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  1. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    ​See above ... It really is easier if I can troubleshoot this on your board and rule out the many server differences that could affect a problem like this.
  2. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Donate Sidebar   

    Sure, send me a PM with board access (ftp + ACP ) and I'll take a look and see what's happening here.
  3. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Donate Sidebar   

    ​Can you try rebuilding your skin cache manually and see if that makes a difference. See ACP > Look & Feel Tab > Template Tools > Recache Skin Sets.
  4. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    I'll most likely need board access to troubleshoot this further. I've checked and the browser upload limits shouldn't be a problem here but I don't think uploading a large file via browser is ideal. Are all your videos going to be uploads or does it need to support media urls and embeds as well?
  5. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    ​That should cover it, just a few quick questions. 1) What browser are you using? 2) Do you get any errors when uploading large files?
  6. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    ​I have checked into this before and it's a little more complicated then I thought, there's not really a way to keep both the upload option and entering the url manually without significant changes. Have you tried server level changes to increase the maximum file size allowed for upload?
  7. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Videos System   

    ​Please try this edit and let me know if it fixes it.
    Open admin/applications_addon/other/videos/modules_public/display/index.php
    Replace With:
  8. Mike John added a post in a topic: Portal   

    ​No not in the current version. Has been suggested a lot and will be seriously looked at next version.
  9. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Calendar Topics   

    ​I'm sorry for the lack of reply, I don't remember being notified of your reply. Right now the calendar topics doesn't support auto follow, I've added it to the suggestion list.
    ​Attachments can only be displayed in the 1 area. In this case the event itself. I was looking at ways to get around this but with IPB4 so close I'll wait and see if that's been changed.
  10. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Global Messages   

    ​Based on cookies? Might be able to put together a patch as new new work until after IPB4 now.
  11. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Auto Birthday Greeter   

    ​I spent quite a bit of time on this one some months back. Currently I don't have any patch for this, as it stands this check box needs to be disabled until a new version is released. This issue will most likely be fixed in IPB4 on it's own.
  12. Mike John added a post in a topic: Portal   

    Try this instead. Failing that, I'll need ftp/acp access to take a look as this is working for me.
    <? php $classToLoad = IPSLib :: loadLibrary ( IPSLib :: getAppDir ( 'calendar' ) . '/sources/hooks.php' , 'app_calendar_classes_hooks' , 'calendar' ); $gateway = new $classToLoad ( ipsRegistry :: instance () ); $allowedCals = explode ( ',' , '1,4' ); $filteredCalEvents = array (); $this->caches['calendar_events'] = $this->cache->getCache( 'calendar_events' ) ; if ( is_array ( $this -> caches [ 'calendar_events' ] ) AND count ( $this -> caches [ 'calendar_events' ] ) ) { foreach ( $this -> caches [ 'calendar_events' ] as $event ) { if ( ! in_array ( $event [ 'event_calendar_id' ], $allowedCals ) ) { IPSDebug :: addMessage ( "Skipping event " . $event [ 'event_title' ] ); continue ; } $filteredCalEvents [] = $event ; } $this -> caches [ 'calendar_events' ] = $filteredCalEvents ; } print $gateway -> getUpcomingEvents (); ?>
  13. Mike John added a post in a topic: Portal   

    ​Replace it with this and see if that works.
    <?php $classToLoad = IPSLib::loadLibrary( IPSLib::getAppDir( 'calendar' ) . '/sources/hooks.php', 'app_calendar_classes_hooks', 'calendar' ); $gateway = new $classToLoad( ipsRegistry::instance() ); $allowedCals = explode( ',','1,4' ); $filteredCalEvents = array(); if( is_array( $this->caches['calendar_events'] ) AND count( $this->caches['calendar_events'] ) ) { foreach ( $this->caches['calendar_events'] as $event ) { if ( ! in_array( $event['event_calendar_id'], $allowedCals ) ) { IPSDebug::addMessage( "Skipping event " . $event['event_title'] ); continue; } $filteredCalEvents[] = $event; } $this->caches['calendar_events'] = $filteredCalEvents; } print $gateway->getUpcomingEvents(); ?> Looks to be an IPS issue after the upgrade, see here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/404265-cant-download-files-from-downloads/ If it's not fixed by tomorrow, let me know and I'll PM you the files.
  14. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Auto Birthday Greeter   

    ​If you purchased through the IPS Marketplace, you'll need to contact IPS as to why it doesn't download. Usually your downloads page should be here .
  15. Mike John added a post in a topic: (M34) Form Manager   

    Have you recently installed any hooks? There looks to be a hook with the class name " addChartoForums" hooking into that particular area. I'll need both ftp and admin cp login details to troubleshoot this further and see if it is the cause.

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    Check PM's please

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      Do you get my pms? Or are you simply too busy atm?

  2. BariatricPal » Mike John

    Hi, why was ticket # 2280 closed when the issue wasn't resolved please ? I paid for my renewal and I'd appreciate a response ;-)

  3. Mike John

    All my mods have been updated for IPB 3.4.x.

    1. AlexJ

      Special thanks!! :)

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      Thank you... :)

  4. Mike John

    Back online, support back to normal now. :)

  5. Mike John

    Very limited support for my mods until the 11th of March.

  6. Mike John

    Very limited support for my mods until the 11th of March.

  7. Mike John

    New hook available - "Random Logos"

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      Thanks! :-)

  8. Mike John

    Better set a new status so people don't think my pm is still down.

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    Just testing profile feed.

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    Having problems replying to personal messages, will try tomorrow for those who sent PMs.

  11. Mike John

    Wish I had more time for new mods.

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    No its fine. Your stuff always has everything needed without any issue :)

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    Toothaches are the worst :(

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    New display name to hopefully stop the name confusion.

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      The other modder Michael.

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      @Daw: First it was Michael John.

  15. Mike John

    Portal for IPB 3.2 almost ready, hoping to get it out after the weekend.

    1. AndyF

      Excellent :) , I saw your preview screenshot the other day, looked good.

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      Good work Michael, thanks for taking this on.

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      Screens, where? :D

    4. Mike John

      @erret: http://i55.tinypic.com/n3u5jb.jpg

  16. Mike John

    Can't wait to start upgrading my mods to IPB 3.2

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      I can't wait either. Your mods are amazing.

    2. Mike John

      Thanks Chris :)

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      I agree with Chris. :)I use one of your mod. Works as said perfectly and no issue at all. :)

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    Thanks for reporting, just talking "nicely" with my host now to get their stuff up.

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    I'm getting "Permission Denied" Error on your main site and forums.

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    After 3 years of spamming, I've finally got 1,000 posts. :D

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    I must have bipolar musical tastes, just listened to "1812 Overture" then "Sweet Child O'Mine" back to back.

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      Nothing wrong with either of those choices ;)

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    Yay for 12 hour drives with no sleep before, going to be exhausted when I get back.

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      I could not do that, I have to rest after about 2 hours normally :) , even if only for 15 to 20 minutes.

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      Of course if only we could afford to do a 12 hour drive!

    3. Mike John

      Made it back safely, now to catch up on sleep. :D

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    Craziest interview today, Gaddafi or Charlie Sheen? :P

    1. media

      I bet Charlie Sheen will win LOL!

  23. Mike John

    Guaranteed weight loss plan, get tonsillitis. I haven't eaten in days.

    1. Tom Christian

      I've just recovered from it. Got so bad I could barely drink water. Didn't notice any weight loss though lol

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