strong side...

  6. simon2 » rct2·com

    Your website brings back so many awesome memories! :)

  7. simon2 » .Brian

    Thanks for the refund! :)

  8. simon2 » .Brian

    Hi! How's the work on your EnvisionThis theme going?
    Sorry! I have no patience, at all. ;)

  9. simon2 » Yuriko

    Don't think. Just do it! ;)

  10. simon2 » .Brian

    That sounds good. Thanks! :)

  11. .Brian » simon2

    hey i was going to make it a free skin and upgrade it to the latest ipb. so ill refund you

  12. simon2 » .Brian

    I just bought your EnvisionThis theme!

  13. simon2 » Hēphaistos

    Every time I see your signature I get this strange feeling that I want to play tf2. How come!?