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  1. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Facebook login not working   

    Guys, my Facebook login to board stopped working about a week ago, anyone knows what I need to do?
    Error log gives like 100s of these:

    I know it's probably me again   but still
    Thank you!
  2. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Quiz System   

    I was not thinking of doing a copy of a question, but generating tests automatically if a question has 2 tags or something. Or is in a subcategory. 
    So that user can have a structured test from whole category that uses subcategories also, but can have test only from subcategory as well.
  3. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Quiz System   

    Have a question, don't have time to browse through 19 pages of topic, if you can be kind and answer - can you "reuse" one question in multiple quizes, like, if one question can be in 2 categories?
    For example, if I have a question in "general knowledge", but that is a question from history, can I use that question in 2 quizes automatically, if I create 2 quizes, general knowledge and history separately?
  4. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    Then I guess you would exclude all the people who already use IP.Content from your potential costumer list, since switching to something else would be complicated.
    But good for people who want real wiki.
  5. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    So you are thinking of doing an indepentent app, not adding functionality to Ip.Content?
    Most of the things we mentioned here, except internal links, can be done in Ip.Content I think.
  6. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    Great ideas!
    Atm, I use BBCode for infoboxes (not a bad solution at all, easy one), and instead of tables I put screenshots of tables, pretty sure that is not good. :D
  7. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Wiki application   

    I have IP.Content that desperately needs some wiki functionality. Writing a medical content that needs reference quoting, better authorship (maybe that connection with G+), this content thing I am pasting below (don't know whats it called, it generates automatically when you add headings)

    is better with multiple images, easier to insert internal links, and one huge problem is search and categories. If you have more than one database it is almost impossible to connect content. I mean, with 2 databases, you cant even create a block that pulls data with same tag or something (or is there a way I am not aware of?).
    I'd definitely pay for anything that helps.
  8. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Printing html via php in database listing template   

    I was trying to cheat the IP.Content. I wanted to create a block that I wanted and put in string placeholders where arguments would go. Then I would store whole html as a record in a database. What I needed to do next is to create listing template that would then substitute those placeholders with real arguments and output the record. That would make it reusable with diferent arguments. But what I now realised is that I have to subsitute the arguments on a database template level, not a page or block level, so it's pretty useles since you only get one template per database... It was a good try though...
    I really hope they will revamp IP.Content in the 4.0 version so there is better support for programatic reusability of blocks and such objects...
    However, the problem still stands, it seems to be the same thing this guy explained:  link
    I don't really care for the problem anymore, but if anyone else comes across it, here's the thread.
    Thanks anyway. =)
  9. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Printing html via php in database listing template   

    I have a page that parses a database using this template:
    <foreach loop="$data['records'] as $record"> <?php print htmlentities('{$record['field_77']}'); ?> </foreach> There is only one record in that database, and in that field it contains string "<strong>test</strong>" (html allowed). I want the page to display that html as any other when it parses the database, but for some reason it doesn't work. I tried with htmlspecialcharacters too, and just straightfoward printing.
    Do you have any ideas?
    P.S. This is just a test, I want to run str_replace() on the string later to swap out some strings, that why it's in php.
    EDIT: I inspected the result and it seems that ">" character causes the closing of the php tag (it turns into "-->"). I don't know how to fix it.
    EDIT2: If I try to output html code trough php in the page, it works without poroblems, ">" character remains ">" character.
  10. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Content block object structure   

    I'd have to query data from one database and pass it to a block so it would know which data to query from which database...
    So I guess I'm stuck with the clutter for now...
  11. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Passing arguments to templates, blocks, pages etc.   

    They could make two types of block then - static and dynamic.
    Then it's up to you what you want more - to have you block cached or to make the whole structure system more orderly... =)
  12. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Content block object structure   

    Is there any other way I can achieve this behaviour? I have to display a lot of (parts of a) database(s) in the same manner and it breaks my heart to see all these block sitting there, clutting the space and doing the exactly same thing...
  13. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Passing arguments to templates, blocks, pages etc.   

    It would be great when it would be possible to pass arguments to (block) template, or (block) itself, so more efficient structures could me made.
    More object-oriented programming approach.

    Instead creating ten structurally same (blocks), you would instead create only one that you would then pass arguments to.
  14. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Content block object structure   

    Could you pass an argument to the block itself?
    That way you could just skip the template part but still get the same thing?
    But could you use the block tags then?
  15. ~sullengirl~ added a post in a topic: Content block object structure   

    So I've been looking into IP.content and I have a question.
    Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like to create a block that would pull records out of a database and then display them on a page. However, I want blocks that would display only records that meet certain criteria.
    So it would look kinda like this:
    <page>  <block: crit1></block>  <block: crit2></block>  <block: crit3></block>  <block: crit4></block> </page> So that would require me to create four blocks; one block per criteria. But wouldn't it be so much more efficient and better to have a single block that somehow accepts criteria as an argument?
    If you look at it in light of object-oriented programming it's like creating ten classes which are all car brands and which only differ in one variable (e.g. name), instead of creating a class named car that would accept the name as an argument and simply create a car of your desire, based on imput. Same thing, ten times less code.
    Can it be done with content?
    I know I can create templates, but I don't think i can directly use them in a page, I can use them only when creating a block, no?
    Correct me if I'm wrong.
    Thanks. :smile: