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  1. AndyF » zigs

    Happy Birthday! :)

  2. zigs

    Waaaaaaa Gnome Priests!! awesome xD

  3. AndyF » zigs

    Hey Zigs :)

  4. .Brian » zigs

    hey zigs how is everything going?

  5. .Ryan » zigs

    Way to not be a good citizen and vote your your fellow man :P Hows life going?

  6. zigs » Bamfer

    Thank you!

  7. Bamfer » zigs

    You have a very beautiful horse. :)

  8. Gärrett » zigs

    I had assumed that. It's still true though.

  9. zigs » Gärrett

    Lol it isn't my correct AIM, :p

  10. Gärrett » zigs

    I lol'd at your AIM (and agree.)

  11. zigs » .Ryan

    What stuff lol :(

  12. .Ryan » zigs

    Zigs, where do you find this stuff that you post :o

  13. zigs » AndyF

    Glad you got the caring sorted out :) Makes your life easier, hopefully. yeah be having a break then once uni finishes, go back to do my MSc in September

  14. AndyF » zigs

    Not too bad thanks :) ... Got a lot of things sorted here with caring etc. Apart from that things are about 90% good :D ... Only three weeks for you then, then a nice rest ? :)

  15. zigs » AndyF

    Hello ! :D I am well thank you, busy with uni, but only 3 weeks left! How are you doing? x

  16. AndyF » zigs

    Quick "hello" :D ... hope you are well ? :)

  17. Lindsey_ » zigs

    Hey Zigs, How are you? Yeah the site is getting there. (Lost everything cause the upgrader for nexus failed big time haaha)
    Catch ya around

  18. zigs » .Ryan

    lol Ryan!

  19. .Ryan » zigs

    In your profiz, posting your commentsz

  20. zigs » Debbie

    Congrats on baby Luke!

  21. zigs » Matt

    Congrats on the baby!

  22. zigs » Dandy*

    Hello there! :p

  23. vesperala » zigs

    I came to bring the stars for you..:)

  24. zigs » Sunlite

    Yep that's me, on TAZ :)

  25. Sunlite » zigs

    Hi Zigzag. :-)
    Think I've seen you on TAZ too?