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  1. Mike John added a bug in IPS4 Bug Tracker   

    Plugin widget won't display
    Although it will display in the block list, when I drag it to the widget areas the ajax loads and then displays the message "Error". The widget still doesn't display when reloading the page despite there being data in the core_widget_areas table.
    If I move the very same widget into an app it works fine without any problems. Only seems to be an issue when associated with a plugin.
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  2. Mike John added a file in Integration   

    (M34) Unread Topics v1.0.0
    Adds a list of unread topics to the board index in a sidebar block. Uses the view new content "Content I have not read" filter for choosing which topics to display.
    Please read my purchase guide before purchasing, c lick here to view.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

  3. Mike John added a file in Integration   

    (M34) Calendar Topics v1.2.2
    Hook that allows you to set which calendars you want to have discussion topics created when new events are added into them. If your after integration with the Calendar Template System, see here .
    Please read my purchase guide before purchasing, c lick here to view.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    Calendar Topics feature list: [*]Enable / Disable topic creation with one easy setting. [*]Option to bypass calendar moderation, allowing you to create a discussion topics, even if event is yet to be approved. [*]Calendar Topics supports the calendar moderation, if you choose to moderate each new event added, calendar topic will be create the topic whenever you choose to approve event. [*]Set topic author as the event author or set specified author like an administrator. [*]Set the topic title and topic post template is, includes many quick tags with information such as event author, event title, event date, event content, event link and calendar name. [*]All settings and component management conveniently located all in one application overview page. [*]Editing the calendar event will now edit the discussion topic. [*]Hook to now display a link to the discussion topic for events with discussion topics created.

  4. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Auto Birthday Greeter   

    The hook will continue to function without renewal. Renewing and keeping your subscription active, does give you free updates. e.g. When IPB4 is released or if a bug fixing update is released.
    For future reference, I don't check the reviews section of my mods. I would recommend posting support questions to the discussion topic here .
  5. Mike John added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    (M34) News System v2.0.1
    News application allows you to add news for your community. Includes support for news categories and comments.
    Please read my purchase guide before purchasing, c lick here to view.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    News System feature list: [*]Create discussion topics for newly created news items. [*]Integration with IPB share links, so news can be shared by members. [*]Built in support for IPB comments feature. [*]Group permissions for viewing, adding, updating and moderating news. [*]News categories and subcategories to organize news entries. [*]Optional RSS feed, including support for individual RSS feeds for each news category. [*]Integration with IPB reputation feature. [*]Integration with IPB follow feature, including the option to follow news entries or news categories. [*]Sidebar block for displaying the latest news on board index. [*]Included portal blocks for displaying sidebar news and main news entries. [*]Included IP.Content sidebar block for latest news. [*]Support for the IPB search feature, including view new content support.

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  6. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Sidebar Poll   

    There is a description that says what this does...
  7. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Videos System   

    Please use the support topic - http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/326137-download-m34-videos-system/ I check all my support topics every day.
  8. Mike John added a record in IP.Board   

    Optimize task and db prefixes
    The code that checks if tables name matches your $charlesTables array doesn't take database prefixes into account.
     [code=auto:0] if ( ! empty($tbl['Name']) && in_array( $tbl['Name'], $tables ) && strtolower($tbl['Engine']) != 'innodb' ) [/code]
    My database tables have the prefix ibf_ in them, so there never being optimized.
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  9. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Auto Welcome Members   

    Just a reminder to use the support topic for any issues - http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/341964-download-m33-auto-welcome-members/
  10. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Donation Tracker   

    Sorry for the lack of reply, I don't get notifications for these review comments. It was technically before but it's now officially updated for IPB 3.3.x. See the discussion topic for list of changes.
  11. Mike John added a comment on a file: Portal   

    Not yet, hoping to start next month.
  12. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Donation Tracker   

    That's already possible with the current setup. In the member rewards area, you can set how long the primary group is promoted with donation ranges.
  13. Mike John added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    (M34) Collections System v1.3.0
    Allows your community to setup a collection/database of items, with the ability to add images, mods and comments for each item. Includes custom field support.

    Please read my purchase guide before purchasing, c lick here to view.
    Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

    Collections System feature list: [*]Inline notification support for new comments added to items. IPB3.1.x+ only feature. [*]IP.Board Sitemap Generator plugin included. Which allows item links to be included in your sitemap file. [*]Topic view integration, so members with items will have a link to their items in posts they make. IPB3.1 compatible only. [*]Full integration with the IPB3 member group permissions, set which members can add, edit and delete from the system. [*]Limits of how many items per member and mods/images/comments allowed per item set by per member group. [*]Discussion topics options for items added. [*]Ajax rating system with the option to change rating. [*]Social bookmarks hook integration. Share Links will be automatically included for IPB 3.1 boards. [*]Thumbnail view with lightbox integration for item images. [*]Hooks added for global view, default/unreal portal and sidebar. Includes showing latest items, random items or active featured items . [*]Detailed statistics page for showing collections system statistics in more detail. [*]Owner selected images, item owners can select an image they want to be shown when a thumbnail of their item is displayed. [*]Option to customize thumbnail widths/heights with 3 classes of thumbnails sizes (small, standard, large). [*]Full FURL support for the view items page, including when different item tabs are selected. [*]Type-ahead search ability in the manage items, images, modifications and comments pages. So you can quickly search for a members item. [*]Ability to add custom fields into the main tag itself instead of a new tab. [*]Profile tab support with a items profile tab. [*]Featured items for those who want to feature items on the main collections system page. Also included is an option to remove a featured item from the main page and keep it on a separate featured items history page. [*]Tab system to organize multiple custom fields. [*]Item comments for items your members add. [*]Zero file and zero skin edit required, just upload the files, run the application installer and your done. [*]Let your members add, edit and delete there own items, modifications and images. [*]Upload multiple images for each item or modification added. [*]Thumbnail generation for larger images, ensures that this application does not use large amounts of bandwidth.
    Garage System v3 converter:
    The Collections System comes with a converter that will convert data from a our very own Garage System to work with the Collections System, this ensures you can move from the Garage System to Collections System without loosing any data. There are some minor differences between each system, so it's recommended you contact us before purchasing if you have any questions.

    Custom Fields:
    Allows you to quickly and effortlessly add custom fields to the Collections System without the need to edit source code. Supported field types include: Text Input, Dropdown Box, Multi-Select Dropdown, Radio Buttons, Check Boxes, Text Area and Password.

  14. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Videos System   

    [quote name='mike1270' timestamp='1321043396']
    No support given. I'm using a "freemail" e-mail address. Can't participate in the support-forums. Does not create a post upon posting a video.

    I do block this email due to previous problems with it. But if you PM me an email and username, I'll create an account for you manually and setup a customer account on my site. Otherwise would suggest using another email address. Also for simple issues I also offer support in the support ticket that Andy already provided a link to.
  15. Mike John added a comment on a file: (M34) Form Manager   

    [quote name='Michel_72' timestamp='1313224489']
    Looks like a great contact form, but I'm missing a major feature. It seems not to be possible to have people selecting a reason for contacting you, so you can have mail for different reasons, go out to different staff members. Cheers, Michel

    The best way to do this would be through the subjects, for example setup a subject named registration problems then set it to email a certain address and PM the admin group. Maybe I misunderstood, if that's not what your looking for. Let me know and will save the suggestion for future version.

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