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  1. Roogle added a post in a topic: Stop the Spam: Guide to stopping spammers
    I use the above, It has the best of both worlds, it integrates into the Stop Forum Spam API and also protects your website from hacking attempts (SQL injection etc).
    Does anyone else use it on here?
  2. Roogle added a post in a topic: More documentation needed   

    Thanks Mark,

    Mark that link you provided to the "Product Options" has a video that explained everything I needed to know. Why is that in the "blog" area? An area no customer would think of looking for a solution to a problem.
    Use that video in the new documentation area, I can't believe that was left hidden away when it could have helped so many customers. What else is hidden in the blog area? *Goes to look*
  3. Roogle added a post in a topic: More documentation needed   

    Thanks for the reply Mark,
    Although this is feedback and not a direct support request, I genuinely created this feedback post in the hope it helps IPS come to the conclusion that more detailed documentation is urgently needed.
    Let's be honest, not all your customers are tech savvy or another Marcher. A lot are everyday people with basic knowledge with these kind of set ups who are looking to create a community or website and your catchy frontpage claims to be the best for the job, so they purchase it. Now where do they go? Where is the instructions manual? This forums search box? Support tickets?

    By answering your above question that will only result in continuing the cycle of support topics created by customers cluttering the board meaning when other customers have a similar problem in the near future they must search, alter key strings in the hope it triggers the search result they are after. That's if the search feature even finds it as we all know how the IPB search is a bit poor returning accurate results.

    On the other hand, if there was a detailed documentation area for each of the products you sell the customers could then go there for the solution.
    If you purchased an espresso machine and took it home, opened the box and had to find out through trial and error just to work the thing as it contained no instructions would you be happy?
    Why should IPB products be treated any different? Because their digital and not physical?

    That's my point.

    Now, I'll answer your above question, I've being looking for a way to add an option to a hosting package, an option during checkout asking "would you like for us to register this domain name for you?" and if the response is "Yes" than it adds an extra charge on top of the hosting fee. Or if possible a selection of several domain extensions (.net) , (.com), ( each with an individual price.

    I've tried playing around with the "Associations" option but it is not working out.

  4. Roogle added a post in a topic: More documentation needed   

    The documentation for IP Nexus is extremely basic and does not expand on the functions offered in the application.

    The support forum for Nexus is nearly dead, I've searched for solutions to an issue with Nexus and only found other customers asking the same question with no responses resulting in private support tickets filed and the solution remaining secret unless that customer returns to update the topic.

    It would only take 6 hours tops for a member of IPS staff to create detailed documentation on the most common used features in each category of Nexus settings.

    Software such as Camtasia studio would deliver a great informative experience for the customer visually explaining the key features and how they operate. It's not difficult to do when you know how.

    Make it easy for your customers when you have the resources to do so.
    Pushing out new version after new version and not tackling the ongoing confusion issue customers are having is unprofessional and does not show much pride in your product.

    I was planning on purchasing a second licence but I'm holding off until I muster up more confidence with Nexus in its current undocumented state.
  5. Roogle added a comment on a file: (V88) Custom Forum Blocks   

    I purchased this app a long time ago back in 2009 I believe on the invision modding website, I recently purchased it again last year through this market also in the hope I could get it converted to work with the more recent IP.Board.
    I must confirm that back in the day (2 years ago) this application was great!
    Now though, D o n't buy this application.
    Vince (the developer) no longer supports this application, he no longer replies to support topics on this website as well as his own website (invision modding).
    He shows no signs of life or interest in developing this application further so you will be wasting your money if you decide to purchase it.
    This will NOT work on any of the recent IP.Board versions, please note:  Supported IPS Software Version: 3.0.x
    That's back in the stone age in terms of IP.Board versions.
    So the summary of my review: It was a fantastic application, sadly no longer developed though. Stay clear until he rises from the ashes and returns to the scene, if ever.
  6. Roogle added a post in a topic: Last Active   


  7. Roogle added a post in a topic: The coupon system needs to be modified   

    Something like this needs to be done as Andy says..
  8. Roogle added a post in a topic: The coupon system needs to be modified   

    I have an important suggestion that most if not all customers would want.
    It's in regards to the coupon system and restricting certain products from being able to use X coupon.

    For example... I installed the Classifieds system made by an IPS Staff member and for a promotional offer I allowed featured adverts to be listed for free by creating a coupon giving 100% off.

    The problem is I can only select which products I'd like to restrict the coupon to, and and as Classifieds does not show in the list the created coupons offer 100% off every product in the entire store.

    Can you create another setting allowing you to "ignore" products instead of restricting to? As in its current state coupons are made useless for any app that incorporates into Nexus.

  9. Roogle added a comment on a file: Profile Modification Hook   

    Really handy hook. Worth the price too
  10. Roogle added a comment on a file: (BIM34) Topic Thumbnail   

    just purchased this, loving it! and your other Featured content app also.. keep producing apps!
  11. Roogle added a comment on a file: Sliding Pop-up Message Box   

    This is awesome, love it!
    Working perfect with IP.Board 3.3.4
  12. Roogle added a comment on a blog entry: IP.Board 3.3 Dev Update: New SEO Tweaks Roundup   

    I think your update notice is giving me a load time of around 1 minute on the main page of my forums admin area
  13. Roogle added a comment on a file: YouTube Playlist   

    Fantastic Michael, Thanks so much for this :)
  14. Roogle added a comment on a file: Number of Topics Started   

    Very nice, thanks Michael :)

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