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  1. TrixieTang added a post in a topic: Perpetual licenses being done away with.   

    Lindy, you keep mentioning "Legacy" licenses rather than just perpetual ones. Does this mean that the IPS Community Suite a.k.a. "Legacy Bundle" is also going to be done away with? Because personally, I'd like to keep the two licenses that I have that allow me to renew IP.Board, IP.Gallery and IP.Blog for just the price of renewing IP.Board.
  2. TrixieTang added a post in a topic: Lower your copyright removal price   

    My mistake, I thought you were implying that I didn't own any licenses. But you're actually wrong that it has no impact on me, from what I understand, my branding free license has increased in value. Good for me!
    But still, I can't help but feel sorry for people who were saving up to get branding free and then found that the price had just jumped through the roof. It really would be nice to have at least a little warning before prices increase, if I remember correctly that used to be the norm years ago... but then it kinda just seemed to stop...
  3. TrixieTang added a post in a topic: Lower your copyright removal price   

    I own 3 IPB licenses and a branding free license, but apparently that doesn't matter since I haven't renewed them. I can't say that this really makes me want to renew them either.
  4. TrixieTang added a post in a topic: Lower your copyright removal price   

    I thought that they already had a bad habit of increasing prices without any warning.
  5. TrixieTang added a post in a topic: profile privacy in IPB 4   

    My biggest complaint about XenForo is that "This member limits who may view their full profile." garbage. There's profile privacy (which for the most part I think is just a false sense of security) and then there's just plain bad software design - I wouldn't have issues with members being able to hide their D.O.B, profile comments and stuff like that, but once you start letting members prevent others from viewing their profile at all and replace it with an error screen... then you've clearly crossed a line...
    What I'm saying is this, certain portions of member profiles should ALWAYS be accessible to registered members, and those portions include forum related data, searching options and such. But I wouldn't have any issues with members limiting who can see their D.O.B, profile comments or limiting who can PM them. (So long as admin/staff PMs can't be ignored.)

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