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  1. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: Stop Users From Deleting Photos   

    Apparently a user can access his profile and Manage Attachments. From there he can delete every photo he ever uploaded.
    How can I prevent users from being able to do this???
  2. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: Member Deletion of Photos   

    This is a ridiculous limitation.
    Presently I have several users with over 10,000 posts and thousands of photos that are threatening to delete all their photos if a new recent policy isn't changed. All combined, since most or our topics have photos which are discussed, this could render many thousands of topics, up to ten years old, useless. In effect - ruining the Board.
    What are you thinking by letting users have that kind of control?
  3. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: iPhone/Mobile Support   

    Thanks, I will.
    To update - I was unaware I could upload photos from an iPhone now, but I can now using the full version skin. Must have happened in a recent upgrade. However, it compresses them by a lot, and it doesn't appear as if you can take a photo in portrait mode - it rotates it and displays it sideways in landscape mode. Are there settings to allow larger photos - and portrait display?
  4. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: iPhone/Mobile Support   

    Am I missing something. I have been checking for a couple of years now for some updated mobile solution that will allow iPhone/iPad uploading of photos - or just some better mobile viewing experience. I guess the iOS app was discontinued or isn't being actively supported anymore - is that correct. I thought I read somewhere of some development going in another direction. But I don't see and topics/posts about mobile in the forums or blogs recently at all. 
    I must be looking in the wrong place - please help with any updates or links.
  5. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: User Tutorial - Is there one for clueless users?   

    I Googled "tips for using Invision forum" etc. and all the results are mainly for admins.
    I have some pretty clueless users. Some need help even finding out there is a Search function.
    Is there any tutorial that helps a user get acquainted with all the various features like tagging, notifications, advanced search, etc.
  6. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: "Remember Me" working even when not checked   

    I have also noticed that when using Safari on my Mac if I log out and close Safari - when I come back using a new Safari session I am still logged in. But the funny thing is that if I log out, surf around a bit using the same session and return to the forum, I am still not logged in. It is only if I close Safari and start a new session that I am "Remembered" and still logged in. This happens using Camino as well. But not Firefox.
  7. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: "Remember Me" working even when not checked   

    Ever since updating to 3.4.1 I, I and other users, are logged in when returning - even if they uncheck the "Remember Me" box.
    This is distressing to Admins and Mods who are used to logging in with the "Remember Me" unchecked and just leaving without signing out. But now, when they return they are still logged on - not very secure.
    Has something changed in this latest version?
  8. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: [HQ] Badges   

    Hope you (or other users) can answer the following. I'm using 3.4
    Would it be possible to keep all my groups "as Is," but add a custom badge (of my own PSD design) that I can give to a group of users (in addition to the existing primary group icons, possibly secondary group) that would indicate a financial contributor? That is, a badge I would design with my own graphic for a secondary group (or individuals) that would be for "sponsor."
  9. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: Bot 'members' liking posts   

    Please delete - I thought I was on my own Board.
  10. Palmpedia added a post in a topic: Can an Admin/Webmaster hack a user's password?   

    The title pretty much says it.

    I have a user I suspect is abusing the PM system. Can I steal his password and spy on him? I know I could change it and access his account that way, but then he would know.