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  1. Amged Osman added a comment on a file: (SD) Sales Portal Pro   

    This looks great my friend.. a lot of people still ask me about my Auctions system (which was made for 3.0.x and i never updated it) I will redirect them to your application from now on.
  2. Amged Osman added a bug in Bug Tracker   

    Twitter Connect
    If you registered to a community that didnt have twitter connect enabled, then the admins enabled Twitter connect, so you decided to "Sign in" using twitter ( not connected to your profile yet) it through this error and ask you to select your display name.
    now you can use the name you already registered with, you have to select a new name
    and the "Select Display name" page wont go away, and wont even show the "Existing user? Sign in"
    the solution is to delete my cookies and try to sign in again with my original standard way (email address) but thats not a solution really
    Also what happened to disabling registration from standard why and allowing only social networks?
    Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'IPS\Db\Exception' with message 'Column 'seo_name' cannot be null' in D:\xampp\htdocs\ipb4beta2\system\Db\Db.php:374 Stack trace: #0 D:\xampp\htdocs\ipb4beta2\system\Db\Db.php(600): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery('REPLACE INTO `i...', Array) #1 D:\xampp\htdocs\ipb4beta2\system\Session\Front.php(272): IPS\_Db->replace('core_sessions', Array, true) #2 [internal function]: IPS\Session\_Front->write('7etl6e26kh6qb69...', 'wizard-4a1da88e...') #3 [internal function]: session_write_close() #4 {main} thrown in on lineD:\xampp\htdocs\ipb4beta2\system\Db\Db.php374
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  3. Amged Osman added a comment on a blog entry: 4.0 - Messenger   

  4. Amged Osman added a comment on a file: (VQ) Personal Font Styles   

    File updated to 3.4.x and as usual FOR FREE
  5. Amged Osman added a file in Integration   

    (VQ) Paste Board System v1.0.4
    With the increase of websites that host your codes, we thought IPB should have a locally hosted app that host member's pasted codes
    The application works exactly like website as paste-it or pastebin or github's, the difference is Paste Board allow you to store text within your board installation.
    Typical description of the application based on Google's description of Pastebin:
    Paste Board is a type of IPB application where anyone can store text for a certain period of time. This type of application is mainly used by programmers to store pieces of source code or configuration information, but anyone can basically share any type of text.

    Having the application installed within your board installation break's the time limit, as Paste Board will store the files/codes forever in your database.
    Here's a full features list
    Quick Description
    Paste Board: Type plain text or code and share it across IPB or anywhere on the Internet! Host your own pasted content, clip, and modify to your needs. You can even share in forum topics (posts, signatures, about me or any location that uses BBCode feature) with its own formatting and themes to fit your forum skins.

    Features List: [*]    Host your own pastebin like application [*]    No time limit for hosting any code [*]    30 Programing Language (default IPB offers only 6) [*]    9 Styling Themes to match your board skin [*]    Private/Public Codes [*]    Fully SEO friendly (short urls - meta keywords & description- FURLs) [*]    3 views (Detailed - RAW "codes only" - BBCode) [*]    permissions check and per group [*]    IPB's auto-share function, share on Facebook & Twitter [*]    Based off IPB's parses - as secured as IPB's built-in parses [*]    Related Files (to crate set of files) [*]    Colored programing language [*]    IPB Search fully integrated [*]    IPB Tagging system [*]    List of Active users (optional) [*]    Guests can create files (if allowed from ACP) [*]    reCaptcha check for Guests (Just like IPB Posts) [*]    Quick view from homepage view or list view [*]    Codes sharable in any part of the website that uses BBCode [*]    Profile Tab
    Q. What is the difference between the Paste Board and codes in IPB Editor?
    A. Paste Board will allow you to"keep" the code in its own file, you don;t have to search thousands of posts to find your codes, your codes will be in one place (Your Control Panel)
    Moreover; Paste Board allows the "related to" feature for registered members, which means you can always find all related codes you share for certain topic
    Also, Paste Board uses different highlighter that supports 30 languages
    Q. Can guest post their codes?
    A. Yes, they can if you allow them from ACP settings of the system, although, they will not be able to use the "related feature" nor can use tagging system.
    We have added a notification for guests that will encourage them to register so that they don't have to put the reCaptcha code every time they want to share code files.
    Q. Who is it good for?
    It's good for anyone, coders/ skinners can use it for sharing their codes and with the amount of support they give, this should come handy
    As for other members, since Paste Board support "Private"  files, it can be used as Note keeper, where they can access their private notes from their control panel.
    Of course there is no limit to the usage of the system, but those were just an example
    Q. How to support more languages in the Highlighter?
    A. You can PM me with the language and I will create it for you, of course there is additional fees for that.
    If you have any suggestions/ ideas please let me know.
    We accept custom work, so in-case you need to customize the application for your needs, please let us know, of course additional fees will be added.
    This application was created for IPB 3.4.x, the update for 4.0 is unknown as no one knows what are the changes in IPB 4.

  6. Amged Osman added a comment on a blog entry: IPS 4.0: Editor - Part 4: Special Features   

  7. Amged Osman added a comment on a file: (vQ3) Ajax Random Messages   

    File updated to work woth IPB 3.3+
  8. Amged Osman added a comment on a blog entry: IPS Community Enhancements and IP.Board 3.3 Note   

    forget all the.. i LOVE all the new code improvement you guys have done .. specially in handleing errors and output!.. I also want to tell Terabyte that hes the best! .. IPB has improved a lot since he joined the team! .. you guys are great all of you though :)
  9. Amged Osman added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.2.0: Sign In & Registration Interface   

    question about teh design tho, the navigation > > > is css based design or images?
  10. Amged Osman added a file in Integration   

    (VQ) Contact Form PRO v4.0.1
    Complete Contact system for IPB 3

    3 ways of contacting administrators
    Topic Creation
    Emailing system
    PM System
    4 ways to secure and stop spam
    Ability to create Custom Fields that are Either ( Optional Or Required)
    reCaptcha security Check that uses the recaptcha board theme
    Random Anti-Spam Questions
    All functions Can be Enabled or Disabled From ACP
    Optionally CC User
    Optionally BCC another Email of yours or another Admin
    0 Files / Skin Edits
    FAQ System included in contact page, to allow members to use FAQ before submitting any contact (Saves you a lot of hassles).
    Using IPS Editor to parse HTML & BBCodes
    Form submitted fields are being saved so even if there was an error returned while submitting, the fields that were filled would not be lost and members would not have to re-fill them again
  11. Amged Osman added a file in Integration   

    (vQ3) Ajax Random Messages v2.0.1
    This System Looks Small.. yet its very powerful, It will allow you to add unlimited amount of globalmessages to display for your members.
    Messages will be updated via AJAX meaning your members will not have to reload their pages to see the next message.. it will be done automatically without having to reload the page!

    The system has group permissions to select which groups can see the messages!


    Unlimited Amount Of Random Messages
    Parse BBcode + HTML
    4 CSS Classes per each Message
    Time interval per seconds or minutes that you set from ACP
    Update automatically Via AJAX after certain amount of time you set from ACP

  12. Amged Osman added a post in a topic: IPS should open a wiki   

    I have nothing against the idea but .. i totally disagree with you .. the resources pages are not poor ...
  13. Amged Osman added a post in a topic: mod_pagespeed   

    anyone has this installed?
    n tested?
  14. Amged Osman added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.1.3 Developers Update: "Comments" System   

    The document explain everything in source file, but is it possible to add the html / template codes as well? it will be very helpful

    Thanks and well done

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  1. Threegs » Amged Osman

    Where do you live in egypt? :P

  2. Amged Osman

    @AnthonyKinson Loving your sig idea..can I copy?

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    2. AnthonyKinson

      sure, as long as your not nicking my app icons :P

    3. Amged Osman

      hehe of course not!.. thanks :D

    4. Stars25

      Not sure about the other icons, but I know the xbox 360 one is an icon found on the web.

  3. Amged Osman

    Love the sound of my V8 #BMW #740iL.. gonna miss it :(

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      :( , although having said that, you will not miss the high fuel consumption. :) , what are you replacing it with anyway ? :)

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      lol fuel here is cheaper then water! .. liter = less then 30 cents xD .. TOYOTA FJ Cruiser

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      :D , I realised that 'after' I posted :) but still is nice to not to have to fill up too often. Here average is about £ GBP 1.18 / litre for unleaded :(

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    lol @ The Resources Top Authors.. SO FAKE..

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    2. Charles

      How so?

    3. Amged Osman

      apparently something changed here that I do not understand .. i used to have 68 submissions now they are only 31 ..

    4. TheRevTastic

      Maybe the legacy versions are not counted?

  5. Amged Osman

    I think all #IPB developers should re-improve their "ShowError" functions and add the header codes properly .. either 401 or 404 or w/e suits their returned error ..

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    2. Collin S.

      Please post in our feedback area.

    3. Amged Osman

      when I said "developers" I didnt mean you guys (IPS Developers), I meant "us" 3rd party developers .. you still want me to make that post?

    4. Martin A.

      Why? This has nothing to do with IPS officially. Amged is just suggesting that 3rd party devs go through it their mods/apps and use the correct HTTP status if errors occur.

  6. Amged Osman

    who wrote the attachment system in IPB?

    1. Charles


    2. Amged Osman

      well, i knew i was gonan get that kind of replies .. lol so yeah who in IPS wrote it? :D matt? brandon? tera?

    3. Alex

      Was made in the original stages of 3.0, so in that sense it would have been Matt, Brandon, or Josh.

    1. Olivier Turbis

      pussycat dolls fan heh

    2. Amged Osman

      WHAT/??? ROFL NO! btw did u add my name t client list on skinbox!!?


      No permission to view. O_o?

    2. TheRevTastic

      Its for an app you probably haven't purchased.



  7. Amged Osman

    i hate this country !! i rly wanna go home!

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    2. DawPi

      What country? Where are you now dude?

    3. Tariq Hashim

      I was thinking the Same, where are you Amged, Buhtan !!!! :)
      مصر ام الدنيا

    4. Amged Osman

      KSA! Saudi Arabia

  8. Amged Osman

    If I was good with DesignPrograms i would have been the best skinner for IPB :P

    1. Olivier Turbis

      why is that?

    2. Amged Osman

      I have sooooooo many ideas but they "look" UGLY when i do the gfx ROFL

    3. Olivier Turbis

      aww bummer.

  9. Amged Osman

    in IP.Nexes are members allowed to sell items?

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    2. townie83


    3. Wolfie

      They can sell downloads via ip.downloads, but items in the store have to be entered via the ACP.

    4. SkimPappa

      that sucks

  10. Amged Osman

    In IP.Neus how cani subscribe without paying the 1st one time fee 1st!? .... Matt i need your answer to my PM pleaseee :)

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    2. Collin S.

      Matt isn't the Nexus developer, Mark is doing most of the work. Please post in the Nexus forum for support.

    3. Amged Osman

      Collin, Thanks for the reply, but I do not have access to that forum as i only test the app on a site I admin but i do not have a copy my self yet!
      and yes im aware that Mark is the main developer of the system.. Thanks again though :)

    4. Mark

      Set the base price as 0.

  11. Amged Osman

    IPS you should seriously take my opinion and consider my ideas about Nexus .. i think it needs some importnt changes to mke it even better! #ipb (giving up on MarketPlace)

    1. .Ian

      Post them in the suggestions forum - if you have not already done so (can't see anything recent)

    2. Matt

      Please post in the feedback forum. :) Always interested in your thoughts.

    3. Amged Osman

      I actually have no access to the forum.. i tested the system on one of the boards i admin.. thanks matt .. I actually would like to join the dev team for that add-on xD

  12. Amged Osman

    had fun panting easter eggs :D

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    2. Carl M

      Ouch panting easter eggs! :P

    3. Amged Osman

      yeah n my hands looks liek im coming from AVATAR movie .. so blue and purple lol!

    4. Wolfie

      How do you 'pant' Easter eggs? Do you get a dog to pant on them for you?

  13. Amged Osman

    loving the tagcloud app <3

  14. Amged Osman

    Finally can view IPS forums had to add IPS IP to my windows host files

  15. Amged Osman

    just hurry up and release 3.1!!!!!

    1. stoo2000

      Believe me, it's worth the wait !

  16. Amged Osman


    1. Amged Osman