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  1. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    My donation link is in a custom sidebar block on my support site:  http://emoneycodes.com/forums/
    Thanks for the appreciation! :)
  2. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   


    There are actually at least 4 ways of posting an image into the block that I can think of off the top of my head. Either normally just like you would in a post via bbcode, using html with RAW mode on, via javascript with RAW mode on, or even via PHP with PHP mode on and RAW mode off. But if you want the simplest way, just post the image like you would anywhere else in IPB. :)

    If you have further tech questions, it would be better to use the support topic.
  3. (e) Eric added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    (e32) Points Per Subscription v0.0.2
    Purchase subscriptions with points. An ibEconomy Plug-in.

    Version 0.0.2

    This version REQUIRES IPB 3.2+, Subscriptions Manager, and ibEconomy 2.1.1+.

    Main Settings: [*]On/Off [*]Use ibEconomy Group Percentage Adjustment? [*]Which ibEconomy tab to display the page on [*]Name of page
    Group/Subscription Settings:
    [*]Group Allowed? [*]Subscription Enabled? [*]Subscription Cost

  4. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    Please post support/help questions in the support topic. :)
  5. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    This app doesn't affect the placement of the index sidebar, it simple affects the content of the index sidebar. To move the sidebar to other pages, you would need another modification.
  6. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e34) Custom Name Style   

    If you donate for some expected outcome, it isnt really donating. But if you donate, feel free to post in the support topic with what feature requests you have and it it might work out for ya. :)
  7. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   


    Ah, good find. I'll have a looksee. :)
  8. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e34) Custom Name Style   

    Three spots need updating, 2 of which I have already finished, but I'm waiting on TB for the third. This doesn't seem like a "review" so it would probably be preferable to post these types of questions in the support thread.
  9. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    [quote name='yoejam' timestamp='1332562123']
    is a great mod but i need for IPB 3.3

    It should work for 3.3, have you tried it yet?

    If so, and there are issues, please post in the support topic. :)
  10. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    I don't believe so, but don't quote me on that. I think IP.Blocks uses special IP.Content data structures.

    So they might need a bit of retooling to fit in CSB, but it is possible. Feel free to post some example blocks in the support topic and I'll take a look
  11. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    [quote name='Maxoutje' timestamp='1326898077']
    As has already been mentioned, there needs to be more installation details. I know how to get to "Manage Applications & Modules" but have no idea how to take it from there. Thank you for your help.

    As I've stated to those requesting here for more installation details, please post in the support topic with where the problem arises and/or what specifically I need to include. I've already updated the app to include install/upgrade/setup instructions. So I'm really not sure what else it needs. If someone would tell me, I'll gladly add it! :)

    So please, post in the support topic where we have more space to pin down the problem.
  12. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks   

    Ok xoa , please post in the support topic with the problem specifically (what is happening and where and what should be happening) and we'll get it sorted! :)
  13. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: Global Forum Message   

    Works simply, fantastically, and powerfully, but then again, what else would you expect from one of Michael's hooks. Thanks!
  14. (e) Eric added a comment on a file: (e34) Custom Name Style   

    Please post in the support topic with any feature requests. Thanks for the complements!
  15. (e) Eric added a file in User and Social Engagement   

    (e34) Custom Name Style v1.1.0
    Custom name style appears styled throughout the board, thanks in large part to Terabyte's Group Format hook. This application is designed so that you don't need to have Group Format also installed. Additionally, this should not be used with (e32) Points Per Name Style ibEconomy plug-in, as they have the same functionality, just different means for editing name styles.

    This requires IPB 3.4+. For earlier versions (3.2.3+) please use version 1.0.0.

    Main Settings: [*]On/Off [*]Default to (TB) Group Format? [*]Groups Allowed
    [*]Ability to customize own display name [*]Bold/italic/background/text/outline/shadow
    [*]View and Edit current styled names [*]Add new styled name [*]Use shadow instead of outline


Status Feed

  1. (e) Eric

    What? IbEconomy has it's own plug-in system? Woah. :o

  2. (e) Eric

    Shop items displayed on posts in ibEconomy! (plus 2.0 is mostly ready) https://bitly.com/jnthbm

    1. Andrej

      Look's awesome! Great work.

  3. (e) Eric

    Really wish I didn't have to work/school all day, wanna go play with ibEconomy on 3.2!

    1. Aisha

      FYI it doesn't seem to work..at all. :P

    2. (e) Eric


    3. Andrej

      Works for me on test site.

    4. (e) Eric

      Me want screens

    5. Aisha

      I can't even get into ibeconomy. Keep getting white paged.

  4. (e) Eric

    ibEconomy 1.5 (with Lottery and Scratch-Offs) in beta at emoneyCodes.com, come help test!

    1. Planetby

      Tried it and luv it :) great idea and fantastic work

  5. (e) Eric

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Emma Stone ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. VioAdmin

      Lol, she is hot.

  6. (e) Eric

    Son of a 'Barneys Girlfriend'!

  7. Collin1000 » (e) Eric

    I need a donation link for that wonderful ibEconomy app of yours.

  8. (e) Eric

    VHDL and Assembly weekend, lame.

    1. AlexJ

      Verilog ftw! Assembly is fun :)

    2. Ryan H.

      I enjoyed playing with VHDL in my digital logic course... what're you doing with it?

    3. (e) Eric

      Yeah, my Prof and TAs all use Verilog, but they teach VHDL for some reason...

      Ryan, for my EE logic design course, haha.

    4. AlexJ

      Have fun with FPGA's and CPLD's. :) What tool you use for VHDL simulation?

    5. (e) Eric

      DirectVHDL PE is the program we use and we have Spartan FPGA's in the lab. I'm designin/writing a parallel multiplier plus addin (X*Y + Z) system right now. :)

    6. Ryan H.

      <3 FPGAs -- our program uses Altera DE2s. That's what makes the coding fun, really.

  9. (e) Eric

    Finished summer school last night, 10 days of summer here I come!

  10. (e) Eric

    Saturday, the one day of the week I can relax. And then I blow it by coding ibEconomy all day.

    1. ameen

      maybe that is your way to relax

    2. (e) Eric

      it's sad, but you may be right

    3. ameen

      haha, it's cool, don't worry ;)

    4. EBrown

      Well keep at it. I appreciate ibEconomy. (I haven't set it up yet but that is mostly my lazyness. :P)

    5. Aisha

      You're awesome! :P Too bad I can't get it to work. D:

    6. Anthony.

      Developers should have a ONE click installation goal policy like FF addons.

    7. (e) Eric

      I agree, although I'm not sure why this was commented on this particular status, lol

  11. (e) Eric

    ibEconomy 1.3 released! New Shop Items and some various other stuffs: http://bit.ly/azhu1w

    1. Aisha

      Great job!

    2. Glumbo

      site isn't loading?

    3. (e) Eric

      thanks cd! zaz, what site?

  12. (e) Eric

    ¿puıɯ ɹnoʎ uo s,ʇɐɥʍ

  13. (e) Eric

    everything in the universe is a tree structure!

    1. Wolfie

      Except for trees. :D

    2. GodForum.com

      and all structures :)

    3. Collin1000

      and most of the universe.

    4. (e) Eric

      I'm gonna tell my professor on you...

  14. (e) Eric

    ibEconomy 1.2 released! Custom Images per Item + 2 new shop items! http://bit.ly/c2ZE1O

  15. AndyF » (e) Eric

    Thanks for adding me :)

  16. (e) Eric

    ibEconomy 1.1 released! New donate button, 1-click buy, turn off decimal/cents, more..

    1. Olivier Turbis

      Good job!

    2. Collin1000


    3. Four Year Strong

      Is IbEconomy a point system?

    4. Wolfie

      It's a point system and more.

  17. (e) Eric

    I buy books, I never read, and then I'll tell you some more about... ME!

  18. (e) Eric

    re-upped ya'll

  19. (e) Eric

    No it isn't